How to Get Red Wrapping Paper on Animal Crossing? How to complete Jingle’s Task?

How do you get red wrapping paper for animals crossing new horizons? Animal Crossing New Horizons is here, the event begins today, December 25, and you can celebrate the holidays in the game by giving gifts on Toy Day. In this case, help Santa Claus deliver the gifts, but there is not enough wrapping paper. In this tutorial you will learn how to get the Red Cross gift wrapping of the animals and how to complete the Jingle task.

How do you get red wrapping paper in Animal Crossing?

The festival season is here and almost every competition has some kind of organized event. Animal Crossing has also organized an event for the holidays where the players hand out gifts. The player helps Santa Claus to deliver the presents, but the problem is that the wrapping paper is missing, and now it has to be discovered. T

Toy day started on the 15th. December, but Toy Day officially starts on December 24th. December at 6 a.m. local time, which ends on December 25th. December at 5 a.m. local time.

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Let’s see, where do you get red wrapping paper when you meet animals?

When you start the game, Isabel tells you about a visitor who has arrived on the island. Just go to the Resident Services and the Main Department, where you will find the Jingle and where you will also meet Santa Claus. Santa Claus will tell you he’s on your island delivering gifts, but he missed the red wrapping paper. Jingle gives you an idea of how to make red wrapping paper for Santa Claus with a craft recipe. All you need is three pieces of red jingle wrapping paper to accomplish this task.

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Here’s how to get the wrapping paper for the jingle.

To make a piece of red wrapping paper, you need the following decorations: red, blue and gold. You should get at least one. To find the ornaments, all you have to do is explore the island and also shake the cedars, which need to be decorated with some ornaments. It’s very easy to get these decorations. If you’ve been using ANHAN since you were 15… In December you can easily get all these decorations all over the island.

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How to obtain Red Cross wrapping paper: Gift delivery?

You will receive a few Toy Day shares when you successfully make the three pieces of wrapping paper and donate them to Jingle. You can put up a toy stocking to decorate your house. But let us tell you that the game is not over yet, now Jingle will give you a few gifts to deliver to your islanders.

Jingle gives you a magic bag, all you have to do is talk to the resident and give him or her a present. You will be repeatedly reminded that Jingle is your island on the 25th. December leaves after 5 o’clock local time, so keep this in mind to complete the mission before then.

The number of gifts you have to deliver depends on the inhabitants of your island. Once you have successfully delivered all the gifts, simply go back to Jingle, which will reward you with two gifts.

The idea was to get red wrapping paper to get the animals through.

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I hope you like our approach to getting red wrapping paper when you meet animals.


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