Genshin Impact – Crashing, Stuttering and Lag fix

Fixing collisions, stuttering and delays in the Genshin rotor – Since the full release of the Genshin rotor, players have complained about numerous performance issues. Here is a brief guide to solving some of these problems.

Henshin Strike – breaking, blocking and securing train

Genshin Impact – Official System Requirements for PC

Check the system requirements for the game and make sure your system hardware is reasonably satisfactory.

  • Recommended:
    Operating system : Windows 7 SP1 64-bit, Windows 8.1 64-bit or Windows 10 64-bit
    : Intel Core i7 memory equivalent or better
    : 16GB RAMGraphics : NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB and above
    DirectX version : 11
    Storage : Please reserve 30 GB of storage space
  • Minimal:
    Operating system : Windows 7 SP1 64-bit, Windows 8.1 64-bit or Windows 10 64-bit
    : Intel Core i5 or equivalent memory
    : 8 GB Video RAM Card : NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 1030 and higher DirectX version
    : 11
    Storage : Please reserve 30 GB of storage space

Video Driver Update

It seems that many people have solved the problem of crashing the game by simply updating their graphics drivers.

Here you will find links to the latest drivers for AMD and Nvidia graphics cards:

  1. Driver Nvidia
  2. AMD drivers

Genshin effect – Optimal graphics settings

  • Quality graph : Custom made
  • Display mode: 1920×1080 full screen

Click here to read the full Genshin Impact Graphics Settings Guide.

Run the executable file as administrator

Try running the Genshin Impact executable or exe file as an administrator. Here’s how:

  1. Navigate to the Genshin Impact installation directory.
  2. Click on Launcher.exe with the right mouse button.
  3. Click on the Compatibility tab
  4. Select the Run this program as administrator checkbox.

Define any type of writing or overclocking program

Even the smallest change to the main memory or central clock by applying overclocking causes the game to crash after a few minutes. Many games have had the same problem. It is therefore best to remain cautious.

Try running the GPU and CPU at base clock speed and avoid applications such as MSI Afterburner or Rivatuner.

Nvidia control panel for impact on Genshin

First, click the Configure Preview Image Settings button on the left side under the 3D settings and make sure that the Use Advanced 3D Image Settings option is selected. Right away:

  1. Open the Nvidia control panel
  2. Click on the Manage 3D settings button in the left pane.
  3. Click on Global Settings
  4. Now make the following settings:
    Image enhancement : Wire optimization
    : A
    Energy management : Preference for maximum performance
    Low latency mode : Texture Filtration
    – Quality : Power

If you use Nvidia GeForce Experience, disable Game Overlay. Here’s how:

  1. Management of the EPG
  2. Click on the Settings icon in the upper right corner.
  3. Click on General
  4. And just turn off the overlay game…

Compatibility problem with some antivirus programs

In some cases, the data stored in the game can be silently quarantined by some antivirus programs, causing the game to crash between the cameras on the desktop or after the rewards from the cameras have been collected. The developers are in the process of solving this problem, but in the meantime you may need to disable the real-time scan or real-time security feature of your antivirus program in order to play.

If you are using Windows Defender instead of third-party antivirus software, you can add Genshin Impact to the list of exceptions for Windows Defender as follows:

  1. Go to Windows 10 settings
  2. Click on Update and Security
  3. Select Windows Security in the left bar
  4. Protection against viruses and threats
  5. In the Virus and Threat Protection section, click Manage Settings.
  6. In the Exceptions section, click Add or Remove Exceptions.
  7. Click on the Add Exception button
  8. Select a file
  9. Select the .exe file or the Genshin Impact executable file, in this case launcher.exe.
  10. Reboot your computer

Disabling Xbox Game Bar

  1. Go to the Windows settings
  2. Select games
  3. Select the Xbox game console
  4. Turn them off.

Windows 10 Update

Microsoft has been known to release buggy operating system updates from time to time. And the problem only got worse under the Windows 10 operating system. So check for upcoming Windows updates and update your operating system. Here’s how:

  1. Go to parameters
  2. Go to Upgrade and Security
  3. Click on the Check button to receive updates.
  4. Waiting for updates
  5. Reboot your computer

These are all the methods we have at our disposal at the moment. The main problem is that Genshin Impact does not work with Steam, Epic or any other launcher. It has its own jug, and it’s pretty grainy. Usually, many problems in games are solved by a simple file check. Nowadays, most launchers have some kind of repair or verification function that scans game files and replaces damaged files. In the case of Genshin Impact you will have to reinstall the whole game if you encounter a technical problem. Hopefully the developers will add some features in the future, because at the moment the launcher offers nothing valuable.

Here is a link to the Geshin Influence forums. You will find many users writing about the same problems.

If you find this guide useful, please let us know in the Responses section below. In addition, if you are experiencing problems that are not mentioned in this article, please feel free to comment on them below. We’ll try to find a solution. Good luck!

That’s it, people!

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