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Ah, the final Fantasia IX. One could say that this recording is the swan song of the “classical” period of the series. But with so many things she took from other recordings, it was clearly her system for mastering the medium.

Released in 2000 for the PlayStation, this game is the last installment in the franchise to appear on fifth-generation consoles. As a result, the game has received good reviews, but despite the praise, it remains somewhat controversial.

The Support Skill System is one such disconnect, requiring you to keep certain pieces of equipment for as many battles as possible before you can learn your skills on a regular basis.

The advantage of this system is that each piece of equipment has a purpose. And even if you’re a little underestimated, you may have the skills to tackle the difficult task of scrubbing the floor with your face! (I’m looking at you, Oeilvert.)

To make your life easier, I’ve compiled a list of the most useful support skills to help you through the hardest times of FF9!

10. antibodies

Antibody Support Ability in FF9

Type: Status Protection

It’s actually one of the first skills you acquire in the game!

It gives equipped party members immunity from poisoning (which slowly depletes your SV).

But more importantly, antibodies confer immunity to the toxin state, depleting the V.P. and M.P. fairly quickly and rendering the character completely immobile.

Do you have four party members with Venom? I see you on the home screen.

Of course, many of the game’s newest enemies, such as Chimera, throw poison like Halloween candy. but with the antibody suit, you don’t even have to think about pain anymore!

Directions for use: You can obtain this skill with the bronze gloves or glass cuff found in Lindbloom.

9. Attacking a Member of Parliament

MP Attack FFIX Support Ability

Type: Damage gear

This ability appears on disc 2 and is incredibly useful for characters like Zidane or Steiner who don’t need MPs any more than Spellsword and Dyne respectively.

It boosts their physical attack by consuming a small amount of MP per hit.

Combined with Steiner’s trance effect, which triples his attack power, this skill can also completely destroy later enemies, such as Earthguard or New Dragon.

How to get there:

8. measuring device .

Counter FFIX Support Ability

Type: Auto Action

A very useful skill that you get in the middle of disc 2. The counter gives you the ability to automatically attack after taking damage.

If a team of 4 has this skill and is hit by a group attack like Deathguise’s tail attack, there is a risk of the entire team taking between 10,000 and almost 40,000 damage!

How to get there: Fortunately, this capacity is on the belt mentioned above!

7. self-loading

Auto-Potion in Final Fantasy IX

Type: Auto Action

Now, this skill looks pathetic when used with normal potions in your inventory.

However, if you only use Hi-Potions, you can get 450HP or 900HP (explained below) back if you take damage.

For example, if you are equipped with Vivi, the Auto Potion provides some survival ability after being hit by a strong attack like Hilgigar’s Hip Throw. Otherwise, he would be in critical condition.

How to get there: Learn from various enemies for three magic stones.

6th chemist

Chemist from FFIX

Type: Improvement of articles

This skill has the ability to amplify all useful effects of your basic healing items and doubles the power of potions and welcome potions.

When used in conjunction with Auto Potion, a character who is hit regains 900 HP by taking damage.

This is enough to fully heal Dagger, especially if these skills are available.

How to get it: The Ring of Madain, found in a mini-game in Fossil Roo, gives this ability.

5. body temperature

Body Temp Support Ability in FF9

Type: Status Protection

Heat and frost are two of the most painful diseases.

One kills you when you take physical damage, the other kills you with every action.

This gift prevents both.

Most enemies on Disc 4 deal this damage to your party, making this skill even more useful than Jelly or Locomotion.

How to get there? The Ring of Madain again!

4. higher level/opportunity to be higher

Level Up/Ability Up in Final Fantasy IX

Type: Increase experience/skill points

It seems obvious, but these two skills are a real blessing.

Since you won’t have more than four core members for about three quarters of the game, these skills are incredibly useful for catching up when members finally join.

I have grouped these skills together because they serve the same function.

This is especially useful at the end of disc 3 when you have a complete team.

How to get there: Iron Helmet and Selfish Sleeve are at a higher level. The Up skill can be found on the diamond gloves, silk dress, green beret or ribbon.

3. Long distance.

Long Reach FFIX Support Ability

Type : Stroke

Long Range allows attacks from the last line of your team to do the same damage as those from the first line.

If you place your team’s fighters in ranged combat positions, the damage they take from physical attacks is halved.

Combined with the counter, you can do much less damage with this skill and potentially get large sums of money in return!

How to get there: You can get there via the Protection Ring, which you can get from Mena for 8,500 points after playing Chocobo Hot & Cold.

2. start automatically

Auto-Regen from FFIX

Type: Positive status effect

This skill causes your characters to keep regenerating HP during battles.


If you use one of the dagger summons, Auto Rain will passively continue to take care of your party throughout the animation.

Potentially, this could mean the difference between life and death against moves like Necrons Neutron Ring.

How to get there: You learn this skill with the Angel Earrings, which you get from disc 3 to properly give orders to the Knights of Pluto.

1. Breakfast in the car

Auto-Haste FFIX Support Ability

Type: God’s blessing… The effect of positive status as well.

The holy grail of all passive skills in this game.

Automatic haste allows your characters to act more frequently. This means you can make 2 or sometimes 3 moves between enemy attacks.

In conjunction with the auto-launch feature, you can add an auto-launch function so that the dagger can be invoked twice, or otherwise perform long animations.

The rain can ceremoniously heal your team completely with a plethora of animations, provided you don’t kill everything by carefully combining all the skills we’ve listed here.

How to get there: “running shoes” found in Quen’s den at Kina and Vivi’s party.

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