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With Pokémon Diamond Shine and Pearl Shine coming out later this year, fans are wondering which Pokémon will be harder to catch in these remakes. Looking at the original Nintendo DS games, we could be in the top 10 with a very difficult Pokémon, as revealed by Dexerto.

In the list below, you can take a look at some of the species that will cost us the most when Pokémon Diamond and Shiny Pearl come out on Nintendo Switch, if there are no changes from the original game. It’s right here:

  • Palkia / Dialga / Giratina, which have a higher capture rate (30%) than other Legendaries. However, it takes hard work to reach them.
  • Rotom, which had Legendary Pokémon battle music and was only available on Old Mansion TV with a 45% capture rate.
  • Cresselia / Mesprit, only available after obtaining the National Pokédex. Catching them is also quite difficult, and it is advisable to have a Pokémon that has a false desire.
  • Beldum, which has a 3% capture rate and requires a national pokeex to find feral. It is found on route 228 with a reproduction rate of 40%.
  • Muenchlax has 1% that spawn in honey trees. It is recommended to apply honey to one of these trees and then wait 6 hours for the Pokémon to appear.
  • Manafi: In Pokémon Ranger, it was discovered that pressing R + X + Left activated a password that gave access to a new special mission called Save the Egg and rewarded the player with a Manaphy Egg that could be sent to Pokémon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum.
  • Regigigas, which has a 3% capture rate and requires a National Pokédex. Then you must enter the Puntaneva temple with six floors and several riddles. Once on the top floor, Regis, Regirok and Registil must join the team of players to wake up Regigas.
  • Shaymin, only available in Pokémon Platinum after obtaining a special Oak map event, which required players to travel to Highway 224 and then the Coastal Road to find Shaymin if you have a Teacher map. Its capture rate is 45%, but it is level 30 and can be accidentally weakened.
  • Darkrai, which you can get when you get to New Moon Island, but only with a membership card distributed in 2009.
  • Arceus, which has a capture value of 3% plus Game Freak, was never officially released for Pokémon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum. Only a few players managed by cheating at the action replays to gain access to the Azure Flute event, summoning Arceus into the Hall of Origins.


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Is Pokemon Platinum harder than Diamond and Pearl? Diamond and Pearl are harder than Platinum. When you use Seeker against Trainers with higher levels than you, your Pokémon will level up quickly.

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