Dynasty Scrolls – Gift Codes List (February 2021) & How To Redeem Codes

Dynasty Scrolls is Youzu’s mobile role-playing game in which players collect heroes, form a team and take on enemies.

As with many other mobile games, players can redeem the code for Dynasty Scrolls through the code redemption system.

Retrieving these codes helps you move forward, as they can contain anything from recruitment orders to gold.

In this regularly updated code list we publish all active Dynasty Scrolls gift codes that you can use in the game.

Table of Contents

Active codes

The following codes are valid as of February 8, 2021.

  • 20 days (20 bonus recruitment orders)
  • (Premium Recruitment Order, 5 Basic Recruitment Orders, 10 Final EXP, 100 Gold Pieces)
  • Strategies (Premium recruitment order, 3 basic recruitment orders, 10 latest EXP volumes, 100 gold)
  • HIGH LEVEL (300 gold, 20 enhancement stones, 10 training tablets)
  • MISCELLANEOUS (300 gold coins, 100,000 coins, Arena Challenge coins)
  • FREESTUFF (300 gold, random chest with elaborate relics, 10 basic enhancement stones)
  • Unstoppable (2 premium recruitment orders, 5 Ultimate EXP tokens, 50 upgrade stones, 5 stamina pills)
  • ADVANTAGE (300 gold, 2 basic recruitment commands, 20 types of spells)
  • NEW YORK (10 bonus orders, 200 gold)
  • DYNASTY (300 gold, extra equipment box, 20 base volumes EXP)
  • CHRISTMAS (200 gold, expanded equipment box, 10 key EXP’s)
  • dynastic scrolls (300 gold pieces)
  • fbgroup (2 orders of reward rides, 5 orders of basic rides, 10 orders of ultimate EXP rides, 200 gold)
  • Billionaire (Premium Recruiting Order, 10 volumes EXP Ultimate, 100 gold)

As you can see, there are many challenges and resources that you can claim if you buy back all active codes in Dynasty Scroll.

So you should always be on the lookout for new codes, because the rewards you get from claiming them all will go a long way toward helping you progress.

For the active codes to work, they must be entered with the same capital letter as in the above list.

If you use these codes, you can accelerate your progress.

If you get an error message when trying to redeem a code, it means you entered the code incorrectly, you cannot receive the code, or the code has expired.

If you notice that any of the active codes above have expired, please let us know in the comments.

Expired codes

All of the following codes have worked before, but have now expired.

  • nywp (300 gold, random extra equipment box, 20 base volumes EXP)

Codes are usually released by Dynasty Scrolls developers on the occasion of important updates or parties, celebrations and promotions.

We add all new active codes to this list as soon as we find or receive notifications of them.

We therefore recommend that you check this position from time to time for new codes.

We are always happy when readers notify us of a new active code they find, or let us know when an active code has expired.

To redeem gift codes in the Dynasty Roles, go to your Kingdom, the main lobby screen.

Click the “More” button in the upper left corner, just below the profile icon.

Press the “Settings” button.

Scroll through the settings window until you see “Gift Code.”

Click on the “Redeem” button in the “Gift Code” tab.

Enter the active gift code in the Giftpack Exchange pop-up window and click “Confirm”.

Gift codes will now be sent to your game inbox.

To get them back, return to your kingdom.

Click on the “Mail” button in the upper left corner.

Locate the assignment letter and click the “Apply” button.

Then you’ll have your reward in no time.

See the previous section of this guide for active dynasty scroll codes.

What are gift codes

Gift codes are special codes that Dynasty Scrolls developers hand out to players for use in their game.

When you redeem the codes, you get a reward for the code.

Gift codes are generally handed out when important new updates are released, holidays, special promotions or other celebrations are approaching.

The codes expire after a certain amount of time, so you need to buy them back before it’s too late.

Because codes can be announced on many different platforms, including the game’s social networks, it can be difficult to find them over time.

For your convenience, we have created this code list that will give you all the active Dynasty Scrolls codes in one place.

Players of the game can use these codes to progress faster, so check back from time to time to see if new codes have been released.

How to obtain other codes

There is only one way to get more code into the game, and that is to wait for developers to release new code.

Since codes can be announced on social media, in ads, directly by content creators or through other means, we have compiled this list to help you find codes.

We will update this list with any new active promo codes we find. So, you can keep up to date with new codes by just checking this post from time to time.

These are all the codes we have for Dynasty scrolls!

If you would like our code list for Dynasty rolls to improve, please let us know in the comments if you find new active codes or if you notice active codes expiring.


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