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Refrigerators aren’t exactly what you’d call multi-functional appliances.

Custom refrigerators, especially Sims 4 CC, are generally designed for kitchens or homes.

Personally, I find it hard to choose between the cooling options of the TS4 base set, simply because of the design differences. All refrigerators are quite unique, which means their textures, shapes, and color palette options don’t quite match kitchen countertops, islands, and other basic appliances.

That’s why custom refrigerators are a godsend. The Sims 4 CC community has a wealth of unique, whimsical, and well-designed custom refrigerators that look great in any setting.

They also have some fun themes that I think can really liven up the kitchen.

1. H&B Mini fridge – Mini Countertop fridge on Litlick

H&B Mini Fridge - Litlidika Sims 4 CC Mini Fridge with Arcade

Statistics: Food quality : 3 | Reliability : 3 | + Kitchen
Variations: 4 colours
Extensions/Requirements: Sims 4 Explore University

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The Lilitlica concept is ingenious – and certainly unique. This is the only piece of CC I found with this drawing.

What about the execution? Flawless.

I have to agree with the creator’s description: the mini-fridges EA has released are great and all (and certainly academic), so that makes them stand out.

However, the design has one drawback: They still take up the same floor space as a regular refrigerator.

Personally, I’d love it if you put a fridge on the dishwasher or on the countertop or whatever. Because when you live in a dorm with five other roommates, every little bit counts.

If a mini fridge takes up the same 1×1 space as a regular fridge, why not buy a regular fridge?

Litlidika Sims 4 CC Mini Counter Refrigerator

H&B Minichef – Littledica’s countertop mini-fridge is an excellent solution: Mini fridges that fit into any counter. Like the dishwasher in the game, only this one is for eating.

I’ve tried it with different meters and they all work. There are also no glitches or delays in the animation.

Your Sim handles it like a regular mini-fridge, and it saves you space.

Litlidika Sims 4 CC Mini Counter Refrigerator

2. Shady SimsRefrigerators from the Real World series

The Fridge Live Real World Series by Shady Sims TS4 CC

Statistics: Food quality : 3 | Reliability : 3 | + Kitchen
Variations: 5 colours
Extensions/Requirements: Basic game compatibility

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When I saw the samples of this custom refrigerator, I was looking forward to it.

Growing up, our fridge was never free of art, to-do lists and neon magnets for the alphabet.

Personally, as a passionate adult traveler, I always enjoy sticking magnets and ugly polaroids on the front of my fridge. And I think a lot of people can identify with that.

So these Real World Living refrigerators are completely personal.

They also add a touch of realism and vibrancy to your game.

Besides colourful magnets and school results, there are even branded products in the fridge (see Vita Coco and V8 juice)!

If your game is based on family games and generations, these refrigerators will be a great addition to a family home where relationships are warm and friendly.

3. H&B Portal – Littledicas expensive refrigerator

H&B Portal - An Expensive Refrigerator on Litlidic for The Sims 4

Statistics: Food quality : 8 | Reliability : 8 | An inspiring setting: 5 | + Kitchen
Variations: 2 sizes; 9 colors each
Extensions/Requirements: Basic game compatibility

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This refrigerator simply looks chic, modern and very expensive.

And sometimes you want Simoleon’s energy for your Sims so badly.

Hey, nobody’s judging here. It’s fun to watch something, and the game is as safe as it gets.

If you want your sim to be equipped with the latest gadgets and kitchen appliances, then the H&B portal of Littledica – Dear Refrigerator should be directly in your mods folder.

It’s like one of those high-end smart refrigerators that can tell you if you have crisp vegetables or if the milk is running out. And the personal description sells it pretty well.

H&B Portal - Expensive Refrigerator of Littledica Sims 4 CC

This piece of CC doesn’t add any unique interactions to the game, but it’s still fantastic and pretty much perfect.

It is also suitable for any style of modern kitchen: minimalist, industrial, modern, ultra-modern, etc.

And it comes in two sizes: Regular size and plus size.

4. BuffSummNarissa kitchen refrigerator

Narissa Kitchen Fridge from BuffSumm Sims 4 CC

Statistics: Food quality : 10 | Unbreakable | + Culinary Skills
Variations: 7 colours
Extensions/Requirements: Basic game compatibility

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Who would have thought that refrigerators could look like candy-colored smart devices?

When I saw the patterns, I immediately thought of colorful USB sticks, power adapters, and Bluetooth pocket speakers.

All this to say that I like the way these refrigerators are designed. The smooth, rounded edges, minimal mark placement, and the bottom where the crisp box sits in the frame don’t look natural.

It is graceful and beautiful, and its shape is very expressive.

It’s quite complex.

A fridge that fits both a retro kitchen and a modern, contemporary kitchen station with all kinds of smart appliances. It’s one of the simplest and least pretentious items on this list, but it has its charms built in.

5. Nevera Cleo Recolor by pqSim4

Nevera Cleo Recolor from pqSim4 for Sims 4

Statistics: Food quality : 10 | Unbreakable | + Culinary Skills
Variations: 8 colors/designs
Extensions/Requirements: Compatible with the basic set (the original grid is not needed)

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This is a painting (made by pqSim4) of the old Narissa fridge in the BuffSumm kitchen.

These Nevera Cleo refrigerators have the same round shape as the Narissa refrigerators, but they certainly don’t have the same sleek design.

While Narissa refrigerators are part of a series that emphasizes the use of materials such as wood, metal, stone and brick (see BuffSumm’s description of the entire series), these Nevera Cleo refrigerators feature a graphic design.

Instead of playing on the minimalist design of the refrigerators, he complements them with artistic and eye-catching illustrations.

From the graphic text based on words to the beautiful and complex silhouette of a birdcage, graphics have no meaning or purpose.

They are just there to be bold and attractive and make a statement. And, believe me, the statement will be made.

6. Nature in the fridge of SIMcredible!

Nature in the fridge SIMcredible TS4 CC

Statistics: Food quality : 10 | Unbreakable | + Culinary Skills
Variations: 3 wood models
Extensions/Requirements: Basic game compatibility

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I fully admit to not fully understanding the name of that particular fridge.

Can you put it in the fridge? No. Is it overgrown with plants? No.

Does she use plants?

It is made of what appears to be very smooth – and very expensive – wood. So it is possible.

I still had to put him on that list. Despite the elegant wood grain, I like the design.

The combination of sharp edges, straight lines and the meaningless window in the door gives it the crazy look of a high-end room.

It’s the kind of fridge that people who live in luxury own. Looks like it belongs in a large penthouse in the city owned by a successful EIC fashion magazine.

It’s also quite large compared to normal game fridges. It’s easy to overtake them by two or three feet, but I think that only adds a million pounds of power to the fridge.

7. BuffSummKitchen refrigerator

Kitchen Fridge by BuffSumm for The Sims 4

Statistics: Food quality : 10 | Unbreakable | + Culinary Skills
Variations: 7 samples
Extensions/Requirements: Basic game compatibility

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From the same manufacturer as the cute and clever Narissa refrigerators, these Industry Kitchen refrigerators are also very different.

These are sturdy two-door units with clean lines, sleek edges and a tasteful color palette.

This is undoubtedly the opposite of Cleo’s non-greens and more, in the same vein as nature in Fridge and H&B Portal’s refrigerators; tasteful, high quality and dripping with premium energy.

I would say the design is one of the most realistic given what she is trying to model.

The front even has what looks like an integrated ice dispenser! Literally so cool.

8. Severinka Rustic Refrigerator

Severinka Sims 4 CC Village Refrigerator

Statistics: Food quality : 6 | Reliability : 5 | + Kitchen
Variations: 2 colours
Extensions/Requirements: Basic game compatibility

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Far away from all the shiny modern gadgets, we have this beautiful rustic fridge from Severinka.

Intelligent refrigerators and modern design is fine, but there is something about vintage design that gives a sense of warmth and comfort.

The unusual design of the CC is reminiscent of wooden cabins, freshly picked fruit and peach jam.

Seriously, the attention to detail here is second to none.

Labeled cans on the top two shelves and a real refrigerator and crisper behind a simple cabinet door.

If the feel of the countryside and the simple woody vibes soothe you, then this fridge is part of your game. It’s cute, it’s quirky and it’s so much fun.

9. SMEGlish mini fridge from RAVASHEEN

SMEGlish mini fridge from RAVASHEEN TS4 CC

Statistics: Food quality : 3 | Reliability : 3 | + Kitchen
Variations: 8 colours
Extensions/Requirements: Sims 4 Explore University

Consult this CC

I know I’ve already included a mini-fridge in that list, and it has won almost every award: Concept, design, implementation, etc.

But! I love retro mini-fridges, and these SMEGlish mini-fridges are just that: cute, small, bulky appliances that come in a fairly standard, even slightly muted, color palette.

Especially the light green, red and rusty pink have a very vintage look.

So I highly recommend these examples if you are trying to develop a particular theme.

The interior is also personalized, with humble staples in a simple package.

The designer describes the design as a set of classic, curved lines, and I agree with him.

It is similar to Narissa refrigerators in that there is an apparent vibration between the door and the frame. I like to describe it as elegantly rugged.

10. Refrigerators from AdonisPluto

Refrigerators AdonisPluto Sims 4 CC

Statistics: Miscellaneous
Variations: Miscellaneous
Extensions/Requirements: Basic game compatibility

Consult this CC

If you want to enjoy a bit of nostalgia, take a look at these wonderful TS3 to TS4 conversions from Adonis-Pluto.

Look, as much as I love TS4’s build and buy mode (the best and most intuitive of all the games, I’d say), TS3’s objects are just a bit more memorable. Iconic.

It doesn’t matter if they have a color wheel (so they can literally come in all sorts of colors and textures).

Their shapes, sizes, names and designs were so different.

It’s been years, but I remember when the Frosty Refrigerator was the refrigerator with the see-through door The Fresher Refrigerator was a high-tech refrigerator.

AdonisPluto is really good at conversions.

They look like the Sims 3 refrigerators I remember, and I had no idea they would look so good in TS4’s clay structures.

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