Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Die Maschine Easter Egg Guide

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War The Machine Easter Egg Leadership

This Duty Black Ops Cold War The Machine Easter Egg Guide challenge will show you how to complete The Machine Easter Egg in the game. He is also here for this secret quest where you can upgrade your beautiful weapon with new effects.

If you have completed side quests that reward you with 4 different wonder weapons, then the secret mission of the machine, which is also an Easter egg, will allow you to upgrade your wonder weapons.

Mandatory Call Black Ops Cold War The Easter Egg Guide Machine

In what follows, we have described in detail how to complete the Wonder Gun upgrade.

How to get the beautiful DIE gun out of the shock wave

The first thing you have to do is grab the Shockwave Wonder weapon, which you can do by turning on the device and build a packing and punching machine in the dark. It will produce an enemy of Megaton that will split into two enemies. You have to take them both out, and then take the key card they took.

Take the key card to the weapons lab and enter the key card here in your computer. This gives you THE remote control to take with you to the Night of the Living Dead, where you have to open the closed door. On one side of this small room there will be a crack in the wall where you have to stand next to and activate the device with the remote control. In addition, it is necessary to attract a group of zombies that are sucked into the car after activation.

Now you have to unload the device to blow the door and you can go inside to steal a corpse for a weapon of THE Shockwave Wonder.

LECryo-Transmitter Upgrade

To update the Cryo-Transmitter, you go to the Night of the Living Dead building, then you pull the wooden crate to take it out, and then you take the lightning out of the crate. There will be a fungus next to the flask, and you’ll have to shoot the zombie boss to activate the fungus and collect the liquid that comes out of the flask.

Once you killed your boss and collected the money, go to the infirmary, cut the chains of the box and get an upgrade for the miracle weapon.

Nova-5 Upgrade

The first thing you have to do is grab your shock wave weapon and bring a pattern to the top of the Night of the Undead. Take it to the armament lab and insert the cartridge here.

The C.D.C. will spawn, and you have to kill him. Pick up the can again and take it back to where you cut it, and then place it on a vine box. Shoot him, and the vines will clean up, giving you an update.

Electrical bolts LA update

Bring the DIE shock wave to the Dark Aether Portal, which is located in the area of the particle accelerator under Pack-a-Punch. There you collect three crystals in the ether, found at the scene of the accident, in the pond and in the bedroom.

Back to the real world and the particle accelerator to remove the crystals from the box. When you have done this with all the crystals, the box will open and you will get an update.

Thermophase DEUpdate

To get this update, you must first go through all the Dark Air portals, which generate a new portal each time you enter Dark Air. Take your Night of the Living Dead to the pond, where a new portal is created each time.

Use the fence and locate a small box near the accident site to retrieve the fuse. Hurry to the weapons lab on the spot and use the plasma torch. Now go back to the scene and find the truck with the box in it. Open the box and you will receive an update.

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