5 Easy Ways to Make Money Playing Video Games

5 Easy Ways to Make Money Playing Video Games


Video games are a unique form of entertainment, and this industry has boomed over the past few decades. This content is also considered as an art form, and they are made in collaboration with professional actors. In other words, it’s just a matter of time before we get Oscars Awards equivalent recognition for certain games. This is why talented developers are incredible assets for a business, and this can be an incredibly lucrative career path. However, you don’t have to be a developer to earn money off of this hobby. Here are some great ways you can monetize your passion for gaming.

Pro Gaming or Coaching

One of the stable streams of revenue from gaming can be pro play or eSports coaching. This is because these events are huge, and pro-players are extremely devoted to one or maybe two games. This is admittedly difficult because only a small percentage of players have the capacity to go pro, but you can start early and even enroll in an eSports academy. Alternatively, you can be a coach and train other players to go pro. This is also very lucrative, but once again, fairly difficult. You need to know how to manage a team, be able to spot their weaknesses, and know the competition.


Streaming can be very profitable, but it can also be very difficult for someone who is just starting out. Most of the streamers already made a name for themselves, and thanks to the recent data breach their earnings were published. Long story short, these famous streamers are millionaires, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to get there even if you are exceptionally good at certain games. You need to have people skills, know how to entertain the crowd, and really put your heart and soul into it if you wish to succeed. Most streamers don’t make it to the big bucks league, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t earning enough to put food on the table.

Playing Real Money Casino Games

Video games we play on PC and consoles aren’t the only type of games out there. There are also casino games that are available online, and these involve real money or wagering. Now, most of them are completely luck-based, but there are games like poker and blackjack where your skill dictates whether you win or not. Moreover, online casino platforms also have sports betting options, and players who are sports fans can use their knowledge to make a profit. Finally, of course, if you have never played before, you should opt for an operator that offers a no deposit bonus and try some of the games for free. This way, your money is not at risk, and you can make a deposit after you are comfortable that this type of gaming fits you.

Making Videos

5 Easy Ways to Make Money Playing Video Games


Another way a gamer can make money from playing video games is by creating YouTube videos. These don’t have to be game reviews; they can be tutorials, secret levels, tips, and tricks, etc. It can revolve around their opinion or analysis of the in-game lore or other things that are related to this type of content. The idea is to create a big community who are also fans of that title and other similar titles. Of course, then you are just making a profit from sponsors or YouTube ads.

Reviews and Game Testing

Finally, you can make money by writing reviews or by testing games. These are similar because you get early access to the content, but at the same time, they can be somewhat tiresome. For example, you will most likely play the same section of the game repeatedly to discover bugs. Or, you will be in so much hurry to write the review so that it can be out before the release. Moreover, you don’t always get to say what you think because if you are too critical, the company might refuse to send you future releases as it negatively affects their sales.


So these were some common ways you can profit if you have a strong passion for playing video games. You can also find jobs like customer service for a certain company or boost accounts if a strong community wants to buy them. There are other options in addition to what is mentioned here, but they tend to be available only for certain games, so they were omitted from the original list. Alternatively, you can sell games by reviewing them, so long as the publisher has an affiliate program. The point is, there are lots of options to monetize this hobby.

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