Star Citizen Persistent Universe Monthly Report

What Cloud Imperium has been working on for the past few months, what features and gameplay they’ve been working on, and what their priorities are for 2021…. we had an extensive monthly report on the Robust Universe and we’re summarizing it now!


Much work has been done on space stations, new bridges, exteriors and the addition of gas clouds to add variety to the rest areas.

They’ve been working on content for various mission related activities, I think beyond the XenoThreat missions we’re currently expecting.

They have visually improved several of Stenton’s planets and moons, and further improvements will be made in 3.13. The Commission believes that some of these planets and moons should be improved.

Work has been done to generate volumetric atmospheres and clouds on a global scale.

It sounds like a weather job to me and also to the gas giants.

Currently, the old locations are being converted to a new runtime cubemap system to free up memory and improve reflection and ambient light accuracy.

Star Citizen Persistent Universe Monthly Report


The Vehicle Tech Art team has worked on several vessels, including the Aegis Javelin, which has received VFX, side tower and LOD repairs.

The final touches were made to the effects of the SDF shield recently observed on Idris, which will soon be extended to other vehicles.

The British team began to put the finishing touches on the Crusaders of Hercules by adding lighting throughout the area. The bridge and engineering sections will be polished and routed downstream.

The car, which has yet to be announced, has also reached the final stage of the grey box, with the bridge and bathroom on their way to becoming the final work of art. It should be SPOILERS…source 400i….

The Aegis Gladius has received bays for the exterior elements, and the Redeemer has entered the white box phase.

For ship weapons, the Idris railgun sabotage projectile was created and VFX is currently testing it. Work has begun on a MOAB-type bomb, and some existing missile systems have also been refurbished.

The missiles have been converted to use the more advanced IFCS, which should improve them significantly.

The rear and the engine

The Vulcan initiative continued at a high level with the refactoring and optimization of the render code. For example, the way the material constants are loaded onto the GPU has been simplified and optimized. A major overhaul of the shader cache background has also begun.

They have significantly improved some basic services, increasing reliability and performance.

The low-level network code has been updated to improve performance, scalability and reliability. In addition, various corrections and optimisations were made in the areas of operational services, leases and rights management. I hope this means that 3.12.1 OR 3.13 are in very good shape!

They have begun internal testing of Super pCache/iCache services, which will be deployed later this year.

They optimize and improve the physics of planets and ships.

They are working on further optimizations and correcting problems with memory containers/objects.

Star Citizen Persistent Universe Monthly Report


They continue to work on the reputation system after its introduction in version 3.12, which will move more missions and features to support it.

A new mobiGlas application for the reputation system was also introduced. Known internally as Rep-Dex, it allows actors to monitor their ties and reputation with organizations and contacts, as well as their visibility. Players can track their career and progress in orgs, view descriptions, legends, key members and important information. In the Notoriety section, players can track their reputation and see all current active benefits.

Addison won Emperor’s Choice by telling the story to the narrative team:

Thanks to everyone who voted. It will certainly be interesting to see where Addison gets the Empire from.

They have been working on plans for 2021. They complement other stellar systems by creating extensive site documentation detailing the inhabitants, flora and fauna of Pyroi. The team even started thinking about Nyx to beat the calendar.

Then they discussed plans for the astronaut’s death, cloning, DNA and reproduction.

They worked on components and subcomponents and animations to access them.

Toll and pull/push mechanics have seen their work increase, as well as new loads and new mission objects.

The UI team is working on a major initiative to create a system that will allow game animation systems to initiate changes to the UI, paving the way for NPCs and animated events to interact with the UI.  We know they’ve been working on hacking and a mini-game on HuD.


For AI, they worked on the traits and abilities of NPCs to give them more depth and complexity. They allow AI to move from one sub-activity to another while maintaining the context of what it is doing. The work focused on the recognition and vision of AI. Updating physical meshes to support and correct inconsistencies in objects. The Supplement and much of the CEW Code has been reworked and made more robust.

They worked on the FPS AI dodge and how they react to fire and enemies and how they experience sound. They also uncovered different behaviors and tactics.

The teams on the AI ships have been working on a docking station for the AI ships and an automatic docking station that I believe will be used by all ships to complete the connection to the dock and align it perfectly. A landing request will result in an extension of the docking ring.

Now they also know about gas clouds and danger zones.

Defender behavior has been improved, quantum coercives should now work well with the AI, and the AI should also have enough fuel to pass the TC… Or collapse.

Behaviors and stats have been added for the weapon maker, so you can make the AI act on everything from aggression to cowardice to vindictiveness.

The work on ship movements, formation flying and related behaviour has led to major improvements.

Social IA has been working on NPCs moving through doors, opening and closing them and waiting for an automatic door to open.

They have also taken on specific tasks. For example, a service request for a specific wall panel. This can be used by planners to create a specific experience, but also in the future players can ask an engaged NPC to work in a certain way.

Star Citizen Persistent Universe Monthly Report

Character and animation

They have developed several sets for animating PU characters, including yoga and weightlifting, and the use of arcade machines.

They have been working on three sets of shields that should be available by 2021.

They did research on armor, which is also affected by the Pyro system:

We’ve had some great ideas and are very excited about the Pyro assemblies being built.

They plan to prepare civilian clothing packages for Orizon (Crusader Landing Zone) to be completed in the second quarter. And they are also working on clothing for the refinery deck.

The Volt Parallax electronic rifle base has begun preparations, while the first crossbow art competition has been completed. There was also an artistic passage on new weapon accessories, including holographic sights and compensators.

The hair and skin color has improved somewhat.

They also worked on stationary weapon platforms that characters can use for S1 weapons on the mountain.

And that’s it for the monthly balance….

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