Lightest Gaming Mouse in 2021 Complete Guide and Review

Lightest Gaming Mouse in 2021 Complete Guide and Review

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When buying a gaming mouse, each player has their own preferences. Some like a fancy mouse with backlighting, while others prefer a minimalist style. While other players like to have the lightest gaming mouse.

For most gamers, an ultra-light mouse is beneficial while playing, and one of the main reasons for this has to do with accuracy. Many fast players prefer a mouse with low sensitivity because players often lift the mouse. If the mouse can be lifted easily, it is easy to aim or make quick adjustments.

Our favorite light gaming mouse

Are you looking for the best light mouse for you? Then you need to read this guide. Read on and discover the 8 gaming mice we have listed for you. These mice have a lightweight, high-quality sensor and functional switches.

Here are 8 lightweight gaming mice with exceptional switches and ingenious sensors.

Razer Viper ultra-lightweight wired gaming mouse

Lightest Gaming Mouse in 2021 Complete Guide and Review

The Razer Viper Ultralight game mouse weighs only 69 grams. This game mouse is different from other mice. Instead of making holes to reduce its weight, it has achieved its lightness without sacrificing its sturdiness. The Razer Viper gaming mouse is not only ultralight, but it is also exceptionally functional and has no holes.

In addition, this mouse is ambidextrous, meaning it is suitable for left-handed users. It is primarily designed for a palm-height grip, but can also be useful for a claw grip with a slight side adjustment. This mouse is powered by Razer’s 16,000 DPI optical sensor for flawless performance. It also has an excellent tracking system with no delays.

Mouse switches work just as efficiently because they are implemented with a light beam. Unlike conventional mechanical switches, the Razer Viper Ultralight gaming mouse quickly registers button clicks. Moreover, the switches can perform multiple short actions with 8 programmable buttons.

  • ergonomic and comfortable design
  • Robust and precise mechanical switches
  • Seamless cord against misalignment
  • Ideal for players with small hands

Logitech G Pro wireless gaming mouse

Lightest Gaming Mouse in 2021 Complete Guide and Review

The Logitech G Pro is considered one of the best gaming mice today. This gaming mouse has a good reputation for comfort and build quality. Although this mouse is not the cheapest, it assures the user that it is worth it.

This gaming mouse was one of the first gaming mice to reach the 80 gram weight limit, making it twice as heavy as most wire mice. Thanks to its light weight and consistent performance, the Logitech G Pro Wireless has become a well-known eSports mouse.

Wondering how the Logitech G Pro Wireless gets its lightweight profile? Thanks to the Hero Sensor, which allows it to run on a small battery. Plus, the slim, small body is sure to fit any hand size, especially when gripping with claws or fingers. The proportional shape of the mouse is suitable for both left- and right-handed users and features removable side buttons.

  • Wireless technology at breakneck speed
  • The best choice for players
  • Closure surface with removable buttons
  • Infinite power thanks to G Powerplay
  • Ultralight (80 gr)

Cooler Master MM710 53G Honeycomb Gaming Mouse

Lightest Gaming Mouse in 2021 Complete Guide and Review

Lightweight gaming mice usually have a honeycomb design, mainly to reduce their weight through holes. The MM710’s cooler follows this design, making it one of the lightest gaming mice on the market.

Weighing only 53 grams, this lightweight mouse can be considered a gaming mouse for people who are buying a lightweight gaming mouse for the first time. It is simple and very affordable. The Cooler Master MM710 has only six buttons, which limits it to the settings that experienced gamers need.

Still, the MM710 can make you feel like a giant, especially if you have large hands. If that’s a problem for you, you might want to consider other options. But in terms of performance, this gaming mouse is an absolute contender. It is powered by the PixArt PMW 3389 sensor, which makes gaming very easy. It moves smoothly, with no hiccups or stuttering.

  • Lightweight construction with honeycomb pattern
  • Excellent build quality
  • Dirt-repellent exterior lining
  • A small and compact body

FinalMouse Ultralight 2 Cape Town

Lightest Gaming Mouse in 2021 Complete Guide and Review

The lightness of the FinalMouse Ultralight 2 Cape Town is not the only thing that makes it great, although of course that is a big part of it, as it is the lightest gaming mouse you can find, weighing only 47 grams. Since it has a reputation for being expensive, it sells at a reasonable price and is cheaper than its contemporaries.

In terms of gaming performance, the Ultralight2 Cape Town proves more than meets the eye. Thanks to the PMW 3360’s optical sensor, the mouse is smooth and precise. The left and right mouse buttons feature Omron switches (D2FC-F-7N0), which made a significant contribution to the FinalMouse.

The Ultralight 2 is made of fine, flexible, braided yarn. Its speed makes it very comfortable to use. And since it can endure 20 million clicks, it is sure to last a long time. Moreover, this mouse can be enlarged with the so-called “infinity skin”, a piece of foam that attaches to the mouse itself.

  • Ideal for players with small to medium hands
  • lightweight design
  • Customizable size and shape
  • Fast response and accurate sensor

ROCCAT KONE Pure Ultra Gaming Mouse

Lightest Gaming Mouse in 2021 Complete Guide and Review

With the ROCCAT Kone Pure Ultra gaming mouse, you get a light weight 66.5 grams in the popular form of the previous version. Basically, there’s nothing you won’t like. This state-of-the-art mouse has an abrasion-resistant hybrid coating that makes it durable, stain-resistant, sticky, and of course ergonomic.

There’s also a finish that guarantees you won’t lose your hand on the mouse at any time, even when playing intense and competitive games. The owl-eye optical sensor of 16,000 DPI offers deadly accuracy and the ability to adjust the sensor to maintain sharpness and accuracy.

Finally, you’ll love the improved click mechanics, large rounded mouse feet, 2D titanium wheel and flexible, lightweight cable that allows for ultra-light gliding without sacrificing click precision, of course.

  • AIMO lighting
  • Efficient exterior cladding
  • High precision and traceability
  • Ergonomically correct shape

G-Wolves Hati ultra lightweight honeycomb play mouse

Lightest Gaming Mouse in 2021 Complete Guide and Review

Although the Logitech G Pro Wireless is considered one of the best gaming mice ever released, G-Wolves went to battle with it. The G-Wolves Hati Ultra Lightweight Honeycomb has just about everything everyone loves about the Logitech G Pro Wireless. But the G-Wolves Hati is supposed to be better because it’s lighter and cheaper.

The G-Wolves Hati is built with the PMW3360 optical sensor and this industry-standard mouse works exactly as expected, even for the most demanding gamers. But to be honest, that’s what makes the Hati special.

Measuring 124.2 x 57.8 x 39.6 mm, the Hati is perfect for everyone thanks to its flexible design and shape. Whether you use the palm, the claw or the finger, it fits you perfectly. And no matter what size your hand is, this mouse fits it perfectly, which is commendable for a gaming mouse.

  • Amazing quality and design
  • Popular with players
  • Suitable for heavy players
  • A robust structure

Razer Abyssus V.2 Elite Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse

Lightest Gaming Mouse in 2021 Complete Guide and Review

Let’s take a look at the specs of this new Razer Abyssus model. Its DPI range is only 5000 without any buttons on the side. However, the slider is equipped with an optical sensor that, frankly, works very well. It offers nice colors for illumination, including blue, green and blue. Moreover, the weight is quite decent at 83 grams.

Apparently, the Razer Synapse software has the ability to change the 4 programmable mouse buttons. Just below the mouse wheel is a button that allows you to define DPI profiles and switch between them. The DPI of this mouse is progressively adjustable from 100 to 5000 DPI through the Razer application.

It differs slightly from the original side handle, which is rubberized on both sides of the mouse. This mouse is the lightest at 83 grams. The weight and grip of the mouse combine these two features to give it excellent consistency that makes it perfect for gaming. When you pass on the mouse, accuracy and performance are guaranteed.

  • Attractive design
  • Accuracy
  • Sold at a reasonable price
  • The right shape and size for small hands
  • Excellent tracking function
  • An ideal of lightness

If you want to see more options for ambitious gaming mice, check out the Glorious Model O Gaming Mouse.

CTBTBESE Z100 65G Honeycomb Gaming Mouse

Lightest Gaming Mouse in 2021 Complete Guide and Review

In terms of presentation and specifications, the CTBTBESE Z100 does not differ at all from the O model, since it has the same honeycomb structure. Nevertheless, it can withstand strong pressure from above and from the side. The mouse weighs about 60 g without the cable, but reaches 65 g with the 1.8 m cable, which is still correct. Aesthetically, this mouse looks classic in black with RGB stripes on the sides.

The switches of this mouse are manufactured in collaboration with the Japanese electronics company Omron and are said to have a lifespan of 20 million clicks. Overall, this mouse is of exceptional quality and has all the features that a gaming mouse should have.

The CTBTESE Z100 65G is an excellent replacement for the Magnificent Model O because it offers exclusive specifications. However, it also has some drawbacks that we can overlook. Compared to the Model O, this model is more expensive considering its aspects. The cloud software could have been better, but since it saves the settings for the user, it is not that bad.

  • The best electric cable in its class with shielding
  • A good alternative to more expensive mice
  • A weight of 65g + wire is not bad for a light mouse

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What should I look for when buying a lightweight mouse?

Lightest Gaming Mouse in 2021 Complete Guide and Review

We always want to get the best out of every piece of equipment we buy. Even when choosing the lightest gaming mouse, you want to choose the one that best suits your needs. This article is mainly about weight, but you can also consider different factors such as design and sensor.

To help you narrow down your search when choosing the right gaming mouse, we’ve outlined some of the key features you should look for when choosing the best lightweight gaming mouse.

Also read this guide on the health benefits of using the right ergonomic mouse.


Whether you are looking for a high-end gaming mouse or an inexpensive mouse, the first (and perhaps most important) feature to consider is the sensor. The sensor is located on the bottom of the mouse. It tells your computer what commands and movements are being made.

Although today’s mouse sensors are nearly perfect in terms of tracking and accuracy, technological advances have greatly improved their functionality over the years. It is clear that mouse sensors of the last five years offer absolutely precise movements and much longer life.

Although there seems to be a wide variety of sensors on the market today, most have been developed from a few originals, including the 3360 and the 3389.

But not everyone needs the best sensor the market has to offer. It all depends on your play style and personal needs to choose the sensor that suits you. For example, MMO and RTS players don’t really need Hero’s 16K sensors, which should save you money.

But if you want to play CS: GO competitively and have every possible gaming advantage, it’s wise to buy only the best gaming mouse sensor you can afford.


Another characteristic you can use to compare different mice is DPI, short for “dots per inch.” DPI is a measure that indicates the sensitivity of a mouse. DPI determines the number of sensors in a gaming mouse, and it is these sensors that track the mouse’s movements as you use it.

Note that a higher DPI value results in more sensors, which in turn results in a much more sensitive mouse. Again, a higher DPI does not make the mouse better, but the number of sensors affects the mouse’s sensitivity to movements.

You will find that most modern mice have different DPI values, which allow you to adjust the sensitivity of the mouse to the needs of the user.

Wired and wireless

When buying a gaming mouse, the question of whether to choose a wired or a wireless mouse also arises. Since wired mice have a direct connection to a $1000 gaming PC, they do not need to be charged from time to time. They also do not need to suffer from input lag.

The most commonly cited disadvantage of wired mice is that the cable can sometimes get tangled and interfere with full range of motion. This is also seen as a potential wear point for the mouse. Fortunately, these problems have been solved with longer, braided cables made of durable, lightweight materials.

Wireless mice, on the other hand, are mice that use Bluetooth connectivity or USB adapters, allowing the user to move freely. However, wireless mice may require charging or replacing the battery.

Length and weight

You may not realize it, but two incredibly important factors when buying a gaming mouse are size and weight. Obviously, these two factors have a huge impact on your gaming performance.

The weight of standard game mice has dropped exponentially. They now weigh less than half of what we once considered the norm. Lightweight mice allow players to react faster, play longer, and put less strain on wrists and hands. Remember, a lightweight mouse is best for long gaming sessions.

Lightest Gaming Mouse in 2021 Complete Guide and Review

Additional buttons

Modern gaming mice have additional buttons added to different parts of the mouse. These extra buttons are added for quick key combinations that can be assigned to a specific hotkey in games. These extra buttons are located next to the scroll wheel or on the sides of the mouse.

You may find the extra mouse buttons useful, depending on your personal preferences for mouse ergonomics and functionality, and the games you play.


When it comes to gaming mice, ergonomics usually means just one thing: a custom design for left- or right-handed users. When you choose an ergonomic mouse, it is shaped to the shape of your palm, giving you more support, a better grip and a better gaming experience.

Today, there are many mice in different shapes and sizes, including sophisticated models that can be used with both the right and left hand. However, an ergonomic mouse is definitely the solution if you want a comfortable fit.

From now on, ergonomics and comfort extend not only to the arm you play with, but to your entire body. To keep you comfortable and healthy while you play your favorite games, check out these stylish Xbox gaming chairs.

Quality of construction

When choosing the best game mouse, especially if it is super light, it is important to check the quality of construction. Quality of construction refers to the overall design of the mouse and the materials used in its manufacture.

Lightweight mice have less weight only because their structural integrity has been reduced by the manufacturers. While it has a weight advantage, it does not guarantee quality or durability.

Obviously, the quality of construction can be an important consideration, especially when using a mouse. Fortunately, all the mice we have selected for this guide guarantee a very high build quality and are made from the best materials.

Battery and charging

There is also a battery for wireless gaming mice. No one wants their mouse to suddenly quit in the middle of a game. However, a long battery life is essential for a gaming mouse. Therefore, we always offer wireless gaming mice with a battery life of up to 40 hours.

The way the mouse is charged also works here. While some mice still use AA and AAA batteries that just need to be replaced, others need to be plugged into a charger. Most mice continue to work normally while charging, and some can be charged faster by plugging in the cable.

However, if you have a limited budget and are willing to pay more for convenience and efficiency, you can try the Logitech PowerPlay wireless charger, which comes with a mouse pad that is compatible with your existing mouse model and works as a wireless charger.


It’s pretty frustrating when you’re in a game thread, but your mouse doesn’t move with you in the thread. Jitter is frustrating, not only for anyone using a computer, but especially for the players.

A mouse that works well and does not vibrate will show a solid line on the screen parallel to the mouse’s movement. Find out what consumers say about mouse vibration and make sure the mouse you are considering has no vibration.


You may think that the weight is the most important feature of a mouse, but the truth is that the catching power is almost more important than the weight of the mouse. A game mouse can be as light as it is, if it has a poor grip, it will be very difficult to use.

If you play an intense game and your mouse slips while playing, consider switching to a textured matte mouse.

Lifting distance

For a good gaming experience, it is advantageous to have a lightweight mouse with a short travel distance. A mouse with a short travel distance stops moving when it is lifted a few inches from the mouse pad or desktop. Thus, to avoid making mistakes while playing, you should only buy lightweight mice with a short travel distance.

Frequently asked questions

How do I measure the size of my hand?

You need to measure the palm, starting at the bottom and ending at the fingertip. Then you should also measure the width. These measurements should give you an idea of the size of your hand.

Would a honeycomb mouse get dirty quickly?

Unfortunately, it does, because the holes are attractive to dirt particles. However, this can be easily remedied by cleaning the mouse regularly.

Is the wired mouse better for gaming?

It really depends on your comfort and personal preferences. Some gamers prefer a wireless Bluetooth mouse because it is more convenient, while others appreciate the reliability of a wired USB gaming mouse.


Is the lightest gaming mouse worth it?

Yes, of course. You’ll get the most out of a lighter mouse in demanding and fast-paced royal combat and FPS games, where precision and speed of aim are equally important. For general use, all the medium and large mice we tested were fully capable and comfortable to use.

Frequently asked questions

What is the lightest gaming mouse?

Top 5 lightest gaming mice – Streamer Designs

What is the best game mouse of 2021?

Best Game Mouse of 2021 : The best game mouse we’ve ever tested….

Is a light mouse better for the game?

For FPS games, a lighter mouse is generally preferable. That said, you can aim well with a heavier mouse (as long as it’s not too heavy), many CS pros use mice of 90-100 grams and have some of the best views.

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