How to Get Glimmering Essence Genshin Impact?

How do you get the shimmering essence effect of Genshin? The glistening essence is a collection of vital energy that contains heat. The glistening creature can be exchanged for a treasure known as the Prince and Cretaceous Dragon. Below you will find all the details and a complete guide on how to get Genshin Impact Shimmer Essence.

How to get the shimmering essence of Genshin's exhibition

Genshin Impact v1.2 is now available as a download for all platforms. This update contains many new features and many new quests. Prince of Chalk and Dragon is one of those quests that allows you to obtain a brilliant essence. Chalk Prince and Dragon has a total of 4 actions, and when you complete them, you get some kind of reward, and Shining Essence gets one of the rewards.

The four acts have different starting times, and you get the sparkling essence in act 2. Prince Chalk and the Quest for the Dragon, Act II, begins tomorrow on Christmas Day, the 25th. December 2020 at 4:00 local time.

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Let’s look at some of the rewards you can get in the Prince of Chalk and Dragon quest, Act II.

If you play the quest for the Prince of Cretaceous and Dragon, you can unlock many rewards, one of which is the 4-star sword. You will also unlock Festering Desire. In addition, you will unlock a total of 3 essences, which are as follows:

  • a glossy texture
  • Hot gasoline
  • The miraculous essence

The amount of fuel you receive while performing a task or activity depends on your global level. If it’s very high, you get more rewards and essences, and if you have a low level, you get very few rewards and essences.

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How is gasoline used against Genshin?

Petrol can be used for the purchase of items in the events shop. You can also obtain new materials with the essence, known as Festering Dragon Ship, which can be used to refine the Festering wish. There are many other things you can buy, such as B. Talent leveling material, weapon leveling material, EXP material and the Crown of Knowledge.


How to get a Genshin Effect Fuel Torch: Subsidies linked to the application for supplements

  • A character who prepares this weapon for the occasion treats 60% additional damage to enemies in the DragonBone area.
  • The character who prepares this weapon during the incident collects Sherr Cold at a slower pace. They all increase the critical success rate against enemies in the area of the dragon’s backbone by 35%.
  • During this period, Festering Desire benefits from an additional increase of 1.5 EXP. In any case, the bone marrow of the dragon pendulum must be used to reach the fifth level of refinement.

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How to get a Genshin Effect Fuel Torch: Act II

Law II starts on the 25th. December, and to unlock the Wet II challenge, you must complete the Archon Rival quest. You will be treated with a first phase of essence such as. B. the Brilliant Essence, rewarded when you accept this challenge.

A new icon will appear on the map, just go to the place called Test Areas. This place lies beneath the dragon’s spine. You have to activate the mechanism to take up the challenge.

As you enter this area, the blizzard and a group of hard to beat enemies appear. There’s a destroyer to keep you warm, so get close. After defeating the enemies, you will be rewarded with a Brilliant Essence, the amount of essence depends on your level in the world.

So the question was how to get the shimmering essence of Genshin.

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I hope you like our approach to get a shimmering Genshin Impact essence.



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