How to use the Duty Finder in Final Fantasy XIV

The Duty Finder is an automated system for matching games in Final Fantasy XIV. They are associated with players in the same data center or server group. You are not required to form a group with the players on your server unless you wish to do so. But even if you have lots of friends, use Duty Finder to enter dungeons, raids and challenges together. If you z. B. being alone with a friend, you can use the Duty Finder to fill in other jobs.

You can access the Duty Finder as you go through the main subject. Each time you open a new service, it appears in your list via the Duty Finder.

Pending search Image via Square Enix

Use the keyboard and mouse to access the debt icon in the menu. If you are using a controller, open the menu. The task finder displays a list of the tasks you have, grouped by type, level and extension (A Realm Reborn, Heavensward, Stormblood, etc.). The dungeons are designed for light groups of four players – a tank, a healer and two DPS. The tests are for full matches with eight players – two tanks, two healers and four DPS. The Alliance participates in three full matches, with a total of 24 players working together.

Selection of services

Don’t forget to scroll down and view the requirements as you read the job description. If you qualify, you can wait in line. If you want to queue for more than one task at a time, you can check up to five at a time. When you are ready to join the service, select it and then click on Join to start the queue, for example. Image via Square Enix

Standby time

The simple answer to the question how long is your queue? It depends on the length of your queue. Generally, floats and healers are in great demand, so they rarely have to wait in line for more than a few minutes. Sometimes their turns are immediate. The DPS may have to wait. There are a lot of DPS players in the game (and the DPS work, by the way), compared to fewer tanks and healers, so they all have to fight for places. But there are exceptions to this rule. However, if you want quick turns, you can’t go wrong to play as a tank or healer.

Entry into force or repeal

Once the servers have connected you to the group, you will hear a beep and you can start the task. If you change your mind or are not ready to participate, you can choose the Withdraw option. Image via Square Enix

Please note that you can only submit three assignments per day. If you let the deadline expire before you select Start, this will also be taken into account in your withdrawal discount. To prevent abuse, players will be blocked in the Duty Finder if they exceed the allocated withdrawal amount.

The same fine applies in case of deviation from the service via the menu. It is forbidden to use the Duty Finder for 30 minutes if you voluntarily leave it by harassing other players in the game. However, this sanction does not apply if you join a full and prepared group.

Join the current game

You also have the option to participate in the current game instead of waiting for a new instance. If you are interested, click on the settings wheel and select Join Current Game and save the changes. While you are here, you can also read other Duty Finder settings to see what they are. Image via Square Enix

Sometimes players leave the game or leave in the middle of their serve, giving other players the opportunity to seek reinforcements. It is also possible to dismiss a party member as a last resort if he or she harasses others or causes problems in general. If you join the current game, you will replace another person as one of these reinforcements. This can sometimes lead to faster queues. Image via Square Enix

In this case, however, your odometer reading may vary. Maybe you’ll get lucky and use the example to jump into the dungeon and go directly to the final leader. Or you can argue at a chaotic party about something dramatic – too many towels, disagreement about the boss’s strategy, lack of cooperation, or worse. You are free to leave during the performance of your duties without being punished, even if you are upset about wasting your time. If you want to roll the dice, select this parameter before queuing.

Once you are in the case, work with your site to remove the content. Players usually give advice when you are new in the game and ask for help. As long as everyone communicates constructively, your race should run smoothly. If you want to know more about this obligation before committing, you should consult the online tips.

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