E3 canceled, EA pushing more support for Battlefield and PS Plus updates!

Hello and thank you for taking a moment to catch up on another weekly PS delivery. February is behind us, and today, the first Tuesday of March, new PS Plus games are coming to the PSN Store.

Today’s Plus games are not only for the PS4 and PS5, but also for PSVR, which is getting Farpoint for free this month. PSVR gets its own category outside of consoles to keep it simple. In addition to Farpoint, there’s also an awesome remake of Final Fantasy VII and Remnant for the PS4: Ash. PS5 owners have been spoiled by the layout and of course these PS4 games can be played on the PS5 console too.

Just a reminder: if you don’t have a PS5 but plan to buy one someday, you can still get PS5 games through PS Plus. Go to PlayStation Store via the mobile app or on PC and add these games to your collection for future downloads. If you didn’t get a chance to buy Destruction Allstars on PS5 last month, there’s good news. The game will cost $19.99 instead of the original price of $69.99. Yuck!

In other gaming news, E3 has cancelled this year’s show in person. Although the show was cancelled last year and again this year, the ESA is still considering hosting a physical show next year and is working with a production company to host a live online event this year. Personally, I think they should consider keeping E3 online only for future events. Attendance for E3 is down, and the event is not as successful as it once was. Maybe it makes more sense to take a break and come back in 2023, but what do I know? I just write about these things.

If you were upset about the physical cancellation of E3 and were hoping to make up for lost time by going to this year’s San Diego Comic Con, I still have a chance to talk to you. This event was also cancelled in terms of physical participation. The show will be broadcast, but fans will not be able to attend in person. This is probably even harder news than E3, as Cons Comics tends to offer much more to attendees. If you end up sitting at home watching, maybe you can throw an hour-long party with a few friends and satisfy your cosplay needs? I know it’s not the same, but I’ll try it here.

For those of us desperately waiting for official news about the Elden ring, well, I have no official news. I’m sorry. But I will say this: a video trailer recently appeared online, and while it’s a bit vague, it appears to be the official trailer not yet shown in quality. Fans have been anxiously awaiting something, anything, about the state of the Ring of Elders, but if the rumors turn out to be true, we’ll hear the official news in the coming weeks. Walden’s ring is on my radar, and I’ll be sure to announce the official news as soon as it arrives. I’m not holding my breath, but I want to.

We finally have some information about the upcoming Battlefield game, which is scheduled for release in the fall. EA has announced that the next Need for Speed title has been delayed so that the team behind that title can help DICE with the next BF title. EA has taken the helm and let us know that the next BF game will be the game the fans want. I have heard that the upcoming Battlefield with elements of traditional BF and BF Hardline and make the biggest BF games yet. EA has also stated that the game will include a free Battle Royale mode that players will actually want to play. I hope this is all true, because Firestorm is one of the most boring BR options I’ve ever seen.

It’s a short list, but that’s all I have for you today. You can expect reviews of the game from us throughout the month, and I’ll be live on our PS4EXPERTS Facebook page this week and next, so make sure you support me! I love to have a good time and often make new friends to play with online! Why don’t you join the game?

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