Hitman 3 Dartmoor Death in the Family Suit Only & Silent Assassin Guide

The second story of the mission in Hitman 3 takes you to Dartmoor, England, where you must eliminate Alexa Carlisle and find the missing file. There are many ways to complete this mission, but we present you with one that also allows you to take on the challenge of the Silent Assassin and the Assassin in Suit. Here’s how to complete the Dartmouth mission from Hitman 3 Death in the Family.

You don’t need any special material from the planning screen, so you can use anything here by default. Note that the code for the safe is 1975. We will be using a lot of silent rifles and maybe all three pieces.

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Hitman 3: Dartmoor – Death Only in Family Costume + Silent Killer Guide

Start on the gravel road and walk to the manor house. Jump over the wall, past the spot where a private detective named Phineas Witmer arrived to meet Mrs. Carlisle. Cross the shallow end of the creek and jump into the garden. Stay where you are and go to the side of the house. Go around the left side of the house and wait until the guard turns around. When he does, you can jump out the open window.

Walk crouching to the left and go up two stairs. At the top of the stairs there is a door on the left. Get close to him quickly and leave before the janitor or housekeeper notices you.

Jump over the wall and hang on to the ledge. Take a left and then go up to climb the wall. Go under the window and climb up the metal pipe. Go to the right and start climbing the wall again. There’s an open window you can go through.

Alexa Carlisle should now be climbing the stairs to your left. It goes directly under the second candlestick in front of you. As soon as she goes under, pull the rope so it falls on her head. Make sure you don’t kill the guard, because it’s an unnecessary kill. The next part is a bit tricky and can be freestyle.

There’s a maid on your right who wants to see what’s going on. While the concierge is on the phone, you and the maid shoot through the wall of the room. It will stay there for a few seconds, giving you time to move on to the next step.

The guard hangs up and goes to the body. Then take out the room while the two guards examine the body. Throw it after them so they both turn away. One of the guards stays to remove the body. Get close to him and stay behind him. You have the option of going through the door on the left.

There’s a safe in that new room, but there’s a guard. Once inside, prepare to toss a coin halfway up the stairs to distract the guard. When the guard’s back is turned, you can walk around the room from the right side. An activation button on the chair opens the bookcase safe. The vault code is 1975.

You can then return from the room by choosing the same path. Pull up the stairs so the guard can turn around and check it out. While he’s doing that, open the door and have a coin or a gun ready. Use one of them to distract the two guards and the maid in the corridor. Your goal is to turn your back on them so you can escape through the hallway and out the window.

Once you are back in the window, you can return to the start area. If you see someone nearby, use the weapon as a distraction to sneak away. This will allow you to complete the Dartmoor mission from Hitman 3 Death in the Family and obtain the mission Only in Suit and Silent Assassin.

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