How to Build in Valheim


One of the best things about Valheim, and an important feature, is the ability to build structures, which can be tricky for players new to survival games.

Even if you’ve played other games, Valheim has a more complex building system than you might expect.

Life in Walheim gets easier once you make the right choice, and it gets even better as you continue to build and grow.

To make the building process easier, take advantage of some of the tips and information we have provided.

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How to Build in Valheim

How to build in Walheim?

To build in Valheim, you need to start with the basics, and the first thing you need is a hammer.

You can make a hammer if you have collected stone and wood, which you can use to make it by going to your inventory.

Once you have your hammer ready, the first thing you need to do is set up your workbench.

Adjustment of work benches

How to Build in Valheim

A workbench is necessary to start building in a certain area, but you will not be able to repair or tinker with your items yet, you will have to set them up at home first.

Don’t worry about the initial location of your workbench, as it is cheap to build and you can disassemble it later and return the materials used.

To install the workbench, you must have a roof over the workbench and secure it with walls, otherwise you will get the message that the workbench needs a roof.

Before you start anything else, fix your workbench, and when that’s done, you can start building your house.

You can still start building your house without closing the workbench, but it will be damaged by enemies and will also decay when it rains.

Soil sealing

How to Build in Valheim

A good idea when building your foundation is to prepare the ground on which you will build the actual foundation.

You can make a hoe out of the workbench (that’s why you need to secure it for construction and repair first) and start leveling the ground where you are going to build.

Once you level the ground, it is much easier to build and more practical too.

Construction of a house

How to Build in Valheim

Once you’ve set up the workbench and leveled the ground around where you’ll be building, the fun part can begin.

You can use a hammer to make the floors, walls and roof of a house, base or whatever you want to call it.

Start with the ground as the first foundation and build it up to the walls. However, keep in mind that the larger your home is, the more support the roof will need.

It is best to start with a simple structure and gradually update it, as it is quite difficult to handle a large amount of material in the beginning.

Structural aid

You need to be careful when building because your home will need structural support, including walls and floors if they are raised.

It is best to build on level ground or make sure your floors are on the ground on all sides, otherwise there will be less support.

You will notice that the colors highlight the adjacent part of your house during construction, which represents the support it receives.

Blue means perfect support, green means correct support, yellow means sufficient support and orange means weak support.

If a marked component is colored red, it means that the component you are placing will likely fail and you need to build more support for that component.

You can increase the support by adding columns or placing the walls closer together. As long as there is an object that supports a block coming into that area, it will have support.

Building a solid structure

How to Build in Valheim

In order to build a solid structure, it is important to concentrate on the points where support can be added if necessary.

When a part is poorly supported, it is ideal to build walls that go up as you give space to the different parts of your base, or to use columns to support the weight.

A two-story building requires even more support, and it’s best to stick with a tiny house until you have the resources for better structures.

You can use columns or walls to provide more support, but there are other structures you can play with to increase the structural integrity of your home.

Rain cover

How to Build in Valheim

In most cases, you will start with a wooden structure, and it is important to cover it as soon as possible.

In fact, most structures, including your workbench and other workstations, can be damaged by rain.

You can fix things easily, but it’s annoying when it keeps raining on wooden structures. So the first thing you need to do is make sure everything under the roof is safe.

This way, you can protect the items from the rain and be sure that your home is safe from destruction by broken items.

Renovation of your building

If your building is damaged by enemies or rain, or if you accidentally swing your weapon, you can simply equip a hammer and choose to repair it.

Once your hammer is in repair mode, you can repair anything you need on the workbench or at other workstations.

Repairs are free in Valheim, and you can even use it to subdue enemies or tame wild creatures to keep your walls from collapsing.

Mobile structures

If you lose a structure, you can move it, so to speak, by tearing it down with a hammer and rebuilding it near where you choose.

When you destroy a structure, it restores its original resources, so you can restore what you have destroyed elsewhere.

Interior design

How to Build in Valheim

Your home doesn’t have to be so drab, and you can choose a range of decorations from the furniture menu if your hamper is equipped with them.

Some items used as decorations give a bonus to your comfort, allowing you to rest longer.

Things that will increase your comfort are different types of chairs, beds, campfires, and more, and you may find later that a rested person lasts longer than just 8 minutes.

Enemy Base Construction

How to Build in Valheim

Enemy defense is pretty hard at first, unless you want to farm a lot at low speed.

Building a barrier around the base with a wall of stakes is one of the best ideas and ways to keep enemies out, while placing sharp stakes will do damage and knock down enemies that get too close.

If you want to defend yourself, you can use the spike to lift the ground to block certain paths for enemies.

If you want to become impregnable, you can pile up a large piece of dirt or dig up an undeveloped area so that enemies can’t get near your base.


How to Build in Valheim

They say home is where the heart is, and in this case home is where the prey is, so make sure you build your homes well and keep your enemies away from them.

It is better not to let enemies into your base, especially trolls, as they can do a lot of damage and even destroy your entire base.

Avoid being too far from the keyboard, and also because enemies can attack during events, and if you’re not there, chances are they’ll blow a hole in your base and kill you.

When building, try to take it easy and start small until you can grow a lot of material later, and focus on natural progression rather than building a definitive foundation on day one.

frequently asked questions

How to build a well in Walheim?

How does the building work in Walheim?

You can build with a hammer in the workbench area. There are several shipbuilding stations that need to be nearby for e… B. to accommodate certain building blocks: Workbench needed to place most of the stones you have unlocked since the beginning or startup, as well as some of the later stones.

Is it possible to build with stone in Walheim?

Stonemasonry in Valheim The first thing players need to unlock is the stonemason. To do this, the player must hold an iron bar in his hands. Once unlocked, it must be placed, just like the workbench, wherever the player wants to build with stone (10x wood, 2x iron, 4x stone to build).

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