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The Hide and Seek horror game genre has grown rapidly since the release of Amnesia: Dark ancestors. Transformative survival horror game that has contributed to the popularity of the genre, especially under banners. Since 2010 the genre is full of games that try to recreate the horror in which games like Outlast were successful. Others, such as Outlast 2 and the Remothered franchise, came to nothing. Now Frictional has returned to the first game since 2015, which tells the story of the SOMA masterpiece. Memory loss can: The rebirth probably meets such high standards?

Amnesia: Rebirth has an astonishing amount of light…

Our hero wakes up from the disaster in the Algiers desert and suffers from amnesia. When she wakes up and gathers around her, she only remembers two things: Her name is Tasi and she is part of an expedition group looking for ruins. As she starts digging and looking for clues about what happened to her and the rest of the expedition team, she realizes that a lot of time has passed since the accident and that she doesn’t remember what happened. So she has to follow in her footsteps and discover the horrors that Tasi and the rest of the crew have already experienced.

It is clear that the friction took away what they had learned from SOMA in terms of stories; my favourite fantasy horror story in recent years. Amnesia: The history of the Renaissance is much narrower and almost entirely devoted to the struggle of Tasi. She suffers from conditions that make her cruel and uncontrollable in stressful situations, as well as fear of dead bodies and darkness. Tasi’s struggle against her inner demons and other circumstances makes the story much more personal, while it concerns dark things that I don’t want to reveal here. It can be difficult to deal with the main character in a horror game, but here they have done a very good job.

You’ll also see worlds related to the remains of a bygone civilization that nourishes some of the most Lovekraftsman aspects of the amnesic universe. The structure of the world is breathtaking. There are many diary entries to find out what really gives meaning to what happened to the Tasi and this ancient civilization.

Since we are more than a hundred years after the events of the Descent from Darkness, you don’t have to wait for the real thing to happen. This story should stand alone, which it does very well, but the connections here are revealing and deepen the world of amnesia in a surprising way. It is a pity that the end could not land and that it is a bit hasty with a small semantic end. Even multiple closures offer nothing substantial and give the impression of being there.

…but the dark corners have terrible secrets and monsters.

Since it’s an amnesia game, what about anxiety? To put it aside, if you expect the same ruthless horror depicted in the Falling Darkness, you will be disappointed. Instead, it is very similar to the one between SOMA and Dark Ancestry. I pay more attention to telling stories and solving puzzles, with the traditional horror sometimes in the background. That doesn’t mean there’s no fear; Rebirth is overburdened with it and generally works very well. The rebirth creates tensions without major incidents. When you see something coming out of the corner of your eye and the excellent illumination, you avoid the fear of escaping without any direct threat.

Encounters with samples are much less common than in Dark Descent, but are more effective than in SOMA. There are often short but frightening encounters that make you think quickly. In one case, the door was blocked by several objects, and like a shadow aimed at me, I had to unlock the door quickly and run away. It was a terrible time, and they’re everywhere. It is a pity that there were no longer people who used the physics of the game, but often relied on hiding in a corner and waiting for it to be over. It does not make full use of the mechanics and puzzles of the game.

Besides monstrous encounters, there are many things to be afraid of. Changes in healthcare compared to the original. The fear system does a fantastic job of keeping you on the edge of the abyss, even if it has no direct effect. You can reduce Tashi’s anxiety by staying in the light or by using her flashlight or matches that she holds comfortably. A flashlight is exactly like in the Black Diffuser; it needs a precious and rare fuel to light it, but it provides the best light.

Competitions, on the other hand, are an innovation that only offers a short breather in the dark. By moving too fast they go out, but matches can also be used to light lost lanterns. The resources are small enough to think about when they can be better used, but never so small that they feel trapped. I always had enough coincidences with a thorough examination of the surroundings, at the same time I tried to keep the flashlight in the dark enough for long distances.

The look of the lover or husband has inspired another world.

If you’re not on the run and you’re hiding from monsters, you’ll discover a beautifully designed environment, discover secrets and restore Tashi’s memory. Numerous banknotes (and corpses) are scattered in the rooms of a former fortress that crosses the city. It offers the best part of the game with a really entertaining but simple puzzle and an environment that we have never experienced before in a friction attempt. Then, as you continue, you will see other ancient civilizations and explore their downfall. These last parts are weaker than an open fortress, with less interesting puzzles and a smooth design, but they still manage to be interesting.

Visually, this game has another modified version of their HPL engine (Yes, H.P. Lovecraft engine), and I’m really impressed with the results. The surroundings are beautiful, full of tons of details that really fill the world and what happened in these places. But the real star of the show is the enlightenment, which takes it to the next level. There are some rough edges with lower textures, especially in rocky environments, and some character models are not scratched, but these are small complaints in a game with a different appearance.

Then we have a sound design that is really strong in everything. What makes the story brilliant is that it is partly due to the voice playing with Tasi. She is a credible and very gentle protagonist, and the actor with the voice does an excellent job. Elsewhere, the sound design does a fantastic job by maintaining the tension with the rustling and crackling of the wind in the fortress. I was always nervous and waiting for something to happen.

The fortress is incredibly scary.

Amnesia: Revival is a return to the revolutionary Frictional Games franchise. It may not be as scary or tense as the original game, and it will certainly disappoint some fans. But for me there was enough horror mixed with a first class story to deliver one of the best survival horrors I’ve played in years. Tasi’s journey is something I’ll remember, even when the end comes.

Even with some of the most outdated aspects of the engine, amnesia: The rebirth is breathtaking. Amnesia: The Renaissance combines horror and exploration, but it seems a bit outdated.
Excellent sound guidance and sound design that will really immerse you in the feeling. With its first-class history and terrible fears, Amnesia: Rebirth succeeds in building what friction does best. However, there are some big problems that keep him out of the way.
Phrase: 8.5

Amnesia: Revival is now available on PC and PS4.

Viewed on a PC with RTX 2060, Ryzen 5 3600x and 16 GB RAM

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