Apex Legends Fuse Guide – Abilities, How to Play as Fuse

In this Apex Legends Fuse Guide, you will learn how to play as a new legend in the latest season of the game. Season 8 of Apex Legends was released a few hours ago and it brings, among other things, a new legend to the ruins map.

Fuse, or Walter Fitzroy if you stick to his real name, is a lone wrecker who knows how to ambush his enemies and take cover. The bomber is an occasional explosives enthusiast who is interested in the things that make BOEM. Fizu has no self-confidence, but a plan is often lacking. He’s a lively guy who’s always looking for a fight.

Legend of the Upper Rocket Guide

First, let’s take a look at Fuse’s features and what they do, and then we’ll show you how best to use them.

Secured Competence

This list contains all the specific features of Fuse.

  • Passive power – Grenadier: Keep the extra grenade in the inventory compartment. Frontal grenades are wider, faster and more accurate.
  • Tactical skill – cluster of fists : Launch a cluster bomb that continuously ejects explosives on impact with a blast of air.
  • The ultimate skill is motherhood: Launch a bombardment by surrounding the target area with a wall of flames.

Flag Battle Rockets

Let’s examine his passive ability first, which is grenadier. This capability is much more than just throwing a grenade, as it allows for a more accurate throw over greater distances. The passive capability of the detonator allows you to throw a grenade with the forearm, aim and fire at any time. The added bonus is that you get an extra grenade, giving it an edge over every other game legend.

The Knuckle Cluster is a fast-disposing fragmentation grenade that you can throw to hit enemies, destroy their equipment, and use it to break down doors. However, the best way to use Knuckle Cluster is to push your opponents out of camp, who will eventually gather to dodge a quick round of cluster bombs. If you want extra damage, you can stick this bomb on the target, which will explode on the enemy before releasing more cluster bombs.

The Knuckle Cluster is also perfect for destroying enemy hardware, for example. B. Lob’s Black Market, Rampart’s Shields being destroyed by an explosion, and even Revenant’s Ultimate. However, there is Wattson, whose interceptor towers block the joint groups from exploding when intercepted by the pylon.

Finally, let’s take a look at Fuse’s ultimate ability called Mother. It is a bombardment that leaves a ring of fire that attracts the enemy. This skill inflicts heavy damage in an attack that burns enemies when they come into contact with fire. The attack immediately takes away some of the opponent’s health, while inflicting additional damage in the form of a burn.

However, the Ring of Fire is only dangerous if an opponent makes contact with it. The area inside is safe for them as long as they don’t get shot at, but it disorients players who will be more focused on escape. To make things even more interesting, your team can have an engraver who can throw a gas grenade into a ring of fire, so your opponents have to decide whether they want to die by gas or fire. It’s all about catching your opponents in the ring or creating a barrier. But don’t think the wick is safe from fire, because it will not only injure your teammates, but also the wick itself if one of you hits it.

This is the end of our guide on Apex Legend fuses. Post your comments below.

frequently asked questions

How do I use the skills in Apex Legends?

Players can experiment with different skills in the Apex Legends training areas before applying them in real-life matches. If you are a PC user, you can use the Ultimate function by simply pressing the Z key on your keyboard.

How do I use the passive possibilities in Apex Legends?

Whenever the Mirage hits an enemy, it automatically uses a distraction due to its passivity and hides for five seconds. That could come in handy if the Wraith or the Bloodhounds come after you.

What are the possibilities of golf in the legends of the summit?


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