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We have reviewed the best Player House locations in Old School RuneScape (All Ranked) – including the most popular, the best-designed, the most fun, and the most functional. We have also reviewed the best Player House layouts, so you can build the best possible configuration for your Player House – and have also reviewed the most valuable items you can find in Old School RuneScape, although some of them can cost substantial amounts of gold.

It’s essential to have a good place to call home, whether it’s a cosy hobbit-hole or a dungeon. But finding the perfect place is difficult, especially when there’s so many different places with their own pros and cons. And even if you do find the perfect place for you, you can always do with some extra cash to improve it.

Construction is one of the most useful skills in OSRS, as there are many advantages to owning a house.

Houses are a place to relax and unwind, but they are also used for teleportation, storage, training and keeping pets.

There are a total of 8 home sites in OSRS, each offering certain benefits.

Choosing the right location depends very much on your style of play and your goals.

So let’s take a look at the best places in the game where you can choose to place your house.

8. Brimhaven

Karamja Island is an interesting escape from the mainland of old RuneScape, with a pleasant jungle aesthetic that maintains a tropical atmosphere.

Placing a house here is the best option for adventurers who want to complete the quests in the Karamja region, as well as for those who want to further explore the Brimhaven dungeon.

This dungeon is populated by various berserker monsters, mostly metal dragons (up to steel dragons).

The location is also close to the farm, which is convenient for farm work.

Generally, Brimhaven is last on the list, as access to this area becomes easier when you unlock the fairy rings and Karamji’s gloves (3).

7. Taverly

Located just south of the Heroes’ Guild, this location offers adventurers many useful amenities.

The area is surrounded by numerous quests for adventurers and borders Taverly Keep, home to several hunters, including the hellhound Boos Cerberus.

This location is also next to the crystal chest, and is by far the fastest place to loot.

Finally, there is a tree chair at the gate of the house.

6. Pollnivnich

Located in the heart of the desert, south of the Shanti Pass, this accommodation is best suited to those seeking a dry and arid environment.

They are located in the northern part of the town of Pollnivneach, where a number of events take place.

Just past the gate of the house there is skill on the roof and plenty of opportunity to learn to fly.

There’s a smoke dungeon nearby, as well as carpet tracks to travel quickly through the desert!

This is one of the best located houses, as teleportation options are really limited in the desert.

5. Hosidius

Located on Zea Island, this accommodation offers quick and easy access to the island. Especially since teleporters to this area are very rare in the early/mid game.

Low-level adventurers will find that this hideout is the closest teleport to the Sand Crab, making it a very desirable choice, as getting there by other means can be rather tedious.

You also have access to the nearby Hosidius Farm.

It’s a great place to call home if you want to get to know Zeya. At least until you discover new features that make the island more accessible.

4. Prifddinas

This is the newest living space recently added to OSRS, and it is locked with very high level requirements.

For this you need 70 builds and the completion of the main quest Song of the Elves.

This hosting provides easy access to fantastic content such as Zalcano, The Gauntlet, Rooftop Dexterity and the Iorwerth Dungeon.

Aesthetically, the elven city is also very beautiful. As for RuneScape, the place is visually very attractive.

3. Yanil

Janil is very popular as a party world, especially in the 330 world, and is often a meeting place for people who use the luxury homes of other players.

If you’re in Janil, you’re in a very quest-rich area, which means you can get into the surrounding areas much faster.

The nightmare zone is also in Janil. And having easy access to it at the beginning of the game can be extremely helpful when you’re still putting on rings and a hunter’s helmet.

If you decide to move to Janil, you’ll live right next door to the wizard guild. It is a useful reserve of runes, and also an access point to the runes essence mine.

2. Rellecca

My favorite place on this list is Rellecca, a Viking-style town in the northern area of OSRS.

In this area, teleportation possibilities are very limited.

So if you have a house here, you can get around quickly. And it’s only really useful if you’re involved in activities in the neighborhood.

From this location, adventurers have easy access to Vorkat, the Basilisk Knights, and DKS, an ideal location for those looking for high-level PvM content.

For those who wish to complete these quests, there is also the Rellecca Fighter’s Cave, located just east of the house gate.

And all the beaches have rock crabs, which are very popular with the lower classes.

As for skills, there’s Rooftop Agility, a Troll Hunter zone in the northeast, and mining. Not to mention the multitude of tasks that can be done in this area.

Overall, the Rellecca is a solid place to stay if you have to decide where to go.

1. Rimmington

If you are going to build (and this is a big part of where your home should be), this should be your first choice.

The shop has an NPC named Fial who will trade marked items for you.

Fials will also take the boards apart for you, making it less time-consuming to learn how to build them.

It is also the most accessible house of all your houses, you only need to build a level 1 for it, and it is much more popular than Yanil when it comes to partying in the 330 world.

Many also use this location in PvP worlds.

Many risky battles take place just outside the portal, which is convenient because players can quickly return home between battles to replenish their stats.

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