Ark Maewing Guide (Taming, Controls, Saddle, Location, Drops & Breeding)

For the uninitiated, the Ark Maewing is a rare breed of creature first discovered on the PC game Ark: Survival Evolved. The breed of the Maewing is unique to the game, and the specific actions required to tame it are destined to be a mystery for quite some time. However, what we do know is that these creatures are rare, intelligent, and can be tamed.

For those of you who have already installed Ark: Survival Evolved, this guide will help you on your journey in the new Ark: Survival of the Fittest expansion. If you haven’t installed the expansion yet, then you’ll have to wait a bit before getting to read about it. For those of you who haven’t installed the expansion yet, please make sure to check out the installation guides first.

This Ark Maewing guide will be about Ark’s Maewing, one of the most important creatures in the game. It will be about the different types of Maewing, all of them with their advantages and disadvantages. In addition, you will be able to see the best places to find them, their controls, their location, points rewards and where to find each saddle.

word-image-1390 The Maewing, one of the newest and most benevolent creatures on the Ark, first appeared in Genesis 2. This creature has the characteristics of a platypus, judging by its tail and beak, while, judging by its physique, it is partly a sugar glider. These animals are omnivorous and may be found in spawning areas more favorable to newcomers, such as the Sandfoot Flats and Lake Sammeworth.

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1) Body Slam

Maewing jumps up and crashes to the ground, dealing over 200% of normal damage to the enemies around him. Checks:

  • Right-click (for PC)
  • LT (for Xbox)
  • L2 (for PS4)

2) High jump

If you hold down the jump action, the meow prepares for the jump by crawling and flexing its legs until the action is released. This allows the mouth to prepare for sliding or jumping to reach a height or overcome an obstacle. Checks:

  • Space (for PC)
  • A (for Xbox)
  • X (for PS4)

3) Glide/slide

Thanks to its body structure, an outsider can float through the air and complete its flight by hovering or landing on the ground. Maewing glides on the ground when not in the air or hovering, covering a certain distance depending on his momentum, allowing him to easily overtake enemies or run away from them. Checks:

  • Hold down the left shift key (for PC)
  • Hold down the left joystick (for Xbox)
  • Press and hold the left joystick (for PS4)

4) Catch the child


  • C (for PC)
  • Right joystick (Xbox)
  • Right joystick (PS4)


Childcare facilities

The vocal wings can act as a feeder, allowing them to act as mobile feeders for babies.

Damage dealer

Mauings are not only excellent at farming, but as medium-sized creatures with sharp claws, they are also capable of self-defense.


Maewing is a good maun in the early game, allowing you to move around easily by sliding or moving towards a target.

Agricultural resource

The Mauing is capable of collecting berries from bushes and meat and other raw materials from corpses. This is a good creature to farm early in the game.

How to tame lawnmowers?

word-image-1392 Songbirds do not show hostility when attacked and try to flee when attacked. Their first attempt will be to jump and float through the air until they run away from their attacker, making it impossible to catch them. Because they are large, they are best caught with a wooden panel, which is then blocked with other panels or around which a bead is built to tame them. If you’re sure he can’t jump back, you can destroy him with the weapon of your choice.



Other foodstuffs

  • Raw lamb
  • First-class raw meat
  • Cooked lamb chops
  • Cooked meat
  • Raw meat
  • Mejoberry
  • Cooked meat
  • Vegetables
  • Bays


Mowing saddle

word-image-1393 Sources for making a Maewing saddle:

  • 170 × fibre
  • 320 × Hide
  • 30 x metal casting



Previously, you could pair two mowers together even if they were not sexed, which could be a mistake or intentional. Currently, mauins can no longer be bred and still do not have a defined gender, so it seems that this feature is disabled for now. They can still drop an orange mewed egg with purple spots scattered across it, indicating the possibility of future egg laying.


Resources collected in the body of Maving


In the upper right hand corner of the Genesis Volume 2 map, you will find many Mavericks, especially in the Sandfoot Plains and surrounding areas.


word-image-1394 Although the Mauke appears to be a gentle creature, it is still easy to tame, especially for breeders, as it can help with grooming. Many players who begin Genesis Part 2 will first attempt to tame this creature by simply using taming techniques. The Maewing is a good aunt for the beginning of the game, helping players scout and easily maneuver in different locations.In Ark: Survival Evolved, you are stranded on an island with dinosaurs, it is up to you to make that island your home and you need to tame them. The biggest task for you is to tame the Tyrannosaurus Rex (the largest dinosaur yet found in the game) and it is not an easy task, but you can achieve your goal if you know how to tame a T Rex.. Read more about ark genesis spawn commands and let us know what you think.

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