Unlimited Resources, Alien Rifle, Maps & More

Unlimited Resources, Alien Rifle, Maps & More

Subnautica is an open source game full of action adventure and exploration. The game revolves more around the survival of a lone survivor, who players assume is a character, and all the action takes place almost entirely underwater, opening up a whole new world of deep-sea exploration and underwater creatures. The game immerses you in a completely different world with picturesque environments and stunning shots of the deep sea. After the standard version of Subnautica has the potential to immerse and engage the player, there are some mods that bring the game to life in a way that will leave you mesmerized. In this list, we list the 10 must-have mods for Subnautica and why you need them!

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With over a ton of mods to choose from, I’m going to clear up your confusion by offering these top 10 mods you can try in Subnautica. Sorting ships, expanding the functionality of the map, getting an alien cannon are all interesting notes on this list.

10. Autosort gateways

Unlimited Resources, Alien Rifle, Maps & More

After a long journey to gather all the resources you need, it can be very time consuming to sit down and sort them into the right compartments. The AutosortLockers mod is what you need if you want to save time collecting resources. This mod can help you make custom cabinetry. Just place all collected resources in one place and this mod will sort them automatically. With this mod, you can also change the colors of the cabinets. Colour coding makes it easy to remember where you keep important items. But that’s not all: You can also have a rewarding motorsport!

9. Alien rifle

Unlimited Resources, Alien Rifle, Maps & More

You want a weapon to fight off reapers in Subnautica? Here’s a mod that gives you an alien weapon. The perfect weapon for use underwater. You can also break things with the alien gun. There is a basic requirement to build this weapon, which requires a basic weapon. Then you can upgrade it to an advanced cold-skin weapon.

8. white lights

Unlimited Resources, Alien Rifle, Maps & More

The WhiteLights mods will change the entire look of the game. If you get your hands on this mod, you can change the light color of your Seaglide, SeaMoth and PrawnSuit. The graphics under these customizable lights give the game a whole new look. Players can choose any color, which completely changes the subtext of the environment.

7. Map

Unlimited Resources, Alien Rifle, Maps & More

To summarize this mod, the map indicates all locations of materials, wrecks, and other exploration objects in the game in advance. Why do you need a spoiler like that? Because it speeds up the game and you don’t have to search in the dark for resources for upgrades. If you’re not interested in spoilers, you can play the game in the dark first, experience the surprise moments and feel like you’re always on the edge of the explorer. Later, with this mod, you can find everything you need and speed up your gameplay.

6. Lightship

Unlimited Resources, Alien Rifle, Maps & More

Subnautica is essentially a survival game in which you must be equipped with many defense mechanisms and build weapons. All of this is an important part of the game and it can sometimes be annoying to do it all the time. The EasyCraft mod will help you with this. He automatically makes weapons for you by taking materials from the nearest vault. Mod settings range from Inside to Autocraft, giving the player the freedom to assemble in the base or in the Cyclops. It’s less than 100 yards from the base. Overall, this mod can save you the work of collecting resources for crafting.

5. Modernised vehicles

Unlimited Resources, Alien Rifle, Maps & More

No update ever satisfies the need to promote more and more. Players are always looking for new updates, and this mod will give them all that! This mod upgrades your Seamoth and Prawn suit, making it faster, more efficient and more durable than before. By adapting the vehicle, the driving speed is increased and the damage can be significantly reduced.

4. Decoration Mod

What do you think of the ability to create 118 new articles? Why not the ability to create 56 new seeds? Wait, remove 36 new builds for a menu of habitat builders. You can get almost all of them with the decoration mods. From adjusting the colors to enlarging or shrinking the objects around you, the mod will allow the player to completely change the game and give it a personal touch.

3. Alterra Marine Voyager

Unlimited Resources, Alien Rifle, Maps & More

Study 4546B is not just indicative. The scout has to cover distances and overcome obstacles requiring a fair number of vehicles. The Alterra Sea Voyager mod gives the player an additional vehicle, a boat. The boat offers the user more space to build and also to sail faster at sea. The model also features a prototype autopilot so you can relax and enjoy the scenery while sailing.

2. Nitrox –Multiplayer Mod

Unlimited Resources, Alien Rifle, Maps & More

Although this mod is still in the early stages of development, it gets the second place on our list because of its features and the potential it offers in gameplay. The mod includes a multiplayer mode where players can explore and complete missions with other players in multiplayer mode. The multiplayer experience will completely change the dynamics of the game, and players will play the game with a completely different strategy than they are used to by default for single-player play.

1. EON shade

Unlimited Resources, Alien Rifle, Maps & More

One word: Photorealism! This is a must-have mod, as it completely changes the aesthetics of the game. It gives the entire game a detailed look, and players will be mesmerized by the details and enhanced beauty. The player will feel like they are experiencing a realistic movie that they can control and play the way they want. The mods will really change the look and feel of the game.

While all mods are cool and useful, they are not foolproof. The standard game may be fairly self-contained, but the addition of mods gives players more choices in the game. This is the end of our top 10 Subnautica mods.

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