Bungie Feedback: How Destiny Feels Right Now

Bungie Feedback: How Destiny Feels Right Now

Bungie Feedback: How Destiny Feels Right Now

I’ve seen CMs in the past say that the best way to give feedback is to say how certain aspects of the game make us (the player) feel. So that’s what I’m going to do with this job. Crazy long. Let’s go.

I feel good when…

  • I can discover new things. I enjoyed walking around Europe, finding collectibles and exploring. I didn’t expect to like the frozen dessert so much.
  • I stop and listen. I find the sound design of this season’s weapons very interesting. I can hear the scout gun in my head as I type this. And the sounds in the roundup are incredible. This has always been the case with Destiny for me, so it’s not new, but I just want to point out that the sound team is incredible.
  • I have guns to get excited about. When I first saw Trustee on paper, I didn’t think it would be that interesting, but I have enjoyed using it, and there are some very powerful combinations of benefits. I was also very concerned about my kinetic position as a sniper, but the continuity is solid with good shooting and a welcome addition to my arsenal. I feel the same way about heritage. These weapons are pleasant to use, have nice benefits (recombination!) and fill in some gaps left by Sunset. I was incredibly disappointed in the sword, I must admit. The absence of the wormhole blade killed me.
  • I have new information. The penguins were a fun weekly event, and their legend amused me greatly.
  • I must win new triumphs. This is going to sound crazy (because it is), but I’m one of those triumphant psychopaths who hunts in the hole. So by checking new things off my list, I was glad I had set more goals.
  • I fly DSC and fall in with my clans in this raid. I love the raid – the setting, the mechanics, the pace, the loot. I can’t say it’s perfect, but I’m having fun with this raid. It’s pretty quick and easy, but I don’t think it’s a bad thing (I know others do). These types of raids also seem to be more accessible to the general public, and I think that’s a good thing.

I feel bad when…

  • I’m freezing. Introducing crowd control into the game with fast, fluid movements and an average TTK of about 0.7 seconds for the main weapon seems like a huge mistake. And frankly, I’m not comfortable doing it to others. I don’t think I deserve to be killed when I freeze someone and take something away from them. You’ve seen a lot of this criticism since BL launched, so I’m not going to overreact.
  • I play Trials. You’re just playing a bad game. And I know I shouldn’t, so I guess it’s my fault, but I really want to enjoy it. My PvP skill has steadily improved over several seasons as I’ve spent a lot of time and effort on PvP. Despite this, I’m endearingly mediocre – just enough so that some of my friends (incredibly capable and kind souls) don’t mind being blameless to me from time to time. But every season it gets worse and worse. Even worse, because I’m just hunting a seal. The reward system is terrible, and my chances of getting a good con are so slim that I don’t even think about it when I enter the playlist.
  • I need to win what I already won. As triumphant as I am, I also like to finish something. I like to spend time and effort, reach the goal and then move on. The fact that we had the exact same conquering, flawless seals to hunt each season honestly took its toll. The finisher in me makes me want to keep wearing them down, and I know I will next season, when they trade goals for other triumphs, but…. I’m not making money off of anything new. It’s the same seal. It will only be a different color for a few months,then it will be the same color for a few seasons…. until I have to do it again. I’m tired just thinking about it.
  • I completed 33 ponies, but I was never able to get the title because an item was abandoned (Eyes of Tomorrow, of course). It’s really, really bad, especially considering what I said earlier about feeling good about the new weapons/tricks that haunt them. It’s even worse because it looks like you solved the problem with GoS/Divinity. Using Pure RNG for a foray into exotic sensations…. It sucks, honestly.
  • I get into a reward system that is painfully inconsistent. They have made great progress in making looting more deterministic, but these systems need to replace outdated systems more quickly and remain out of season. Honestly, we don’t need a recalculation. We need all sources of loot so we can choose what really interests us. It would be so nice to take a first class Ingram to Kryptarch and tell him to give me a gun. It would have been even better to tell him what class of weapon it was, or something. I feel good when my choices matter, so I would like you to let me make more choices.
  • I return 16 in 1280 lost sectors, cleaned up without dropping an exote, to finally break the string of losses with an exote I don’t need, don’t want or didn’t look for, but with terrible casting values. I feel desperate. Hunting the prey I want shouldn’t be hopeless.
  • My immersion goes out the window every time I play. It’s not limited to one thing in particular, but there are many things you can take away from the experience. Low spikes (enemy teleportation), error codes, but mostly texture inconsistencies (the scarf on my titan butt sometimes turns into a very long cape and spreads all over the screen). They’re small things, but they happen often enough that at least one of them happens when I play for more than an hour.
  • I have to play with the flaws in the game. Going on vacation with a simple weapon to avoid accidentally ruining the mission makes me uncomfortable. I mentioned above that I love legends and triumphs, so I’m very frustrated that I have to avoid the Harbinger mission until the Lightseeker triumph is set. I feel bad when I have to apologize for things in the game that don’t make sense to my friends and clanmates. For example when my friend is excited about the DSC mod because he likes using the scanner, but I had to explain to him that he shouldn’t use this mod on Taniks because it crushes Divinity and the team loses damage. I feel embarrassed.
  • I look at everything in my storage space – it’s true that at least 50% is filled with things I’ve barely used – and I see everything that is no longer relevant. I understand the purpose of the sunset, but I don’t think we saw the benefits it should have. So far, it’s just been awful. I wish I could spend what I earn on content that matters to me. People may think it makes no sense, given what I said about keeping swag. Maybe you’re right. For me, it’s just that a handful of new things that excite me aren’t good enough to overshadow everything else.

I hope this will resonate with others, or maybe not, but it just sparks the discussion. If you ask me, I’m still playing Destiny. Probably too much. That’s mostly due to the friends I’ve made along the way – especially in this day and age when it’s getting harder and harder to stay in touch with people. It’s fun to be together every night, having fun with a friend and a clown while we save the universe.

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