How has online bingo revived bingo 

How has online bingo revived bingo 

Bingo was for a very long time considered a dated, old-fashioned game. It was the kind of thing that elderly people would play in bingo halls, and it was relegated pretty much exclusively to these kinds of settings. In 2005, online betting was legalized, and with that came many platforms for playing online bingo. This completely changed the world of bingo, and it became a fun, easy game for anyone to play from anywhere. Let’s look at a few ways online bingo has revived the game. 


Undoubtedly one of the main reasons that online bingo became so popular was the simple fact of convenience. Even back in 2005, before the advent of smart devices, online bingo was still very popular on desktop computers and browsers. Whereas in the past, anyone who wanted to play bingo had to find a bingo hall nearby that they could reach, now everyone could play together from the comfort of their own homes. 

For many, bingo halls represented as much an opportunity to meet up with friends and socialize as they did to play the game. Going to bingo halls would require preparation and planning, sometimes even needing to book reservations. Then you would have to set aside a whole evening for a visit. Even if you just had a computer at home and not a smartphone, this is still many times more convenient. 

Nowadays, with so many of us having smartphones or tablets, we can play online bingo anywhere; at home, on the bus, in the park, where you’d like. There’s no need to go anywhere or book anything, and you can play while waiting. It’s no longer just an event that you have to plan. You might just decide on a whim to play a quick game of bingo when you’ve got a free minute. 


Since 2005, over 1000 online betting platforms and bingo sites have sprung up, and one of the best things about them is their introductory offers and promotions. In order to compete with each other, almost all bingo platforms offer some kind of introductory offer whereby you get a certain number of free plays or credits when you deposit only a small amount. 

Because there are so many, you’re bound to be able to find a good offer that works for you and your needs. It’s best to take the time to pick a platform, or indeed several platforms, to play online bingo, to find the most lucrative offers.

These kinds of promotions have made bingo much more popular as a legitimate way to win big sums of money. Again, no longer is bingo simply a social event with a small prize just for fun; it’s a serious game with big money involved! 

How has online bingo revived bingo 

Ease and simplicity 

Though bingo might seem like a fairly straightforward game, it can still get confusing to keep up with what’s been called or hear the announcer talking to such a large room. Online bingo does away with all this and makes the game easier and more convenient than ever to play. 

Bingo apps and sites can mark your numbers for you, and you’ll never have to listen out for what number is said. It will be displayed on your screen and marked automatically, at least on most online bingo platforms. 

You’ll never lose money because you forgot to shout “bingo!”, and you won’t get tripped up by the rules. Again, though traditional bingo is not necessarily complicated, it’s certainly a lot less intuitive than online bingo. This ease and convenience have attracted countless more players to the game and played a big part in reviving the game. 

Safe and secure

When online betting and online bingo were first getting off the ground, for many, the idea of paying money to such sites seemed inherently risky. And at first, there were indeed fewer regulations, meaning that the possibility did indeed exist. It was still very rare, but at first, there was certainly less confidence in the security of online bingo. 

Today, though, regulatory bodies and commissions make sure that all online bingo sites comply with regulations designed to protect the data, security, and funds of all players, and online bingo sites are almost universally safe and secure. This was a big help in reviving bingo. 

The list could go on. Online bingo has brought the game back in a huge way, and bingo is now more popular than ever. It’s safe, secure, fun, and simple. 


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