How Does Futsal Compare To Football?


Futsal is one of the many sports that have spun off from football. Feel free to visit – online betting for you is available on football and all its variations, too. There are plenty of differences between the sports, which are related to aspects like:

  • the playing field;
  • the size of the teams;
  • the ball;
  • and the overall gameplay.

First up, picture the playing fields. Futsal is played in a smaller field. Its length ranges between 25 and 42 meters, while its width ranges between 16 and 25 meters. Now, some great online betting for you is awaiting at 1xBet, and through this platform, you will also be able to place wagers on futsal matches.

By contrast, football fields are really huge. Their length ranges between 100 and 120 meters, and they can be 75 meters wide.

Teams And Balls

In soccer, there are 5 players per team, which corresponds to 1 goalkeeper and 4 outfield players. Go now to the website and feel free to start wagering on the best futsal players.

By contrast, as many people already know, football is played with 11 players per team, with 1 goalkeeper and 10 outfield players.


This means that futsal players tend to touch the ball much more frequently. The best footballers can really give happiness to their fans, and at 1xBet, you can always wager on them, too.

Balls are also similar. Futsal balls tend to be smaller, heavier, and less bouncy than their football counterparts. The purpose of this design of the ball is to focus futsal more on ground moves than air plays.

Different Gameplays

Futsal is also different from football in terms of gameplay. The former has 2 halves of 20 minutes each. Another key difference is that in futsal, the clock stops whenever the game stops, just like in basketball. Now, it is a great moment to place bet live 1xBet, where punters will also come across lots of chances to wager on futsal.

Scoring is also different. Futsal is like a goal fest, as you might see more than 6 goals in a game. By contrast, football is more of a chess match, with less than 3 goals on average. Futsal is all about rapid-fire action, while football is a bit more about strategy and patience. A live bet on any of these 2 sports can be placed at the 1xBet bookmaker.


The defense in futsal is much more personal. A man-to-man strategy tends to be used, and players need to be able to quickly transition from defense to attack. Football gives room to breathe and plan different defensive styles, and sometimes, there is even a sweeper cleaning up any mess.


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