Online Games that are Stress Relief for Learners

Are you tired of numerous academic assignments and need a rest? Let’s consider what easy-to-play games can help you to reduce stress during studying.

 Are Destress Games Really Helpful?

 Sometimes being a student is not as simple and cool as it may seem. Learners have to cope with a load of complicated academic projects, write essays research papers, prepare presentations, etc. They are restricted on time and have to make every effort in order to achieve great results and have a good academic performance. No wonder under this burden, some students start to feel stress and anxiety. 

 There are many games that can assist learners to study and not only. In order to help students handle stress during writing essays and other academic assignments, educators and parents can offer them to play stress relief games online. Yes, you understand correctly, there are special games that can help students not only to rest but to forget and get rid of stress. Let’s move to our list of such games. 

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 There are many interesting games with which you will not get bored for sure. For example, Scrabble is one of the relaxing games online. There will be no time to think about stress since your mind will be involved in improving your vocabulary. Even if you have never tried playing this game, you have probably heard about it. There is no need to conduct complicated science research to play Scrabble. This game is easy to play, all that you need to do is to come up with words that correspond to your pattern. You can play this game with your classmates online during breaks between studies.


 Candy Crush

 Candy Crush is considered not only the most popular puzzle game but a pretty famous stress relief game. The rules of this game are easy. Your aim is to connect candies of the same color and crush them, as the name implies. Users get the best experience while playing under upbeat music. Players of the Candy Crush game can enjoy it at their own leisurely pace.

Plants vs. Zombies

 Plants vs Zombies is a famous game all around the world. Moreover, it is included in a list of classic games for many users. With the help of learning that the game offers, you will understand how to play this game quickly. Developers add wit and humor into the game, making it one of the anti-anxiety games online.

 If you do not have enough time to play this game because of numerous academic assignments, you can reach an online essay writing service anytime. While its writers will create your top-notch papers, you will be able to move through the Plants vs Zombies game, determine various capabilities of different plants and zombies, add new plants, etc.


 You cannot imagine your life without word search challenges? Then, the next game is surely for you. Wordscapes can deservedly be included in a list of stress relief games online. It is easy to play, and you can enjoy it on different operating systems. The game is available on iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android. Moreover, you will not be limited in time. Thus, you should not worry stress will return to your life.


 It is hard to find a person who has never heard about the Tetris game. It is considered one of the oldest computer games. Playing Tetris, it will seem like you are back to your childhood. As a result, good feelings will appear. Your goal in this game is to eliminate the horizontal lines that can be observed in the blocks. In order to achieve this aim, you should move and rotate the so-called “tetriminos” inside the playing field.

 Pokémon Go

 Pokemon Go is currently available for iOS and Android as well. This is one of the most relaxing games online since its users can be distracted while playing it. In order to catch different Pokémon characters, players should walk outdoors and determine the locations of Pokémons.


You will be surprised that not only teens like this game. The game enables players to move between the virtual and real worlds. You will have the possibility to explore new locations while looking for Pokémon characters. This game keeps the intrigue because you can find extremely rare Pokémon characters in different locations.

 Super Mario Run

 If you do not like playing puzzle games, there is no need to worry since we have an alternative for you. Postpone writing of essay paper until later and enjoy the Super Mario Run game. This is another stress relief game. Even a conducted study can confirm this fact.

 The game is extremely popular around the globe and it is considered a classic. While playing it, you will become happier constantly. As soon as you achieve success in this game, your mood becomes boosted and your anger will come to naught.

 Concluding Words

 People tend to play games to rest and distract from complicated duties. But also games can be a helpful aid to beat stress and anxiety. If you cannot cope with academic pressure in your educational institution, then you need to download one of the stress relief games online listed in this article. This will make your student life not only fun but relaxed.

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