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My God, this time we have a major incident! By standing still for more than 3 hours, we give our reaction to EA Play Live! We also play a round of the Jubilee competition – how many can we get? We also present the 10 most popular Capcom games! We also have a lot of news. As always, thanks for taking the time to listen.

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Radio is a podcast that covers the entire spectrum of the video game world. Unlike the website, we often discuss games and topics that are not related to Nintendo. In other words, even if you’re not the biggest Nintendo fan, we hope you’ll find value in our conversations and topics. This is the condition for this delivery:


0:00 – Paranoid Empire (by: Dr. Vox)


0:38 – Welcome


1:38 – James and Ben – The last of us 2 (PS4 Pro).

19:30 – Ben – Astro Bot (RVP)

18.02 hours – Police analysis of activities undertaken in 2009 Specific result (change)

6.02 p.m. – Police analysis of activities undertaken in 2009


18.02 hours – Police analysis of the activities undertaken in 2009 Wind Waker EAST


18.02 hours – NDP sales results for May 2020

11:48 AM – New Pokémon Snap announced

38:02 – EA Execute. The next general will sell as promised.

16.10 – Super Smash Brothers The final presentation is announced.

4:40 PM – Cyberpunk 2077 delayed.

43:37 – Spider-Man : Moral Miles Sophisticated details

51:14 – Horizon : Details about banned vests

11:48 AM – PAX West becomes PAX Online

6.02 p.m. – Police analysis of activities undertaken in 2009

54:31 PM – Gods and beasts infiltrated the stadium and changed their names.

6.02 p.m. – Angola celebrates the 19th anniversary of the Bicesse peace agreement with Namibia.


1:02:09 – 1. Konami Stage – Dracula X OST (PC motor)


1:03:42 – EA Play Live: news and experiences

1:50:43 PM – Trivial birthday game


2:08:02 – Mario Theme (cover) Ambassador Funk – Super Mario Compact Disco


2:08:47 – Capcom’s top 10 games


15h15-49 – Thanks for listening!


3:16:22 – Theme: the construction of the moon: The Silver Star of the OST story complete


Craig: NintendoTimes85

Ben: BenGaming00

James: @MajorLameGamer

Craig has been working in the video game industry since 1995. His works have been published on various media sites. He is currently editor-in-chief and contributes to the Games Age.

Here we go:

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