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Continue if you are looking for games like Gridopolis and wondering what similar games to play next. In this game, you catch others by jumping over them in any direction – or dimension. You can move horizontally, vertically and diagonally – and on multiple levels. Unlike other games, the grid (your 3D game arena) is dynamic and changes as you play. Any marker that jumps is caught and is out of the game. Half the fun is getting everything in place. With a Lego-like game, you can use many different pieces to create different game environments.

To define this list, we have broken down Gridopolis into what it is. It’s more of a system than a game, but essentially 3D Queen is an encounter with Lego. You have to move around the board and think a few moves ahead to lock down your opponents and eliminate them. If you are looking for something similar, you have come to the right place. We took all these elements into account and came up with a list of 5 board games like Gridopolis.

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5 Games Like Gridopolis

#05 | Onitama

Onitama belongs to the list of board games like Gridopolis, as it is a move on the grid where you have to consider a lot of game levels to do it right. This is a much more strategic and abstract name, but he uses the same tricks.

Each player has two cards face up, each representing a possible move for one of his pieces. On the first turn, a player chooses a card, moves a token according to the card, and then exchanges it for the card the other player just used. If you move an opponent’s pawn, it is removed from the game. If you capture your opponent’s chapter or move your chapter to the starting square of your opponent’s chapter, you win the game. With 2 players the games take 15-20 minutes.

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5 Games Like Gridopolis

#04 Torres

Torres is part of a list of board games like Gridopolis, because it is an abstract 3D construction strategy game in which you have to move correctly and think ahead to outsmart your opponent. Instead of monsters trying to devour parts of your opponents, you build towers and populate them with your knights to make them great in the Middle Ages.

Players try to build castles and place their knights to score the most points in each round. Each has a limited number of knights and action cards that allow special actions. Effective use of pieces and cards and thoughtful recognition of future possibilities are at the heart of this game. It has engine physics, and it has a shadow game (place for it to help you but hurt opponents, usually from different angles). With 2 – 4 players a game takes about 60 minutes.

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5 Games Like Gridopolis

#03 | Queen

Checkers is on the list of board games like Gridopolis, because after all, this game is a 3D checkers game with a lot of bells and whistles and a lot of settings to boot. If you like the basic gameplay of Gridopolis and don’t want to build everything and eat pizza, this age-old classic is this abridged version.

The players move disc-shaped tiles on an 8 x 8 game board. Players take turns moving a stone diagonally to the same spot. If a player can move one of his pieces so that it jumps over the adjacent opponent’s piece on an empty square, he captures the opponent’s piece. A player wins by removing all of his opponent’s pieces from the board or by blocking his opponent’s moves. With 2 players the games take about 30 minutes.

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5 Games Like Gridopolis

#02 | Connect Four

Connect Four belongs in a list of board games like Gridopolis because it is an abstract, simple, and light strategy game, forward and backward. You have to use different moves to choke your opponent so that he can’t make a move that would save him from you. There are many different lines and planes to consider for success.

The board is placed on a stand to keep it vertical and players throw stones into one of 7 slots, each slot containing 6 stones until a player manages to get 4 stones in a row, horizontally, vertically or diagonally. With 2 players the games take about 10 minutes.

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5 Games Like Gridopolis

#01 | Santorini

Santorini is better than board games like Gridopolis. You move around the board, trying to get through 3D levels with your limited movement to pin your opponent down. Instead of trying to destroy your opponents, try to get into a position that allows you to reach the top of the building before your opponent can block it.

You build buildings in stages on a beautiful island, and the first player to reach a certain level wins. Each turn you only have to do two things: move the master builder and build. The first player to place a master builder on the roof of a 3-story building wins. The key is that if you are not strategic, your opponent can block you or worse, beat you. With 2 to 4 players the games take about 20 minutes.

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