NHL 21: Best HUT Team Building Sets to complete

To build a strong HUT team, you need more than just a few good player foundations. Fortunately, you can expand your list by adding teambuilding sets, which are essentially a modified version of what the old team collections were. However, teambuilding sets differ from Collections because they are sets, which means that players’ items are destroyed after using the cards. In addition, only basic cards with 83 OVR or less are included in these sets (which means that you should not use these Crosby or Coachman basic cards in the set).

Team sets are credited to 85 OVR on your graduate card at the end of the training, just like sets, depending on the level of difficulty of the training. However, as these sets will be quite expensive because low-level cards are more difficult to find, you may need to be careful and cautious when putting them together. So which team building packages should you prioritise and which are the best cards? Let’s look at our sentences to get the best, plus a reward for each sentence.

Golden Knights of Vegas – RW James Neil


It’s a little strange to see the price of the Vegas Oldtimers teambuilding game as a point for an active NHL player, but not so many options for a team with only three seasons to play. RW James Neal, who helped Vegas reach the Stanley Cup finals in 2018, got a much larger version of his base card with this article.

The Nile is worth buying, thanks to its shooting power and statistical controls, not to mention its solid shooting characteristics. What makes The Real Deal even more interesting is the synergy with the howitzer, which with +3 increases dexterity, the shooting power of the cotton, the speed and the shooting power of the wrist. Enable this function and the synergy effect of the dispenser and Neil may have the attribute 89 Velocity.

The People of New York Island – C Butch Goring


Butch Goering helped islanders win the Stanley Cup four times in a row in the 1980s with his two-sided ice competition. The former middle back has offensive and defensive qualities, including 82 points on the face-off scale.

The pass also has high pass (87) and puck control (87) values, which are accompanied by decent physical characteristics. If you want the number 2 or 3 quintals, the rate of Goering may be interesting.

Nashville Raptors – RD Marek Zidlitzky


Now that we’ve moved two people forward to the finish line, we get to the defender. Marek Zidlicki, who spent more than 10 years in the NHL with Predators and Wild among others, has a point 85 OVR Alumni and you can see this map.

The former washing machine defender has good hand characteristics that go hand in hand with a large number of shots. In terms of speed (83 ), Zidlicki should be able to follow the fastest drivers and will be even more likely if the distribution synergies are active.

Colorado Avalanche – LW Alex Tanguay


LW Alex Tanguay helped Avalanche win everything in 2001, so it made sense for EA Sports to turn him into a former Avs Team Builder. Tanguay has strong figure skating attributes (82 speed, 82 acceleration) for a skilled player, but the real motivation here is his shooting and passing tricks. Tanguay has an exceptional passability (90 passes, 90 puck checks) which is accompanied by a very good count. And with a face-to-face rating of 73, you can even use this card as an intermediary in case of an emergency.

It is also worth mentioning that the Tanguay has one of the best synergy effects of the HUT, as the Speedster increases the speed and strength of the wrist by four points. Where possible, Tanguay, with the active synergy of the distributor, can become a force on the ice.

Pittsburgh penguins – Larry Murphy EP


Hockey Hall of Fame defender Larry Murphy was one of the most dominant defenders on offense in the eighties and nineties. Not surprisingly, the former Penguins, Maple Leaves and Red Wings defender has strong shooting and passing skills. Murphy has excellent bursting properties (85 SSP, 89 SSA) to follow the very good grades of Passing (88) and Mating (88). It’s also worth mentioning that Murphy has very good defensive qualities, so don’t worry too much about being a nuisance in his own zone.

However, what makes Murphy the most attractive option among the five players mentioned here are his driving skills. Murphy Speeds (85), who scores shots from other former team defenders including Senator Wade Redden, Canadian Willie Mitchell and Canadian Patrice Brisebois, makes Murphy the mandatory owner if you can complete the Penguin set.

Other documents to be completed

  • Calgary Flame – L.D. Robin Reger
  • New York Forester – L.U. Adam Graves.
  • Ottawa Senators – L.D. Wade Rescue.
  • Toronto Maple Leaves – RW Darcy Tucker

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