Helmets, Boots, Armor & More –

Helmets, Boots, Armor & More

In ancient RuneScape, it’s not always easy to ask the gods for protection, because you have to prove your faith!

How can you prove your faith?

With the latest and greatest prayer accessories – and juicy prayer bonuses to boot.

A high level of prayer is also important for endgame content in OSRS. But it would be useless if you don’t have a decent prayer bonus to support those air prayers!

So let’s dive into the best prayer items that are absolutely essential to get the most out of your prayer.

Holy embrace

Bonus glove items have never been a big deal in OSRS, only three items have received this benefit.

This has changed with the introduction of Sacred Wraps, the best prayer gloves an adventurer could wish for, with a +3 prayer bonus!

In addition to the prayer bonus, the gloves also act as a Saradomin item that can come in handy during Commander Zilyana’s long trek through the dungeons of War with God.

This is a rare deposit of elite index rolls with a deposit rate of 1:1100.

Blessing of Rada (4)

Divine Blessing was a great addition to OSRS, it allowed players to increase their prayer bonus without sacrificing an important armor slot!

While most blessings of God offer a +1 prayer bonus, Rada offers +2, which is the best blessing for prayer.

In addition, the player with the bean can teleport indefinitely to the Battlemaster Konar, which is located very close to the bank. That’s why this article is particularly useful!

The only downside is that it requires you to complete Kebos’ elite log, which has insanely high stat requirements like 95 Slayer.

Holy Key

The Holy Key is unique in this list in that it is not a portable object, but an object with a passive effect.

Therefore, the key should be placed in the inventory for the passive effect.

If the key is in your inventory, it restores 2% of your prayer points when you take a prayer potion, a super recovery, or a holy hour.

This is incredibly useful in places where you use a lot of prayer beverages, such as. B. In an effort to fight in a low-level cave where every prayer point is valuable.

It’s not too hard to get the wrench either, as it’s the reward for completing the Rum Market, a medium difficulty quest.

Helmets, Boots, Armor & More

Sacred Sandals

Holy sandals are a pair of elegant shoes that have a +3 prayer bonus.

They come in the same packaging as the Sacred Wraps, so they have a matching aesthetic.

So if you’re looking for a match, you should take them both!

Sandals have the highest prayer bonus of any shoe in OSRS, and are often used by high-level players in DKS because they are convenient for extending trips.

Like the sacred shawls, the sandals are associated with Saradomin. So they can also be very useful in the dungeon warfare with God.

These sandals are available from the middle index rolls.

God Book

There are very good prayer opportunities on the prayer site.

Most useful, however, should be the books of God. There are 6 books of God in total, all with different effects and stats, and each book offers a +5 bonus when praying.

To complete the Book of God, you must fill it with 4 pages (which you can get from the clue scrolls) and place them in the correct book.

However, if you just want a prayer bonus, you can use the book without the pages and get all the benefits!

To access God’s books, complete the Terrors from the Deep quest and talk to Josic in the lighthouse.

The best part is that you can get the books 100% free after completing the quest! It’s a good deal.

Sacred symbol

The holy symbols are actually the best in the F2P prayer object slot, with an impressive +8 prayer bonus.

This item is worn in the neck split and has surprisingly many uses. For example, you can B. Weakens vampires or serves as a saradomin object and is used in a prayer book to cure poison.

To obtain such a symbol, one must use the symbol of wickedness on the book of the god Saradominus (the holy book).


Mitres are insanely elegant hats that offer a prayer bonus of +5, making them the best headgear with a prayer bonus.

A Mithras is associated with each of the OSRS gods, and they all act like a divine thing in places like the God War dungeon.

But unlike other prayer aids, you must have at least 40 prayer levels and 40 magic skills to earn the right to wear one of these beautiful hats.

The bolsters also have a decent attack bonus, making them very useful for mid-level mages.

Carénage Ardugne 4

The Ardy 4 coat is a fantastic coat with very good benefits in all areas.

Not only does it offer the highest prayer bonus for a +6 cloak, but it also offers the highest effect bonus of any cloak in the game.

Once unlocked, the cape is also free. And as a result, it is very popular with poker players and those trying to kill the Caporal Beast.

This cape also allows you to teleport to the Ardy farm without any restrictions.

The only downside is that this cloak is locked behind Ardugnus’ elite journal, which requires an extremely high skill set – about 90 agility and 94 magic.

Helmets, Boots, Armor & More


Like many of the other items on this list, Croziers are connected to the old-school gods of RuneScape and offer the same benefits as this link.

These magic sticks grant a prayer bonus of +6 and a magic attack bonus of +10.

However, I would not recommend using it as a primary magic weapon, as there are many other more effective solutions.

They can be obtained as rewards for medium and heavy clue rolls.

Proselyte kits

Proselyte orders are very common, many people use them for AFC fighter orders because of their significant +6 prayer bonus.

Not to mention scrimmage defense stats similar to those of the Adamant records.

You can only get this item by joining the White Knights of Falador and completing the Slug Threat quest.

Ring of the gods (i)

This ring has decent stats, but it is mostly used for its impressive prayer bonus of +8.

He beats all the other rings by a prayer premium per mile.

The recessed version of this ring also doubles as a holy key to save space in your inventory!

The Ring of the Gods can only be obtained by killing the Wild Life Boss Vet’ion and has a drop rate of 1/512. So this is a pretty rare fall.

Proselyt Hauberk

What would become of the Tassets without Haberk?

This plate is almost always worn with tassels and has a prayer bonus of +8.

This is the best place for prayers on the body, and along with the legs are the two most popular points on this list.

This is largely due to the versatility of the harness, which allows it to be combined with high quality mêlée equipment.

You will often see this armor on adventurers in the catacombs of Kuranda.

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