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The best plots treat their characters with great care, and this is especially true of anime cutscenes.

In a genre that focuses on social moments, you want people who shine both on their own and in social settings.

Their perspectives allow viewers to empathize with people who lead surprisingly different lives.

20 Best Anime Soldier Characters Of All Time (Guys & Girls)

I’ve been lucky enough to discover a lot of good SoL series over the years, and the following characters have stuck with me the best.

15. Yusaku Godai

Best Slice of Life Anime Characters

anime : Ikkoku House

Maison Ikkoku is a special show because of its quantity and quality.

With 96 episodes and a movie under his belt, he’s had plenty of time to develop his male MC from a 19-year-old boy preparing for entrance exams to a real adult.

Yusaku Godai had a terrible time at the boarding house due to the state of his room and the antics of the other residents.

Then the new building manager arrived. Her name was Kyoko Otonashi – and Yusaku immediately fell in love with her.

With his presence begins his difficult but ultimately rewarding journey to positive growth and maturity.

Yeah, it’s not working.

Yes, the fact that Kyoko is a window complicates her romantic goals.

But Yusaku perseveres and accepts the fact that life can bring as much joy as pain.

14. Akari Mizunashi

Best Slice of Life Anime Characters

Anime: Aria

The Aria anime franchise has been around since 2005 and continues to satisfy new and old fans alike.

Akari Mizunashi is no longer the lead actress of the recent series Aria Crepuscolo, but she was rightfully the mistress of ceremonies for all three seasons.

She was born on Manhome (Earth) and traveled to Aqua (terraformed Mars) to pursue her dream of becoming Undine. who is essentially a female guide traveling in a gondola.

And I love his warm personality.

Since it has become very popular in Neo-Venice, I’m sure other residents feel the same way.

And finally, I love the way she appreciates even the most mundane things in life.

Akari works hard, but she always finds time to stop and smell the roses.

13. Konata Izumi

Best Slice of Life Anime Characters

Anime: A good star

It is one of the first CGDCT cartoon series and an early success of Kyoto Animation.

There are four main characters, but Konata Izumi is my favorite character.

Also known as Kona-chan, she represented geeks and otaku in the 2000s with her love of anime, manga and video games.

Back then, online RPGs were clunky because of their user interface and unreliable internet connections, but they were still fun.

Seeing Konata go into the virtual world to get some good loot brings back fond memories.

And Konata is funny, even though she doesn’t like to study.

Finally, I like Konata’s overall personality. She loves to make friends, have fun and enjoy what she has in life since her mother died when she was very young. This makes his personality even more inspiring.

12. Evergarden pansy

Best Slice of Life Anime Characters

Anime: Evergarden pansy

Kyoto Animation surprised everyone by releasing a teaser for this film – and even better, the anime was just as fantastic.

The studio set the bar very high, but managed to bring everything from the series to the film.

The lead actress is just one of the most beautiful characters ever.

Blonde hair and blue eyes are a common combination, but rarely seen in a polished look like hers.

But it’s not just their looks that make them attractive:

Violetta Evergarden, an automatic memory doll and former child soldier, has an imperfect understanding of human emotions.

At first, she doesn’t even know it.

But as she continues writing, Violet gets to know more and more people and slowly but surely realizes the complexity of human life and the universality of feelings like sadness, pain and (especially) love.

11. Kusuo Saiki

Best Slice of Life Anime Characters

Anime: The unfortunate life of Saiki K.

Who would have thought, other than manga readers, that a man with pink hair and green glasses would be so charming and hilarious?

Kusuo Saiki is an incredibly powerful psychic with tons of powers:

He can go back in time, manipulate spirits, fly, become invisible, teleport, and possess supernatural speed and strength, among other abilities.

But all he wants is to live a normal life.

Kusuo doesn’t want to hear the thoughts of others all the time. Likewise, he does not like to be careful in all his movements, because one misstep can be devastating to all others.

Every day brings new strange situations caused by the colorful actors, and I just can’t get enough of Kusuo, trying my best to solve big and small problems without giving away my psychic abilities.

10. Yu Hirasawa

Best Slice of Life Anime Characters

Anime: K-ON!

Yu Hirasawa is the highest ranked Kyoto Animation character on my list. And she deserves this place.

From her big brown eyes full of youthful energy to her charming everyday laziness, Yui felt authentic even though she was just a drop of mo MC.

Besides writing the characters, what made them human was their characterization through animation.

Naoko Yamada was the director of K-ON (it was actually her first directing job), and her take on the characters allowed Yui and the other girls to shine in the episodes with the funny and wholesome everyday scenes.

And Aki Toyosaki did a great job with her voice.

She understood what it’s like to be a girl with big dreams (and a big heart) who sometimes doesn’t want to do anything but eat candy and look at a turtle all day.

9. Cinema

Best Slice of Life Anime Characters

Anime: The movie Journey

There are two travel adjustments.

Most fans prefer the old version from 2003, but you can also find something interesting in the 2017 anime from Studio Lerche.

Either way, both are perfect for the titular teenager who wants nothing more than to travel and explore other cultures to perhaps better understand what makes life worth living, despite the cruelty and sadness.

Kino is a very cold person. That’s a good thing for everyone, because she’s a top shooter.

Yes, she may seem indifferent, but she is actually kind and understanding.

I mean, I love that she wants to learn as much as she can about the world, but doesn’t want to stay long and settle down.

His statement that the world is beautiful because it cannot be beautiful seems strange, but it is a poetic statement if you follow his journey.

8. Anzu

Best Slice of Life Anime Characters

Anime: Hinamatsuri

Hinamatsuri was a welcome surprise in 2018.

Her characters and humor were quirky in every way – and that’s where I found the perfect secondary character, Anzu.

I thought she was the general Tsundere in charge of the rude group. But her defeat at the hands of the MC and her inability to return home (her plane was damaged) set her up for excellent character development.

Anzu was first captured by a group of homeless people. She learned the importance of community and hard work.

While the MK women were treated to food and video games, Anzu helped viewers see the plight of people living in difficult socio-economic conditions.

Then she was adopted by a couple who owned a restaurant, and the moment she realized she had a loving family, my heart melted. Bless Anzu.

7. Hana

Best Slice of Life Anime Characters

Anime: The children of the wolf

Wolf Children is an original animated film that is as painful and heartbreaking as it is necessary to watch.

The film Hana by Mamoru Hosoda is central to this project.

Hana was a normal student – then she met and fell in love with a man whose secret is that he is a werewolf.

Despite their differences, they start a family and have two wild but adorable children.

Unfortunately, her beloved partner is killed in an accident.

Now she has to take care of two children who look like no one else in the urban jungle.

Hana is forced to move to the countryside, hoping that the change of scenery will be good for her (as a widow and single mother) and her children.

Hana is one of the best mothers in anime history. And everyone should witness their story.

6. Ginko

Best Slice of Life Anime Characters

Anime: Musisi

It’s almost impossible not to have Ginko on this list.

He is the master of ceremonies of one of the most famous animes of all time, Slice of Life or not.

As Mushi, it is Ginko’s job to find the Mushi in all their forms and decipher their true nature.

Is the meaning of life hidden behind the behavior and existence of these life forms?

He not only leads the musicians, but also the audience.

With his relaxed and serious attitude, Ginko offers the audience the opportunity to reflect on their lives and ask themselves philosophical and existential questions.

In the other case, it helps people sleep well after a tiring day, as its character complements the overall festive atmosphere of the show.

5. Takashi Natsume

Best Slice of Life Anime Characters

Anime: Natsume’s friends book

Like Mushishi, Natsume Yuujinzhou is an often revered supernatural franchise with a remarkable character at the helm.

Takashi Natsume begins with a lonely 15-year-old boy.

However, it is not common for a teen to be sad because he or she is not in love or dating.

Takashi was an orphan who had recently been taken in by a very nice couple. He was excluded when he was young.

No one believed he could see the ghosts that constantly haunted him.

In an effort to return all spirits to their rightful owners, Takashi learns to reopen his heart to humans and youkai. He is slowly recovering from his traumatic past and hopes that no one will take advantage of his kindness.

4. Nadeshiko Kagamihara

Best Slice of Life Anime Characters

Anime: Holding company

Yuru Camp is one of the most relaxing anime series in the world, and Nadeshiko Kagamihara is the most entertaining character.

Like K-on’s Yu Hirasawa, this girl with pink hair and blue eyes exudes an energy of enjoying the gift with good friends and good food.

I don’t blame you if you suddenly feel the urge to curl up in a blanket and drink a cup of hot chocolate (or noodles) when you see Nadeshiko happily eating.

Your hero celebrates the beauty of simplicity.

In a world where everything is about constant consumption and moneymaking (on everything and everyone), it’s nice to see someone prove that you don’t need much to be happy.

3. Rei Kiriyama

Best Slice of Life Anime Characters

Anime: Mars comes in like a lion

Everyone’s asking for a third season of 3-gatsu no Lion. And I hope the production committee will grant his wish.

March Comes in Like a Lion is a rare anime that manages to convey its adult themes with grace, thanks to excellent writing and direction.

This life story is about 17-year-old Rei Kiriyama, a shy boy who lost his family (both parents and his sister) in an accident.

He wants to live alone, but he’s not taking care of himself.

Fortunately, he meets the friendly Kawamoto sisters.

The series can be a tough time at times. But I will always be grateful for Rey’s story (which continues).

Her trauma, depression and other social and psychological problems are palpable. Yet he strives to become a better person, step by step.

2. Yuuta Takemoto

Best Slice of Life Anime Characters

Anime: Honey and clover.

High school is an eventful time in a person’s life.

It is characterized by sudden changes, both emotional and physical.

Teens are entering their rebellious phase and want to know who and what they like.

College is just as tumultuous and volatile as high school – and that’s how Yuta Takemoto and his friends feel.

Honey and Clover focuses on the lives of five friends. But it was Yuuta who caught my attention from the start.

I can certainly understand his indecision.

It’s incredibly frustrating to be at a point in your life where you’re supposed to know where you want to go in the long run, but feel stuck while others seem to be moving forward confidently in their careers and lives.

Not having grown up in a normal family, I can partially understand why Yuuta acts the way he does.

If you’re at a crossroads, check out Utah and the rest of the gang at Honey and Clover.

1. Renge Miyauchi

Best Slice of Life Anime Characters

Anime: Not Biori

There’s a lot of CGDCT and slice-of-life with heartbreaking female characters.

But no one does it better than Renge Miyauchi, the heart of Non Non Biyori, always well done and reassuring.

Renge is a freshman at a school with only four students and only one class.

She is known in the moderation community for her nyanpasu sense and blank face.

But what I love most about Renge is her eternal wonder and childlike innocence.

She says (and does) stupid things, but she never feels out of place – that’s just her childhood.

He is someone who sees the world (or the humble landscape) with fresh eyes every ordinary day.

I love the way she handles it:

Renge is interested in science (she loves to read), and she is a promising artist. She clearly likes animals (even giant frogs) and plants, except for peppers and those plants with pointy things.

She is also friendly and loves to play, but also knows when her homework comes first.

No Biori is a master at using long pauses for comic effect. And the series is often one of those classic moments.

I’ll never forget the episode where she befriends another little girl, but leaves a few days later and breaks Renge’s heart.

That’s when I knew she was going to be one of my favorite characters.

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