How to Use Wishbone in Valheim

How to Use Wishbone in Valheim

Wishbone is an item you can equip to find hidden objects in Valheim that are invisible to the naked eye.

One of the main reasons you need this item is that you can get more iron deposits and find hidden silver veins.

This Wishbone guide tells you everything you need to know about getting Wishbone and what you can do with it.

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Where can I find a bone?

Wishbone is pretty much everywhere you encounter Bonemass, as he only goes down if you beat him, but that can be difficult if you’re not prepared.

You must enter the swamp biome before facing Bonemassa, as you must collect the right items to summon and the right equipment to use in battle.

To learn more about fighting Bonemass, read our boss fight guide in Valheim Bonemass.

How do you use Wishbone?

How to Use Wishbone in Valheim

If you’re wondering how Wishbone works, it’s an item to equip and requires an accessory lock.

This means that if you carry items like Meginjord or Dverger Circlet, they will be replaced by Wishbone.

You must first equip a Wishbone and walk through the areas until you see green effects around your character and hear a beep.

These signs indicate that you are near a secret location and begin to spark faster the closer you get to the hidden location.

Once you’re sure of the location, start digging with your pick and you’ll eventually find silver veins in the mountains, iron in the swampy biomes, or chests elsewhere.

For example, Wishbone will no longer notify you of a particular hidden item after you make contact with it. For example, when opening a chest or removing hidden metal.

Desired area

Wishbone will start warning you when you get within 20 feet of a hidden object, and get faster the closer you get.

Pay close attention when you receive a signal, and listen for the beeps to get an idea of how far apart you are, so you don’t go the wrong way.

If you leave the hidden object area, the alarms will go off again as soon as you return to the area.

Bone malpositions

Some may think the Wishbone doesn’t work when equipped, but it actually only gives signs when you’re near a hidden object.

You will not be able to find money easily if you do not have a device, because in most cases it is hidden in the ground which you will have to dig up.

It’s best to make sure Wishborn is active and flashing quickly before you start digging, as sometimes you can dig in the wrong place.

What can Wishborn find?

Wishbone essentially finds objects hidden under surfaces or on mountain slopes, and you need a pickaxe to reach them.

You can find the following items when Wishbone is equipped:

  • Scrap heap (located in the swamp biome)
  • Silver veins (located in the mountain landscape)
  • Buried treasure (located in the grassland biome)

You may find other hidden objects with Wishbone in the future, and it’s better to store yours when you no longer need it, rather than throwing it away.


How to Use Wishbone in Valheim

Don’t worry if it turns out that there is no silver wine to be found in some mountain ranges, because there is always a chance that you won’t find silver.

It is better to concentrate on the larger mountain biomes, as they are more likely to contain silver and in larger quantities.

Silver can be mined without a pit, but this can be tricky because you have to dig in random places, while sometimes you can get a clue by seeing part of a vein sticking out.

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