Rip Them Off Review (Nintendo Switch)

The game: Divide them into
types: Puzzle, Simulation, Strategy System
: Nintendo Switch (Xbox, Windows, Mac, Linux and iOS)
Developer/Publisher: Lozange Lab. Age Rating: EU 3+ | USA E (Everyone)
Price : US $8.99 | UK £6.69 | EU €7.39 Release date
: 25. March 2021

The test code used, is largely due to the Laboratories of Lausange.

Rip Them Off is a 1950’s tower defense style puzzle game with a satirical humor. In this simple game, which is anything but simple, I could only beat the basic levels. Rip Them Off beat me to it.

on schedule

Rip Them Off Review (Nintendo Switch)

In this tutorial you will learn which variables are used in this original tower defense puzzle game. For example, several towers that can be built as shown in the picture above. Each form has a different price, speed, income and location, starting with the cheapest left at the top, which gets more expensive as you go down and up. For example, a square tower costs 6,000, it can hold up to four people at a time, it costs each user 180 coins, and it takes 12.12 seconds for the user to shop. The more expensive the tower, the higher the quality of the air intake in each of its variables.

Another variable is the color of the bell at the beginning of the route, there are four different colors. In order of increasing frequency it will be green < orange < blue < purple, the higher the frequency, the more buyers there will be at that level. But both colors have special stores that love them. We are told that green customers love the square store, while purple customers – the linear store.

Effective decomposition

Rip Them Off Review (Nintendo Switch)

To really get involved in this game, you need to decide which tower should go where. It’s also something I struggle with anyway. Maybe I didn’t understand all the nuances of Rip Them Off, making it much more complicated than it needs to be.

It’s important to place the right combination of spins at each level, matching the coin slot and the store area to the time spent in the store, to achieve the target win for the number of days available. Obviously there is more than one way to do it at each level, so I don’t understand. For me personally, this game feels too much like a tough math task to fully appreciate.

Jazz It Up

Rip Them Off Review (Nintendo Switch)

I still liked the soundtrack. You know those movies with a jazz bar from the ’20s and ’50s? That’s what the music reminds me of, and I love it. Jazz is such a great genre of music that I love that it’s included in games like this.

The satirical humor is hilarious! Using Reigns as a sleazy capitalist boss is fantastic, the jokes and arrows really get to the heart of how I feel too. The humor splashed between levels really lightened the mood during the game, which helped.

Rip Them Off Review (Nintendo Switch)


Unfortunately, the complexity and lack of overall understanding means I probably won’t be touching this game again. I’m sure there are those who will understand and appreciate it, but I’m not one of them.

To visit the Rip Them Off website, click here.

Final Judgment : I’m not sure.

Rip Them Off Review (Nintendo Switch)


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