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Guide to the skills of the Assassin Valhalla Creed

The Credo of the Assassin Valhalla has three main capacities, which are subdivided. The three main skills that make up the Skill Tree are Melee, Stealth and Reach. Different capacities in the capacity tree can be expanded with capacity points. In this guide we explain everything you need to know about the skills of Credo de Valhalla Assassin.

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In AK Valhalla, the maximum skill points are reached when the XP threshold is exceeded. You can spend competency points by opening a competency tree and insert competency points in the desired competency. There are different skills for each type of game (melee, stealth and long throw), and as you increase your skills, your power level eventually increases, allowing you to unlock battles with the boss and the advanced areas.

As you refine the skill tree, smaller nodes eventually give you a basic skill that, along with other bonuses, greatly enhances Avor’s combat skills. Below we list the different competencies and what they achieve.

The deployment of the Valhalla killer: Melee skills

In the art of the AC Valhalla tree the melee skills form the top of the tree. Below is a list of all skills that can be unlocked from the skill tree.


Stop on the enemy who has fallen with RT/R3.

Dual exchange

Makes it possible to change weapons for double weapons with RT+RS/R2+R3.

A perfect attack

While waving the weapon, press the RB/R1 key to increase the damage at the next shot.

Steam damage

If you manage to defeat an enemy attack, it damages the enemy.

End of adrenaline

Receive an increase in damage and an acceleration in attack speed when one or more adrenaline gates are filled. Their effect is enhanced when more seats are occupied.

Arrow volleyball

Hold the RB/R1 with a light arm and release it to unload all loaded arms simultaneously. But every burst of arrows is worth it.

Slaughtered warriors

Destroy an unknown enemy with a melee weapon using R2. He will warn all the enemies around you, but he will give you adrenaline for each of them.


This allows you to break objects and knock down enemies during the sprint.

Adrenaline regeneration

Increases an adrenaline rush.

Berserk Metal

During battle, the enemy’s first shot has no effect on your partially filled adrenaline.

Simple lamp combination

Continuous archery causes additional damage.

Burning on the battlefield

One of the dead enemies will continue to burn and damage neighboring enemies.


The stunner will deter the next enemy.

Heavy double barrel

This allows you to carry a double heavy weapon. It will also change the stats and style of grip for each weapon.

The deployment of the Valhalla killer: Stealth capabilities

In the AC Valhalla competence tree, the stealth skills form the left and lower part of the tree. Below is a list of all the stealth skills that can be unlocked from the skills tree.


This allows you to hit the enemy in the back, then eliminate him and increase the damage thanks to the defense.

Brushing with death

Hypersensitivity ensures that you can escape enemy attacks before they land It also slows down enemy movements for a limited time.

Controlled arrow

Your skill with the robbing onion allows you to achieve incredible accuracy. Press RB/R1 to adjust the arrow path during the flight.

Advanced murder

Allows you to kill high-value targets with time-bound attacks.

Predator-Ui Combo

This allows you to do extra damage by firing consecutive shots at the head of the predator.

counter role

Allows you to attack enemy runes and avoid the vault directly behind you.

An explosive corpse

Allows you to restore a body by holding the RS/R3. Examination of the body will result in an explosion.


If the enemy dies as a result of your poison attack, he will release a cloud of poison around him that will infect the nearest enemies.

Adrenaline regeneration

Increases an adrenaline rush.

The chain warehouse

Allows you to throw an axe at a close enemy after a successful murder.

The tribe of the killer

If you’ve succeeded in muffling yourself, quickly click on Triangle to launch a smoke bomb at your feet and disappear.

Automatic downloading

Automatic theft of enemies after their death.


Makes it possible to roll from an unsafe height when landing, reducing the damage caused by a fall.

Reverse fuse

This allows you to catch and release the projectile by pressing L1 before it hits you. Time is of the essence.

The deployment of the Valhalla killer: Competences in field

In the AC Valhalla competence tree, the scope competences form the right and bottom part of the tree. Below is a list of all scope skills that can be unlocked from the skill diagrams.

Onion stunning device

Stop stunting an onion by pressing RS/R3 on a stunned enemy.

Purpose of the emergency

This allows you to tie your target to the enemy so that he discovers you and you can kill him without being discovered.

Scrum connection on the bow

Allows you to switch from a hand gun to an onion gun for a short period of time for extra damage.

Sprint attack

Enables a sprint attack with R1 (during a sprint).

Combination of hunting bows

Increases the speed at which arrows are shot and released.

Reinforcement of the arrows

Allows you to remember the arrows used by dead enemies.

Adrenaline camouflage

Get your adrenaline pumping while you’re in the shelter by looting the case or bag in the restricted area.

Sneaky reconstruction

Marks enemies when they’re trapped.

Battle bolt

Allows you to choose the nearest weapon to be thrown on the ground and launched to the enemy.

Loaded shot

This allows arrows to be fired at full power from a hunter’s bow. The attack cannot be called off.

Write it down.

Regenerates the red part of the health bar by trading melee hits on enemies.

Last chance to heal

It will slow down the time it takes for health to reach a critical level.

Adrenaline regeneration

Increases an adrenaline rush.

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