3 New Features Of Online Slots You Need To Know About

3 New Features Of Online Slots You Need To Know About

Online slots are ideal ways of enjoying the casino experience without having to leave your home. They are incredibly convenient and useful ways of playing your favorite casino games because you only need access to a smartphone or computer. 

Compared with traditional in-person casinos, online slots allow players to customize their display from the comfort of their own homes. Slots have come a long way since they first came into the light as humble fruit machines. 

There is an enormous selection of themes, animations, and soundtracks to choose from, which create a different type of immersive experience. Because online slots have a different feel than traditional fruit machines, they have an interesting range of additional features. 

New features of online slots are the most important thing to consider when playing at a casino. It is very important that you know what new things have been added to online slots in order to make your gaming experience more enjoyable and exciting. These are three of the newest features worth looking out for when you are playing games with online slots

3D Storytelling In Video Slots

Firstly, the modern online casino will offer 3D video slots. This is an incredibly immersive and entertaining experience because it makes players feel more involved in the game as a whole. Like other modern video games, storytelling allows players to become invested in a particular game. 

By giving players tasks or missions to carry out, video slots feel much more immersive. Online slots have a different level of immersion compared to traditional casino games, which is why the technological advancements are ideal additions to online slot-based games. This is what makes these games so interactive as well as entertaining for many. 

3 New Features Of Online Slots You Need To Know About

Multiple Screen Slots

Another way in which the modern slot game has evolved and continues to entice players is through the ability to switch displays at the click of a button. While most online slot games did not work when the computer screen size was reduced, this is no longer the case. 

Players can move between multiple slot games at once without losing their progress or winnings from a certain online casino. This allows players to achieve a more personal display that works for them based on their visual preferences. It can also be a great way of exploring multiple platforms at once. 

3 New Features Of Online Slots You Need To Know About

Branded ‘Machines’

Of course, the selection of themes that are seen in online slot games is always changing and evolving. An interesting feature of this is the role of branding and certain big names which have been integrated into certain online slots. This has led to different characters being seen within online slot games, which is highly entertaining for players. 

The licensing from large brands can be a little challenging to get, which is why some online casinos and slot platforms will target slightly less popular movie franchises. Because of this, you may find that your favorite character from a movie or series is featured in a particular slot game. 

If this is something that you are interested in, then this could definitely be something worth looking out for in the new online slots on the horizon. Of course, the branding is not necessarily something that is a new addition to the world of slot machines. 

Fruit machines and other slot-based mechanisms had their own range of branding which promoted particular products. However, this branding seems to have made its way into the online world of casino games. This means that you could enjoy playing slot games that feature your favorite movie characters or even villains from a particular series. 


Online slots are constantly changing and evolving to demonstrate some of the latest developments and keep players interested in a particular platform. Because there is a different experience compared to traditional casinos, software developers need to take a new approach when it comes to keeping players on their toes. 

Nowadays, online slots offer a completely custom experience for players. This includes being able to play video-game-style slots complete with a complex storyline or choosing a game with the same branding as your favorite movie franchise. Make sure you are looking out for the features listed above the next time you are using online slots. 


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