Best Anime Characters With Spiky Hair (Ranked) –

A wise man once dared to ask: Is the hair gel available in all anime series?

And to really understand the depth of this problem, you have to take a step back and realize it: A lot of characters have nail hairs, don’t they?

20 Best Anime Soldier Characters Of All Time (Guys & Girls)

Now, to continue the great discoveries of this young philosopher of fiction, let’s dive into the love of anime and take a look at some of the best characters with spiky hair. We all have to help answer these burning questions.

20. Zora Ideal

Zora Idale of the anime Black Clover.

Anime: black clover

I love Zora because you can look at it, guess what it is and at the same time be right and terribly wrong.

It seems that the average ship’s lord has picked up a very strong night song. And as such, expect him to do everything for the Lord. And it’s true: He has no problem sacrificing people, he has his own moral code, and the moment he introduces it, he wipes the floor with someone above him.

But on the other hand, he is quite relaxed, learns to cooperate faster than expected and doesn’t drown us every ten seconds in his story. I’m looking at you, Sasuke.

19. Same Osino

Even Osino from the Monogatari series...

Anime: Monogatari series

I wish this guy had more screen time.

For me, Meme was actually the Morgan Freeman of the show, but somehow even cooler.

Every time a twisted curse or a villain appeared and I had no idea how Araragi would get away with it, Meme came out of the shadows and explained everything.

He also dropped off that cool Uncle Vibe. Honestly, how could you not like him?

18. Izuku Midoriya

Izuku Midoriya at the Heroes Academy of Boku-no

Anime: Academy of Heroes of Boku-no

Midoriya doesn’t change much about the main character Shounen. But you don’t have to.

He’s a good guy who wants to help everyone and puts friendship above all else. Also the health of the joints.

He’s also very numb in his heart. Ao, when a woman is around (who doesn’t want to steal his blood and doesn’t want to wear his face), it’s absolutely cute.

I’m disappointed it took him three seasons to remember he had legs. But at least he made it.

17. Ryuk

Ryuk from the anime Death Note

Anime: An obituary

Personally, when I think of the words dead and God, I usually don’t associate them with the words funny and appropriate.

And yet Ryuk is here.

I think Ryuk was so attractive that he seemed more of a spectator than an active participant in the stories. He wasn’t too worried about who was going to win, he just seemed to wonder how it would go.

He’s also probably the only character who really made jokes in the show. And his apple addiction stayed with me even a decade after I saw the show.

16. Yami Sukehiro

Yami Sukehiro from the anime Black Clover.

Anime: black clover

Yami-san may be the strongest character who’s ever lived, because he seems to know he’s in a shuna.

As soon as there’s a problem, this muscular man pulls his tar stick again and says it’s time to go ultra again.

He’s a very down-to-earth guy who just wants to be left alone in the bathroom and reacts even more violently to any kind of violence. He’s having a hard time with Skeeter, too.

15. Tahumaru

Taumaru in the anime Dororo.

Anime: Dororo

It’s probably not the most popular choice, because I think everyone prefers his scarce brother. But I still think he’s worth mentioning.

I love Tahumaru because he’s a great movie character. He wasn’t too bad. He was more of a utility with some mom business.

We see that he really connected with the people around him, that he cared about his country and that he was willing to die for his ideals.

In other words, he was a more typical Shounen hero than Hyakkimaru.

14. Senkou

Senkuu by Dr. Stone Anime.

Anime: Dr. Stone.

Personally, I liked the archetypal child prodigy. And Senkuu is definitely one of my favorite examples.

This is because his genius, apart from his counting skills, is at least plausible. So his inventions don’t look like magic stories, but like real inventions.

I mean, I say invention, but they’re all existing things.

He’s far from emotional, but he’s not apathetic either. He’s actually a better version of Jimmy Neutron fighting me.

13. Killua Zoldyk

Killua Zoldyck in Hunter x Hunter Anime

Anime: Hunter x Hunter (2011)

Who doesn’t like a good old-fashioned baby killer once in a while? To avoid confusion, I mean a child who’s a killer, not a killer who kills children. Where’s the hyphen again?

Anyway, of all these little Jack the Ripper kids, I think Killua is probably the best known and most famous. Just as there are few who rip out a man’s heart and plant it in the back of the dog to mark him later, except for this restless little man.

And even if some characters can compete with him in terms of marginality, I sincerely doubt that they can match the depth of his character. Killua killed both my people and my trust in my older brothers and sisters. And needles.

12. Natsu Dragnil

Screenshots of Natsu Dragnil Fairy Tail Anime

Anime: Fairy tail

As a funny character, I really like Natsu. It’s not Bo Burnham, it’s not Amy Schumer.

But that’s not why I love Natsu. I love him when things get tough and he gets serious. I love it when he finds a thousand more ways to eat fire, and sometimes what’s thrown at him, and just goes to town.

I love Natsu when the bagpipes fly around my ears at full speed while I scream that I have just been fired, and he continues to mercilessly beat up someone who has just insulted his nude.

11. Gon Friss

Screenshot of the anime Gon Fresh Hunter x Hunter

Anime: Hunter x Hunter (2011)

As much as we love Killua for her wickedness, as much as we can love Gon for his soul.

I’m not saying he’s going to heaven or anything, but the kid’s covered in blood. But the fact that he never gives up and that he still somehow loves his father is fascinating.

Besides, he’s just charming when he’s hanging out with someone, because God knows no one can resist his charm…. and that inevitably brings out the best in people.

And cats are the worst, but what else can I say? He was destined to be a dog.

10. Dio

Dio in the eccentric anime JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

Anime: JoJo’s Strange Adventure

I’m not even gonna postpone the season because I loved that guy every time he showed up.

There’s just something about his supernatural nature that makes me come back every time he defies death.

His need to bow over his enemies at every opportunity, his arrogance that he would take literally and figuratively to his grave, and his status as an absolute fashion icon will keep him on that list forever.

9. Naruto Uzumaki


Anime: Naruto: Shippuden

Naruto is some kind of staple food. Even if you don’t like his character too much, he’s been around long enough that you’ve learned to love him against your will.

Because he never gives up. He also keeps talking about not giving up, but I think that’s to be expected.

And even against common sense it always manages to excite you in one way or another.

He also made me cry every time I see a swing. It’s as if grief and pain play from heaven when the second one appears.

8. Shuya Ishida

Shouya Ishida from the anime Silent Voice.

Anime: Quiet voice

Sometimes you just have to love the characters because they are so well written that they are hardly characters anymore. They’re only two-dimensional.

Of course, Shoja was a bit of a fool at first. But on the news, all the kids are some kind of idiot. What you do after that really defines you.

And Shoja has given everything to be a good person.

It wasn’t always easy, and he got lost several times. But in the end it worked!

7. Sinbad

The adventures of Sinbad

Anime: Wise men: The adventures of Sinbad

I love Sinbad because, frankly, it’s a first-class fantasy.

Do you want to be strong? Here’s a man who would blow up a mountain so his enemy would need new pants.

Don’t you want to be a stupid, cheeky character?

On the other hand, Sinbad is also very good at negotiating, globalizing and probably adultery.

Seriously, how can it not be everyone’s greatest dream in life?

6. Gohan

Gohan in the Drakenbal Z animation

Anime: Drakenbal Z

I want to set the record straight: I refer specifically to Gohan from the Cell saga because, as we can all agree, it is the best Gohan.

To me, any other form of Gohan would frankly outweigh the C-note. But Cell Gohan, at that moment every DBZ fan dreams of, is a pure S-Class.

The fact that a pacifist who has followed in the footsteps of the bookworm has been pushed so far that he has become the most recognizable scum of the entire series…. It still gives me the creeps.

5. Prohibition

Prohibiting the anime Seven Deadly Sins...

Anime: The Seven Deadly Sins

At first, I thought I’d like Bun because she’s a fun, dominated character who gets hit at the end or something.

But in the end I loved Ban for his love life and his devotion to his friends, at least to Melioda. It’s all so good, I’ve come to appreciate it.

I mean, he still gets killed a lot so the bad guys can use their powers. But in a way he was closest to an earthly figure.

4. Pain

Anime of Shippuden

Anime: Naruto: Shippuden

See how I lower Bread and not Nagato, since the virgin’s path has spiky hair, I just pulled a bad trick on you.

But frankly, Dev’s Way is the one people associate most with Bread as a character, while Nagato is more of a superfluous legend.

If Pain was so good, it’s because he left Naruto speechless first. The first to give a good reason for his crimes.

He also razed the whole village to the ground and killed some of the main characters.

Watching this story on the airwaves was the most intense and extraordinary experience Naruto has ever given us.

3. Garou

Garu with a punch.

Anime: One Punch Man Season 2

Although I admit the first season of One Punch Man was better, Garou took the second season to heights I never thought it would reach.

His position as a protagonist, anti-hero and villain was simply interesting.

Is he gonna kill that guy? Is he going to save this man? Will he join the monsters? Is he behind the monsters yet? Does he have Saiyan blood?

Seriously, how does he keep his hair that way?

These are all questions that come to mind when I see this finely-cut monster.

2. Katsuki Bakugo

Katsuki Bakugo of the anime Boku no Hero Academia

Anime: Academy of Heroes of Boku-no

I know it’s a hot catch, but I’ve always preferred Bakugo to Midoria.

Although the world was against me in the beginning, I think that with the new season and getting to know the character of Bakugo I got quite a few companions. Of course, he’s a noisy egotist who likes to belittle others.

But he also has a strange inferiority complex, a survival syndrome and a seemingly unattainable goal. And I think that’s easier to understand than being a Jesus hero.

1. Fireplace

Anime Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Chimney

Anime: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

If there’s one character I’ll never shut up about, it’s Kamina.

The man who dared to ask: What if I had soiled my charisma tree and somehow embedded the logic itself to make me a good fighter?

And his guess certainly paid off, as he soon became the cutest character in his universe and beyond. And he also became the undisputed leader of the army that was to be brought to the surface.

His hair is prickly, his glasses are sharp, his taste for women is clear, and his monologues are powerful but direct.

A man with really memorable spiky hair.

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