Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Campaign (PlayStation 4)

The Cold War campaign among black operators (PlayStation 4) 1

The Cold War campaign among black operators (PlayStation 4) 3

It’s interesting to see how Call of Duty has evolved in a year from a single-player game to this monstrous franchise known to multiplayer fans. In a way, he divided the players into those who come before the storyline and those who are very good multiplayer players. As part of this evaluation, I’m going to beat the Call of Duty campaign: The Cold War. If you want to read the multiplayer review, take a look at the review of my colleagues!

The Cold War began in the early 80’s, and you play a created character whose codename is Bell. The game is about working with Black Ops 1 favourites Woods and Mason, among others, to bring down an international terrorist who calls himself Perseus. In almost every mission you complete, you’ll be escorted by one of your teammates, which is very convenient because the enemies will not only shoot at you, but other characters as well!

The Cold War campaign among black operators (PlayStation 4) 2

If you’re not sure if the game resembles the eighties, don’t worry! Besides the early cut scene in the game where Ronald Reagon looks great, you will notice that the flat screen TV’s or monitors of the past years have been replaced by the bulky CRTV’s on which I played Mega Man 2. I almost always hear this noise in my nightmares. Not to mention the fact that your lair contains all the obsolete technology used by spies.

Cold war campaign among black operators (PlayStation 4) 5

When you create your character, you have the possibility to give it the name you want, as well as the gender and psychological profile. The psychological profile was interesting in the sense that you can give yourself 2 different special attributes (like in multiplayer) that help you in the game. For example, an increase of 25% of your HP or additional damage from projectiles.

I have to admit that if the graphics didn’t impress me as much as Call of Duty Modern Warfare, the Cold War is a BEAUTIFUL game. I can only imagine that my perspective would have been different if I had played the game on PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X/S. The only thing that really surprised me in the Cold War was that I played a Call of Duty game and there were so many missions where stealth was the key. One of these missions is about halfway, and you have to infiltrate KGB headquarters with the help of a double agent. You need to get a special key to help your friends get into the building, and there are many ways to do that! Personally, I enjoyed this break from the typical running style of the usual Call of Duty games.

The Cold War campaign among black operators (PlayStation 4) 4

Don’t worry if you think the Cold War is too far removed from the exciting element of the call to duty you grew up with, it’s still there in abundance! Depending on how you play and whether you want to do everything the single player campaign has to offer, you can expect to play between 6 and 12 hours.

I’ve just had a big problem with the Cold War that unfortunately can never be solved. On the very first mission you have to use the RC car which also serves as a bomb to blow up the plane, and it’s AWESOME…… But don’t get used to the high-tech gadgets of your mission, because after this RC-car there is nothing left! It left a bad taste in my mouth, considering you’re supposed to be this extraordinary spy group.

The Cold War campaign among black operators (PlayStation 4) 6

I generally enjoyed the Cold War Call of Duty Black Ops campaign. There are really cool twists in the story that I didn’t see coming. If you’ve played Call of Duty at least once in the last ten years, the controls were very easy to learn and play. It’s not the best game in the series, but I hope some parts of the game, such as the stealth parts, will find their way into other games.

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Developer: Treyarch, Raven Software, High Moon Studios, Beenox, Sledgehammer Games :
Date of publication : 13. November 2020. Platforms : PlayStation 5 platform, Xbox Series X and Series S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows
: PlayStation 4 PRO

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