What classes to choose for PvP in Word of Warcraft: Shadowlands

What classes to choose for PvP in Word of Warcraft: Shadowlands

Features of the PvP game in the new WoW Shadowlands. Which class to choose for more effective play in the arena and on the battlefields, specialization for maximum damage to characters.

What classes to choose for PvP in Word of Warcraft: Shadowlands

Best PvP Classes to Play in WoW Shadowlands

In the update for Word Of Warcraft: Shadowlands, the PvP aspect has been given special attention. In-game PvP items have received an additional characteristic, “Versatility,” thanks to which you can reduce all damage done and increase healing and damage rates. PvP equipment merchants have also returned to the world of Word Of Warcraft. This is done to limit players from getting viable PvP items in PvE.

For playing on battlefields and arenas, the best classes will be:

  • BM hunter;
  • Fire Mage;
  • Shadow Priest;
  • Elemental Shaman;
  • Feral Druid;
  • Arms Warrior;
  • Retribution Paladin;
  • Frost Death Knight;
  • Assassination Rogue.

These classes have the strongest characteristics and abilities for the PvP game mode. Even with modest playing skills in such classes, you can feel confident not only in disputed territories but also in the arena.

Please note that you can play successfully not only on the above specializations. Many famous players prove that it is possible to climb the rating in other classes as well. However, it will be much easier on the classes presented above.

What classes to choose for PvP in Word of Warcraft: Shadowlands

What specializations should be dropped in the Shadowlands patch

The weakest specializations for <a href=”https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PvP”>PvP</a> games will be Outlaw Rogues and Fury Warriors. It is best to refuse these classes if you plan to fight with other players. In the Shadowlands update, these classes did not receive the proper characteristics to look confident on the battleground and arena. Despite the fact that there are isolated cases of players who could prove themselves well in these specializations, it is better to be from the idea of ​​playing them in PvP.

PvP equipment in World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands

It’s worth mentioning that in WoW Shadowlands, all PvP items in the tree have been divided into the following categories:

  • rated items, this type of equipment can be purchased for Honor;
  • unrated equipment, items in this set can be obtained exclusively for Conquest points.

All rated items are of epic quality and are level two hundred at the start. To increase the characteristics of equipment, it must be improved. This can be done with both rating and simple gear. Upgrading items is paid for by earned honor, and each piece of equipment has its own cost and can be upgraded to a certain level.

What classes to choose for PvP in Word of Warcraft: Shadowlands

Shadowlands boost and power leveling

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