Obito All Star Tower Defense Update Log 7.5 January 2021

Log 7.5 of the Obito All Star Tower Defense Update has been released and players are eager to see the changes made with this update. In this article we will explain all the information about this update and Obito in this game. If you are interested in Red Eye Warrior and the latest update of this game, you can get all the information here.

Updated Obito All Star Tower logbook 7.5

Updated Obito All Star Tower logbook 7.5

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Each game is constantly updated to add new features. Check out the latest version of this game to learn more about it.

Obito All Star Tower Update Log 7.5

This is a small update that has made a few changes to the game. As this is a small update, only a few changes have been made. Players can now easily choose an infinite card to play. In this update you will also find Obitos Red Eye Warrior.

Prior to this update, a logbook of all updates to the security system of Star Tower 7 was published. This update introduces Now Openable. The mission and the Fairy Tail map have been introduced with the latest update. The entrance hall has also been restored to the usual design.

We have explained all the information about the log of the defense of Obito All Star Tower 7.5. We would now like to explain some additional information that may be useful to you.

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Red Eye Warrior

The Red Eye Warrior is a 5 star unit in Obito Uchiha. Just get him out of Sammon Hero. The cost to use it is $650. His type of tower is Earth. The upgrade level of the red-eyed warrior is 5. The type of attack of the red-eyed warrior is single/ half. Damage is 50 and attack speed/SPA is 6. The range of the Red-eye Warrior is 18 years.

Players can simply deploy units to repel waves of enemies. Each unit has unique features in this game. Players must upgrade their troops during battle to unlock new attacks. There is a challenge through the door and unlocking new units that you can use in battle. You can easily team up with friends to tackle Story mode or the Tower of Infinity. New items appear both in the call door and in the Emoticon Store when you pick them up.

Additional information about all Star Tower Defense Games

This is a very interesting game that you can play on Roblox platforms. More than 46,960 people like to play this game on their Roblox platform. This game has over 506.3 million views. This game was played on the 5th. July 2020 created. This game is still being updated, the last update was on 1. October 2021. This game has a maximum of 60 players. This game is full of fun and joy, you can have fun while playing.

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We have explained all the information about the log of the defense of Obito All Star Tower 7.5. For more information please contact us. When we receive information about this game, we will inform you first.


This is a complete guide to the 7.5 update of Obito’s All Star Defense Towers magazine. We would like to end this article with the hope that you have received all the information about this update. If you have any questions about this update, please feel free to contact us in the Comment section. We are happy to answer all your questions regarding the 7.5 Obito All-Star Tower Defense Update.

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