Destiny 2 The Moon Lost Sectors Locations

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Any avid Destiny 2 player is always seeking out new locations and weapons to acquire. The Moon is full of new locations to explore like the Lost Sectors, which allow players to obtain new loot for their characters. A new video by YouTuber “TheQuartering” gives players a complete guide to Lost Sector locations on the Destiny 2 The Moon map.

The moon is one of the largest new locations in Destiny 2, and it’s a pretty spectacular place to fight aliens and save humanity. It’s home to tons of new weapons, armor, and activities, but many Destiny 2 players are wondering where to find Lost Sectors on the moon. Lost Sectors are a new type of activity in the Destiny 2 that are more similar to dungeons in other MMOs than Destiny 1’s public events. They’re designed for players to use teamwork and clever tactics to complete, and they’re a great way to get some of the best loot in the game.

This moon is known to the Nightmare and Pyramid factions, is one of Earth’s oldest satellites and is also contested by the Fallen, Hive, Taken and Vex factions.

The moon, also known as the Moon, was originally normal until it was turned into a satellite, but to this day it is a shadow of its former self, representing mostly ruins and a place of memories.

Currently there are four lost sectors on the moon: K1 Logistics, K1 Crewquarters, K1 Communion and K1 Revelation.

Unlike the other planets, the enemies you encounter at the end of Lost Sectors are mostly Nightmares, creatures that appeared in the Shadowkeep DLC.

K1 Logistics (Nightmare of Kelnix Reborn-site)

  • Leader: the rebirth of Kelnix’s nightmare
  • Elite: Nightmare toad, nightmare tree
  • Group : Like
  • Area: The line of the archer

The entrance to the lost logistics sector K1 is located in an abandoned space structure near the Archer line.

Once you get past the various fallen enemies, you’ll find yourself in an open area where a large nightmare servant known as the Nightmare of Kelnix Reborn awaits you.

Before the final boss fight in this lost area begins, you must take out most of the enemies in this area. Once you destroyed the Shank that appeared nearby, the boss becomes vulnerable.

The final area is a circular arena and gives you good cover against the reborn nightmare Kelnix, who will also help you defeat the traps fighting alongside him.

K1 Crew quarters (site of Reyix’s nightmare drive)

  • Leader: The nightmare of Reyix, the reader
  • Elite: Unstoppable Servant, Nightmare Dragon
  • Group : Like
  • Area:  Hellmouth

The lost areas in Hellmuth can be easily located because it is a barrack-like structure built further back than other structures in the area.

Once inside you’ll only encounter a few enemies, but right at the start an explosive pit will come after you (listen for the beep) that explodes when it reaches you.

After you fight the fallen enemies, you will encounter several chasms that you must cross, so be careful when you cross them.

The boss of this lost area, Nightmare Reyix, Actuator, is not difficult to defeat and looks more like a modified Shank with extra abilities.

K1 Communion (Nightmare of Rizaahn The Lost Place)

  • Leader: Risaan’s nightmare, Lost
  • Elite: Unstoppable valet, nightmare bug, nightmare train
  • Group : Like
  • Area:  Anchor of light

K1 Communion is a large object that extends underground and is located in Anchor Of Life, to the far right of the passageway leading to the Hellmouth.

You walk through a medium sized room fighting off fallen enemies until you reach a round room after a few doors.

Finally, you have to destroy the enemies until Nightmare of Rizaahn, The Lost appears, which turns the room red.

After defeating Rizaahn, the lost enemies will continue to appear and the room will return to normal, but you can already loot Rizaahn’s chest and leave the room after defeating him.

K1 Revelation (Nightmare of Argutus the Wicked)

  • Leader: Argut’s nightmare, no more printing.
  • Elite: A nightmarish sidekick, a nightmarish tormented servant…
  • Group : Bijenkorf
  • Area:  Harbor of sorrow

The Lost Sector K1 Revelation is an underground location in a cave near the lower center of the Port of Sorrows.

As you make your way through the cave, you’ll come across an object teeming with enemy hives, and eventually you’ll arrive at a large warehouse.

Arguth’s nightmare, the afflicted goes to sleep and becomes invulnerable to damage, and you will see floating shards with white shields.

To start the fight against Aargut’s torturous nightmare, you must first defeat the torturous nightmare minions that appear and destroy the shards nearby.


  • Although there are many factions on the Moon, the Lost Sectors are primarily controlled by the Fallen and the Hives.
  • Some of the lost areas may be difficult to access because of limited passageways, and it is best to get to the nearest points quickly.
  • Explosive shanks can be a real pain in the ass (watch out for their beeps), especially in K1 Communion, as they can come out of nowhere and blow you up when you least expect it.
  • The entrance to the K1 Apocalypse is in a cave, the others are in other structures on the moon.


Luna has lost areas that are relatively easy to traverse, but it takes a while to reach them and find the entrance.

Unlike other places, the lost sectors on the moon have virtually no symbols to indicate their location, but they can still be easily found.

Since there are fallen enemies in the lost sectors of the moon, it’s a good place to raise fallen assassins.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you find lost sectors on the moon?

Lost sectors are small, dead-end locations on the moon, hidden by the overlapping geometry of the terrain that surrounds them. Most can be found by using an ability like the Hunter’s Golden Gun or Warlock’s Nova Bomb, but some are less obvious. One such lost sector can be found by going to the end of the final dead-end tunnel in the Lunafaction mission, then checking your surroundings for a small opening in the rock wall that’s easy to miss. If you’re near the entrance to another lost sector, you’ll get an indication on your radar. (Note: Using this method, you may have discovered a few lost sectors that Bungie did not intend you to find.) According to a recent report by the Lost Sector Hunters Association (LSHA), there are currently over 12,000 lost sectors on the Moon. (Yes, that’s a real thing.) Maybe you’ve heard of them before? You know, those places in the game that you accidentally stumble across and think are cool but don’t know what they are? Those are lost sectors. Lost sectors are any area in Destiny 2 that Bungie didn’t mention in the game’s campaign, so they’re basically hidden areas. Some of them can be opened up by completing certain objectives, like turning on a switch in another part of the map, while others you can only find if you’re lucky enough

Where is the lost sector on Mars Destiny 2?

The red planet is one of the most talked about planets in the solar system, and where many would like to be one day. There are many places on the red planet where we have found interesting things, it’s a very desirable place. One of the most interesting discoveries on the planet is the lost sector, and it can be found when you’re playing the game Destiny 2. Useful links: The Posting Planner (available on the blog). Fellow Bloggers: If you found this list useful, please consider sharing it with others by using the share buttons below. Thanks. Each world in Destiny 2 includes a “Lost Sector”, a timed challenge that requires you to evade or defeat enemies to complete. Each Lost Sector is marked on the map, and when you enter the area you’ll be able to track your progress towards completing it.

How do you get to the lost sectors in destiny Titan 2?

This is a guide on how you get to the lost sectors in destiny Titan 2 game. As you quest towards the end-game of destiny 2, you will come across different challenges and elite missions. The lost sector is one such challenge that will require you to have fairly high level of power to be able to beat. In order to beat the mission, players will require to have a different style of play. You will have to be able to engage in combat with multiple enemies at the same time and deal with the danger that the enemies pose. There will be sections where you will need to use your special abilities in order to get past the enemies. You get to the lost sectors in destiny Titan 2 by completing the regular missions till you have the power level of 280 or so. Then you visit the tower and start the pursuit of the lost sectors there. The pursuit of the lost sectors is a bounty that once you pick it up, you will be prompted to start a quest. The quest tells you to find X amount of chests in the game. There are 15 chests. Each chest contains an exotic engram and an armor shard. Once you collect all of the 15 chests, you can turn in the bounty at the tower. You will then be rewarded with the lost sector key. The lost sector key is a blue item that is used to

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