Nintendo Direct February 2021 | Upcoming Nintendo Direct Releasing Next Month

The next release of Nintendo Direct in February 2021 is coming, and we have all the information about the Nintendo Direct for February 2021, such as the release date.

The next Nintendo Direct will be released next month, according to a leak. If you want to know more, read this article further.

Nintendo Direct February 2021

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Next month, in February 2021, Pokemon will celebrate its 25th anniversary. There’s a leak about a new Nintendo Direct possibly coming next month, but no confirmation yet. There are some leaks and rumors you’ll find out about here, go check it out.

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A user named Kelios has revealed information on Twitter about an upcoming Pokemon announcement. Kelios and a few other retailers are making new statements, and this time they’ve announced that there will be a new Nintendo Direct next month, which will be centered around Pokemon.

Here’s a tweet from a leak that claims Nintendo Direct will be released in February 2021, check it out.

#Pokémon25: The Pokémon Company is finally promising lots of video games, mobile games (Pokémon Master / GO) and other big announcements for the Franchise

– Pokekalos (@Pokekalos) January 13, 2021

This tweet is not in English, so you may not understand what the fugitive is trying to say with this tweet. We have a lot more information on Nintendo Direct though, so check out this video and then we’ll move on to the next part.

Nintendo Direct February 2021: Leaks, information and exact date of publication

You may or may not know that next month, February, is the 25th anniversary of Pokemon, which may be obvious for Nintendo Direct about the Pokemon franchise. Pokemon’s birthday is the 27th of next month, so the Nintendo Direct could be right before that date, or a few days before or after. This date is celebrated as Pokemon Day and is the launch of the very first Pokemon games in Japan.

Additionally, the official Pokemon Twitter account has begun teasing Nintendo Direct for the 25th anniversary. And here’s a tweet from the official Pokemon Twitter handle about Nintendo Direct.

The #PokemonCenter is an important step in every trainer’s journey.

American and Canadian coaches can expect a variety of products for this year’s 25th anniversary, including a limited edition skateboard from none other than Bear Walker!

– Pokemon (@Pokemon) January 13, 2021

Pre-orders begin on the 19th. January… and they won’t last long. You won’t want to miss this delivery.

– Pokemon (@Pokemon) January 13, 2021

This year, Pokemon is releasing a series of anniversary trading cards featuring Pikachu, Bulbazar, Squirrel, and more. A skateboard featuring Bear Walker will also make its debut this year.

But don’t worry, we’ll let you know what Nintendo’s plan is for the Nintendo Direct in February 2021. We hope to have a Nintendo Direct next month and we’ll keep you posted. If you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know in the comments and we will do our best to answer them at our level.

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I hope you enjoy our approach to the Nintendo Direct in February 2021 and the release date.


frequently asked questions

Will there be a Nintendo Direct in February 2020?

Rumor has it that there will be two Nintendo Direct launches in February 2020. These statements were made by Zippo Leaker on ResetEra, and brought to attention on Twitter by another Leaker Sabi. It was Sabi who revealed tons of E3 2019 announcements before they were made official.

When will the next Nintendo Direct 2020 take place?

No announcements have been made regarding the upcoming release of Nintendo Direct. The date of the next Nintendo Direct has not yet been announced. It’s been 512 days since the last Nintendo Direct review, which took place on the 4th. September 2019 has taken place. The last unshared Nintendo Direct was the Super Nintendo World Direct, which took place on the 18th. December 2020 – 41 days ago – was broadcast.

Will there be a Nintendo Direct in March 2020?

A full and detailed live feed will follow soon after, probably on the 26th. Mars. Unlike the last two Directions, which focused on specific games (Pokémon and Animal Crossing: New Horizons), the next Directions will focus on the broader Nintendo Switch offering.

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