Having given a large amount of feedback on player customisation to be told they’re not implementing more for Shadowlands has made me feel betrayed by Blizzard.

That said, this whole ordeal pisses me off.

By way of explanation, I would like to say that I personally worked with these same models to learn how to implement customization options and how best to do so without consuming an inordinate amount of development resources. Even though I didn’t expect everything I personally touched to be implemented, I at least expected something. Blizzard designed many of these systems from the beginning to implement these new features, and now they are completely underutilized.

These options for hair exchange are not difficult to implement. Really, they are not difficult to implement. I would say a maximum of 3 minutes to properly weigh the color, and 1 to 5 minutes to adjust the mesh to the head (so there is no space between the scalp), because not all head shapes are the same for the models.


Changing hair is something I am familiar with.

I always thought the body shapes would be complex, but they are not. I saw the general reasoning and thought Blizzard should have these collections 3D-armor customized for each body shape, race, gender, etc.

While this applies to all races, body shapes (if implemented properly) can actually be controlled by scaling the animated bone itself. When this is done, the armor swings with it. In this example, I show such a model with a female elf model.


But then I began to “refine” the body shapes I had to make, like a fatter troll body type.


And a rather slow cabbage team (I like to call it cabbage team).


But in addition, I have also focused on relatively simpler exchanges, such as the introduction of eyebrows, mustaches, beards, burns, and blood elf decorations.



Or replace the puny sinews with fakes on the puny elves to create a superior elf feel.


I’ve expressed my thoughts on what would probably be harder to add – mechanical limbs / prosthetics, entirely new animations like dance, more class-specific animations – and what would be easier to add – textures exchanges, actives exchanges (hairstyles / jewelry), separation of baked actives (scars / wrinkles / freckles on faces), and ticking only on NPC textures (dark rangers in particular come to mind). There are even things like the eyes of the Death Knight that are already controlled by the backend’s “dynamic color system”. You can literally change the value to green, purple, blue or red, which would suit any Death Knight specification in a notable Death Knight expansion on the Undead theme.



But if the quote is taken literally:

We want to make sure that we take our time, that we are very careful and that we release new settings when they are really good for the game, really good for the players, and that will continue to happen as we release new content.

Our main goal is always to make sure you have new content to play, and we’ll do our best to improve the game as we go along, but it’s no use if we don’t have a good plan for that.

When will something as simple as eye color be added “at the right time” for a dead knight? New customizations don’t have to be tied to the launch of an expansion, and it’s totally unacceptable for Blizzard to just launch an expansion for potentially up to 3-4 options for major races. This isn’t even a start for allied races, which are essentially rolled because they are completely separate from their base runners and thus have even more limited options.

I just don’t see any justification other than not applying it voluntarily and selling expansion packs to make money. It has been said that adaptation in all shadow countries will be a continuous process, and that the allied races will disappear.

What about allied race adaptation?

The first version of Shadowlands focuses on the original races. Adaptation of features is an ongoing project and will never be fully realized.

Wherever possible, we will continue to grow,” Mr. Cannon told Polygone. We are very, very pleased with what we have accomplished so far, and very positive that the community is feeling so good.”

Then recently:

What are your plans for further adaptation?

Nothing in the short term, but we are always looking for ideas from players, so feel free to send us your ideas for things you would like to see.

Shortly thereafter, a quote was included in the Q&A that started it all.

I feel cheated by Blizzard, and I feel disappointed like so many others. I just wanted the game to be better by allowing people to create different characters. Other game companies have, by comparison, implemented much more for much less, while Blizzard has literally put its own greed first in this case. I just don’t understand why, if it was such a success, such a positive response on the playground, why isn’t it continuing? It’s literally against the will of the players, according to Blizzard itself.

Part 1 of the review (archived because the forum post is dead).

Part 2 of the overview

And finally, my Twitter feed where I collected my reviews with pictures and other things.

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