World of Warcraft Basics – Where to Start for Beginners

World of Warcraft Basics – Where to Start for Beginners
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World of Warcraft is a complex and diverse MMO RPG project in terms of its mechanics, which is built on the opposition of factions, character development, content development, and victory over difficult opponents.

Where to Begin

In WoW, it all starts with choosing your faction, race, and class. Fortunately, the developers at Blizzard Entertainment have significantly balanced factions and races, leveling their overall capabilities and level of influence on server events. You should choose your side, join the Horde faction or the Alliance.

It is worth choosing solely from personal and visual preferences since the cardinal difference has been balanced. The player will be comfortable playing and developing for any race and faction. Everything is the same with the race, and although each representative of the race has its own special bonuses, their influence on the game, especially at a later stage, is not so significant as to select the main character solely according to his natural characteristics and passive features.

Another thing is if you create a twink – a minor character, for example, for blacksmithing. Then the Black Dwarves, with their extra bonus to the base stats of blacksmithing, will come in handy more than ever.

Class Selection

Your class should be chosen from the following options:

  • Goals in the game
  • ambition
  • Character traits
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Goals in the Game

If your goal is to become the most famous character on the server, then you should choose more from the attack classes – Warriors, mages, and archers. If the task is to be useful, the healer will be an excellent option, but it will be much longer and more difficult to pump, and you will need the help of other players with stable damage. As an option, you can order a boosting service from Skycoach┬áto immediately move on to difficult raids and massive PVP, where a good healer will be instantly invited to the group.


Ambitions have a greater effect on the leveling speed and the time that the player is willing to devote to the game. Absolutely every game class has its best representative, and when choosing a path to success, you should start from a class that impresses in any manifestation, even if it’s just the appearance of the hero.

Character traits

Depending on the main character trait, you can select the main character. There is nothing worse when a calm person by nature chooses an absolutely adventurous and explosive character and does not follow the basic principles of the class – for example, a dagger who acts indecisively and calibrates and dies being a slow and noticeable opponent. Calm by nature, players are better off choosing healers, tanks, and buffers – classes that require calmness in actions to achieve results in PvP, raids, and farming.

The Beginning of the Hero Leveling

First of all, you will be introduced to the quest system as soon as you cross the threshold of the world of Azeroth. All characters start at the starting location, where they will receive training in moving, attacking, and using skills, the main principles of pumping, and how to get levels and gold.

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Upon reaching level 10, all players will find a free world and the opportunity to independently regulate their pumping using the mechanics of all previously released updates. Each player will be able to choose their own path of development based on previously released updates.

For example, now, the current update of Dragonflight is available to everyone who has purchased it, as was previously the case with Shadowlands. But now, due to the release of the next add-on, Shadowlands has become free, and its lands are available to everyone for pumping heroes and professional skills.

The exception at the initial stage will be only a new race – Draktir. They start on the dragon islands and will develop there until they master the basic mechanics and skills, and only then will they go to the rest of the players.

Regardless of the chosen race and class, you have to level up with the help of a story and additional quests, killing monsters and completing raids until you reach level 60. This threshold will give you access to the opportunity to sail to the Dragon Isles and start exploring content from the final Dragonflight update.

Exploring new territories will allow you to gradually increase your level to the maximum value of 70, meet many new creatures, including four types of dragons, and learn the history of the islands and the mystery of the disappearance of the black dragon species.

In the course of the journey, the player will see that dragons are also opposed to centaurs and half-giants. The finale of the whole journey will be the discovery of the capital of the Dragon Isles, the study of its quarters, and references to each type of dragon.

Gradually, the player will be able to choose and tame one of the representatives of the dragons and learn to fly and control his new pet in order to be able to fly freely around the world of Azeroth and explore all new lands.

But you need to carefully develop the dragon and your skills. Otherwise, even the simplest air opponents will knock you out of the saddle. Upgrading skills will allow you to perform aerobatics on your pet and unlock the ability to customize your dragon.

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