Fellas, What Kind Of QoL Changes Would You Want To See For The Game?

What Kind Of QoL Changes Would You Want To See

Personally, I want Ventures to make two changes in the quality of life:

  • It would be great if Venture Seasons had its own unique mission type, on top of all the other basic gameplay options (think Fortnitemares Storm Vacuum or the way Frostnite defends gifts). At least that’s what we want for the new gameplay of each car, with its unique modifier.
  • We cannot stress this enough: Make the rewards more attractive. Vouchers and equipment are a good start, but consider adding bonuses or Kirkunza as minimum rewards. You don’t even have to look fancy. Copy any accessory from the card if needed.

As for the base game, it could use these quality of life adjustments:

  • In defensive missions (atlas, blitz, data mining), there should be a small chance that a prefabricated fortress will form around the facility. This tutorial mission where you defend your base in this wooden fort is emblematic, and I’d love to keep that kind of detail in the game. Not to mention that you gain time if you are lucky and get into the game faster.
  • In defensive missions, don’t always demand to win longer than the allotted time, but kill a minimum number of enemies. This would not only encourage players to take out enemies, but also to drive them out of prison structures.
  • Introduction of a new type of pylon : Intel Pylon. If enough Bluglo’s are deployed, he’ll give you valuable information on how to proceed with the mission: Which enemies spawn and when, whether the storm moves in defense and when/where, what mini-boss buffs are available. Back to the target: When you open the menu to vote, there is an additional option that allows you to view the information received. This is for those who could use the extra planning. To some extent, it could also help to address the lack of materials available to players at the end of the game, as it is not the lack of materials, but the lack of information about important tasks that leads players to rebuild or construct prisons.
  • Consider updating the HUD for the mission/investigation. I’ve never seen a 50% transparent black box with white text on the HUD quest change since I started playing in season 4. A little update to the mission/ quest information on the left and the timer at the top of the screen to bring it up to the same level as the rest of the recently updated Chapter 2 HUD would be great!
  • Speaking of HUD: This adventure season, a new modifier has been introduced where every 30 Husk killed will show an effect in the HUD area of the Mission/Exploration. While this is a big step forward, it could have been better designed visually. This modifier, along with other heroic modifiers and bonuses, should have their effects (and timers before they expire) somewhere on the HUD. Think of things like Totally Rockin Out, War Cry, or Shadow Stance, where there’s no real indication of when they’ll end up in the game.

If the STW stays in the game, at least it’s good! u/Magyst

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Message guys, what quality of life changes would you like to see for the game? For the Fortnite game.

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