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HeroesoftheStorm 5 - The redesign concept of Kael'Tha

A real bomb:

All damage is now evenly distributed over the three cuts for three seconds and no longer applies to the enemy heroes affected by his cuts. The Green Orb Live Bomb upgrade no longer reduces the cost of cooling or mana, but reduces by one second each time it damages an enemy hero.

  • This makes Live Bomb a more constant source of bloody damage against experienced opponents and less chaotic for less experienced teams.

Convection: (renamed Ignite)

In addition to the normal effects, he now uses Mighty Flame Strikes after reaching 20 stacks to launch an automatic attack on any Hero affected by his blast damage.

  • This gives Flamestrike an extra boost, keeping the Talent at 7 and the Flamethrower at 20 in the last game with extra scale damage and a synergistic effect with Sunfire Enchantment.

Felt infusion:

Now the green spheres are also activated, eliminating the slow Kael’thas.

  • is an extra incentive to choose the devil’s infusion for its protective effect.

The wrath of the Sun King:

Heroes who are not the main target of Living Bomb damage will be marked for 4 seconds when taking Living Bomb damage. The next time an ally damages them, they take 35 extra damages (+4% per level).

  • Allow Live Bomb to do more serious damage when hitting multiple heroes without multiplying the damage as directly as with the current distribution of the spell.


Now the damage caused by live bombs is reduced by 25% and explodes every 0.75 seconds.

  • Partners with Wrath of the Sun King to further reduce the charging time of Living Bomb, which does not necessarily outweigh the effects of the other two talents in this field, both of which are slightly stronger thanks to Living Bomb’s new design.

Ignition (renamed convection) :

now calls on Flamestrike to eliminate enemy targets damaged by the explosion at the center.

  • At this level, talent almost always prevails, while it also offers opportunities for synergy and teamwork.


Now the range of fire attacks is increased by 20% and the range of automatic attacks by 1. Automatic Enemy Hero Attack now reduces Flame Strike cooldown by one second.

  • Makes the Flame Strike cooldown reduction less random and synergistic with the tree’s previous talents.

The Lord of the Flame:

You get all the benefits of each level of the 13 talents and increase your Live Bomb range by 15%.

  • Provides a powerful and consistent framework for creating a live bomb that is less cluttered for less experienced teams.

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