No More Heroes Review –

No More Heroes Review –

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Unexpectedly, Nintendo and Marvelous released No More Heroes, an ultra-violent and sexy Wii game with a tough M for adult rating, on the switch last week during the Nintendo Direct Mini. Players take control of the original American assassin, Otaku Travis Touchdown, as he works his way through the Santa Destroy assassins to become the best there is.

No More Heroes is a franchise that always intrigued me when it was released for the Wii in 2007, but for some reason I missed it and its sequel. Nintendo and Suda51 have been developing No More Heroes 3 for the Switch for over a year, and I thought I’d never get a chance to play the entire series. Thankfully, things have changed in my world and everything is fine.

No More Heroes Review –

The game is prettier than on the Wii, but it’s still a Wii game. There is only a certain amount of polish and shine that it can improve, and images certainly don’t age well. But thanks to the game’s artistic style, No More Heroes has aged a little more gracefully than other titles of the era.

From a game standpoint, the game is fantastic on the show. True to its grandfather, the game features motion control options via Joy-Con controllers. However, the inputs for the motion controls are not always perfect and I stuck to the button controls whenever possible. Fortunately, if you prefer to use the Switch Pro controller, it works very well, and that was my favorite way to play.

In portable mode, the game works perfectly, with no frame rate drop and no drop in graphics. During battles, a few Quick Time buttons appear, which are a bit difficult to remove in manual mode due to the short Joy-Con controllers. However, the game is perfect for handhelds and games on the go. The secondary missions and mini-games are perfect if you have a 30-minute lunch break and want something to do.

No More Heroes Review –

Connected to my TV, the game looks and plays perfectly. Recharge times are much faster than the Wii version, both parked and portable.

The soundtrack, or lack thereof, can sometimes be a little distracting and oversimplify what’s going on around you on screen. All enemies also seem to use the same death cry, which became rather annoying after the first one. But the voice that played during the cuts still holds up pretty well.

No More Heroeslooks like a perfect snapshot of mid-2000s alternative culture, graphics aside. All the fear and punk rock is there, and they are exposed by their leader. Although I never played it when it came out, the game made me a little nostalgic for my high school years when it came out in the West.

No More Heroes Review –

The design of the game is also a relic of the past. There are tough times when you have to repeat missions or side jobs to get enough money for the next fight. No More Heroes forces you to play its minigames to advance to the next story, and they’re not all the same. A lot of this work is just boring. It looks like artificial padding to make the game longer, which is the same criticism the game has had on the Wii. This is by no means unplayable, but it causes the player to lose momentum.

The story is a Frankenstein creation that combines elements of spaghetti westerns, anime and American comics into a bizarre fiction. As long as you don’t think about it too much, it works, but it could be a lot to win over a new audience in 2020.

No More Heroes Review –

No More Heroes is one of the few M-rated games on the Wii, making it a first. But now that it’s available on the Switch, it’s neck and neck with several titles in the same category that are popular on the console. However, this game is worth playing because its action and gameplay are exceptional.

Despite its few flaws, it’s a great experience that hackers shouldn’t miss. Santa Destroy looks a little better than I remember, Travis is still just as cool as he was in 2007, and this time you can play with your Pro Controller so you don’t break your wrist every time you have to shake the WiiMote to load your beam katana.

More Heroes – Overview
  • Charts – 7/10
  • Sound – 7/10
  • Gameplay – 8/10
  • Late Call – 7/10


Final thoughts : GOOD PAGE

Court51’s original vision is shown here in No More Heroes. The Switch port is the best way to play a classic from the Wii era. Not for everyone, but superhero and anime fans will definitely enjoy this.

No More Heroes Review –

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