Silver Screen Story Review (Switch)

The game: History of the Silver Screen
genre: Study, other, modeling, strategy system
: Nintendo Switch
Developer | Publisher : Price Cairosoft
: US $14.00 UK £11.69|EU €13.00 Age Rating
: US E | UK 3+
Publication date : 14. January 2021

Many thanks to Kairosoft for the revision code!

Anyone who has ever spent time with me knows that I love going to the movies. One of the most difficult aspects of this pandemic for my social health is that I can’t go to the movies with my friends every few weeks. Having worked in the film industry for almost a decade, I’ve also always been fascinated by games that simulate any part of the film industry. With this interest, I grabbed the opportunity to test the Silver Screen with both hands. Let’s see how I like it!


See where you are in your productions by following the directions in this table.

Silver Screen Story Review (Switch)

You run a film studio. This means that you are responsible for building the set. Hire directors, staff and actors. Decide on genres and marketing. Make sure there are enough resources to keep your employees happy and trained. As you progress through the game and your films become more popular, don’t forget to open a gift shop, hotel and restaurant so people can visit your studio. Over the next 20 years, you’ll build your film empire while collecting awards, with the goal of taking your studio to five stars.


It’s not a good sign if you can’t remember your own skills!

Silver Screen Story Review (Switch)

This title has a fairly simple gameplay. Many elements to control your world. Your main goal is to make quality films and build your studio party, but you have to do it all within your means. You can also train your staff and actors, which will increase their skills and make you money. Different types of buildings offer different benefits, such as. B. Money, formation or increase in probability of aura.

I wish the game explained aura better, but the bottom line is that a character with a bright light around them is able to do a better job. The actor would do well to look at the staff and actors in this state when hiring for a new production.

I also discovered that I didn’t really understand the alignment system of the film. If you define the genre and themes, it will tell you after production if it’s a good combo (and there are wikis that tell you what the best combos are), but there are also a lot of separate elements to level up, and I didn’t follow them very closely.

Either way, I’d love to see more information on the gameplay.


The titles of the films in this game have everything to please.

Silver Screen Story Review (Switch)

That’s where this title gets a little wobbly for me. This game relies heavily on pop-up events that you won’t be able to miss anytime soon. For example: If your film is nominated for an award, you should apply now. There is a jump button, but it only skips small segments. I really wish there was a way to go directly to the results of the entire segment.

Combined with the fact that your studio can get very sprawling over the course of the game, I find this element of gameplay very boring. It can happen that after scrolling for quite a long time, you get to where you want to be, click on something you want to do, and suddenly realize you’ve been nominated again or that the composer of the music has finished (a scene that has no jumping off point at all). Basically: If you’re annoyed by crawling dungeons where you can’t see the enemy before they appear in front of you, this aspect of the game may get in your way.

Even without pop-up, this game is very busy with updates all over the screen. Remember.

Tariffs and purposes

Excuse me?!?

I don’t know if leprechauns always have to be exactly as they are, or if they just wear a costume. I know I can hire real aliens and ghosts (that’s fun!), but I can’t believe I’m hiring 10 copies of Santa. If they are to be costumed, it is sufficient to remember that at least one of them is no longer considered normal (using the characteristic clothing of a crop as an accessory for people outside that crop).

This game uses a very absurd naming system. The funny thing is, I had a situation where the randomizer in the title was spitting out characters that the game wouldn’t let me use. I had to change the name to exclude these characters before I could accept the name. It seems strange that the random number generator breaks its own rules, but it’s a small problem. You can also name your own films, actors and collaborators.

Once you finish the game, you can start it over with the plus option, which allows you to start with certain benefits based on your performance in the previous round of the game.

Art and Music

You can see how the audience enjoyed the previews and trailers.

Silver Screen Story Review (Switch)

It’s a game where I turn the music off. The music got on my nerves after a while because it’s very repetitive. It’s definitely not a game where you need music to solve everything.

The characters are cute little goblins. This style reminded me of some of the simulation games I played on my phone about 10 years ago. This style is perfect for this type of simulation, and I especially enjoyed seeing who was walking around on my screen that I could customize.


When you hire workers who apply, you get a certain amount of output at zero cost.

Silver Screen Story Review (Switch)

I’ve been discussing this for a while. It can be a bit tedious until you have a lot of buildings, and constant interruptions that you can’t put off or skip altogether can be annoying. Ultimately, the appeal of running my own film studio prevailed, and I’m excited to boost this game.

Final Verdict: I love it.


How do you load…

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