Capcom Changes Sakura’s Face In Street Fighter V after Years of Complaints

Sakura, the genius computer hacker from the Street Fighter franchise, has had the same face since her debut way back in 1992. However, after years of fan complaints, Capcom has decided to change her look with the new Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition.

That’s right; there’s been a brand new Street Fighter V patch out that changes Sakura’s face. Long before the game was released, fans of the series began to complain that Sakura’s face looked too young and not at all like her in-game. Street Fighter V is the latest entry in the long-running series by Capcom, and although many of the game’s characters have been redesigned, Sakura’s face was kept the same as it was in the previous ports. As fans began to complain, Capcom responded and promised to change her character’s face in a future update.

Sakura is the main character from the Street Fighter games, and she’s been redesigned for Street Fighter V. We recently learned what she looks like under the new design: a very different character with a very different face. Capcom has decided to change Sakura’s look after years of complaints about her appearance, but it’s not the change that way of life and fighting games fans are complaining about: it’s her new face.


Sakura Kasugano was introduced to Street Game V in January 2018 as part of Capcom’s DLC character roster for the popular fighter. Years later, after what seemed to be unending complaints about her looks, the company’s designers felt forced to reexamine the fan-favorite, Ryu-idolizing heroine.

Capcom has released an update that not only alters Sakura’s fighting posture on the character pick and versus screens, but also her face, as shown by images posted by users on r/StreetFighter and other social media. The bug-eyed appearance has been changed with something that seems to be more natural and acceptable to Street Fighter V gamers who have made Sakura their waifu.

Sakura’s new character pick appearance seems to be a great match with her in-game model, indicating that Capcom didn’t have to do much work either. Capcom seems to have done little more than switch the models, although it’s unclear why they were different to begin with.

Fans of Street Fighter V are now putting pressure on Capcom to change the look of Ryu’s closest buddy and beloved opponent, Ken Masters. On the vs screen, the character seems oddly silly, at least in contrast to his in-game and narrative models, which are very different.

Capcom’s latest Street Fighter V update includes the addition of two iconic characters, Oro and Akira, today. Oro is a 140-year-old Japanese hermit who first appeared in Street Fighter III: New Generation, whereas Akira is a character from Capcom’s Rival Schools fighting game series.

Sakura’s FACE as well as her character choose posture have been improved! #SFV #Sakura

— BurnoutFighter (@burnoutfighter) August 16, 2021 #XSplit #EQNX # (@burnoutfighter)

Please fix Ken’s VS screen face, Capcom. In narrative mode, he’s very attractive. If it requires a 24-hour maintenance. So be it #SFV #SFV #SFV

— Jollibee (@damndamndrum) 1 July 2016



Oro and Akira may be obtained via the Season 5 Character Pass or the Season 5 Premium Pass in Street Fighter V. Both characters are also available individually for $5.99 MSRP or 100,000 Fight Money. The Rival Riverside stage may also be purchased for $3.99 or 70,000 Fight Money.

BurnoutFighter and Steam were used as sources.

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The uproar started when a version of a Street Fighter V costume, which had been released for a while, was made available in an update. In the new version, the character Sakura had been given a different face from the one she had in game. Since the original costume had been criticized for having a “ugly” face, this had upset many players, who felt that the new version was a step too far.. Read more about street fighter 6 and let us know what you think.

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