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Gigantamaxing Comes To Pokémon Sword & Shield

New information about the upcoming Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield games has been released on the 15th. November 2019 is published for Switch. Check out the new trailer and information below!

As you know, the Pokémon battles are a big attraction in the Galar region. The regional champion is determined in an exciting tournament!

Take on the competition and challenge the local gym owners to fight for victory!

– Pokémon (@pokémon) on July 8, 2019.

Gigantamaxing allowed Drednaw to stand on his hind legs and collide with his massive body against his opponents!

The energy of the Gigantamax caused the armor covering the wings of Corviknight to separate, and became a wedge-shaped bird capable of flying independently

– Nintendo of America (@NintendoAmerica) July 8, 2019

Gigantamax Alcremie is physically resistant thanks to the cream that radiates from the body and hardens on impact. The Gigantamax Alchemy turns into the G-Max Final, which heals all the Pokémon on its side and damages enemies

– Nintendo of America (@NintendoAmerica) July 8, 2019

Yamper’s Fetch Ball ability is a brand new ability in #PokemonSwordShield. If Yamper doesn’t have an item in his hand, he’ll get the first Poke Ball that can’t catch a Pokémon!

– Nintendo of America (@NintendoAmerica) July 8, 2019

New to #PokemonSwordShield is Duraludon, a Steel/Dragon type of Pokémon. It lives in caves and mountainous areas and has a light but strong metal body. He only weighs about 88 pounds! !! They share their habitat with Tyranitar and are often seen in the mountains!

– Nintendo of America (@NintendoAmerica) July 8, 2019

Some cities have different gyms that you can challenge depending on which version of #PokemonSwordShield you’re playing. Take on Gym Master Fighting Bea in Pokémon Sword or test your skills against Gym Master Allister in Pokémon Shield!

– Nintendo of America (@NintendoAmerica) July 8, 2019

For a limited time, when you purchase the downloadable version of #PokemonSwordShield, you’ll receive a special code for 12 Quick Balls, perfect for catching Pokémon as soon as the battle starts

– Nintendo of America (@NintendoAmerica) July 8, 2019


Today, Pokémon Company International and Nintendo discussed the phenomenon of Gigantamax in the long-awaited Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield video games. With the reopening of Pokémon, details about the Pokémon Galar League, and more, have been revealed. The Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield will be released on the 15th. November 2019 exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

Gigantamax Pokemon

A previously discovered phenomenon known as dynamaxing can only occur in certain areas of the Galar region. While dynamaxing appears to be a common phenomenon among Galar’s Pokémon, a special phenomenon called gigantamaxing has been discovered. Pokémon Gigantamax not only increase in size, but also change their appearance. As with normal Dynamaxing, Gigantamaxing increases the power of Pokémon and allows each Pokémon Gigantamax to perform a unique movement called G-Max. Each G-Max movement is specific to a particular type of Pokémon Gigantamax, and normal Pokémon Dynamax can’t use G-Max movements. The Gigantamax can only appear on certain species of Pokémon, and even among those species, only rare specimens with Gigantamax can appear. Most Pokémon maintain their normal appearance when they become Dynamax. The two types of Pokémon that now have huge abilities are Dreadnaught and Corvinight.

Gigantamax Drednaw

Type: Water/rock

The height: 78′9″+

Weight! Weight! Weight! Weight! Weight! Weight! Weight! Weight! Weight! Weight! Weight! Weight! Weight! Unknown

Capacity: Strong jaw / armor

By the power of Gigantamaxing Drednaw could stand on his hind legs and become a biped. From a standing start, he can plunge into enemy Pokémon and crush them with his massive body. Dreadnaught normally keeps her neck retracted into her scabbard, but if she attacks, she can quickly shoot herself in the neck. The jaws are also incredibly strong and bite easily through huge metal towers. The strength of his jaws combined with the strength of his neck gives Drednaw the strength to drill a hole through a rocky mountain with one blow. The water movement type Gigantamax Drednaw turns into a G-Max Stonesurge. G-Max Stone Storm doesn’t just cause damage to your opponent – it spreads sharp rocks around your opponent and causes damage to Pokémon entering the battlefield.

Corwinite Gigantamax

Type: Fly/Station

The height: 45′11″+

Weight! Weight! Weight! Weight! Weight! Weight! Weight! Weight! Weight! Weight! Weight! Weight! Weight! Unknown

Capacity: Pressure/nervosity

Corviknight uses its massive wings to absorb the improvements created by the energy of the Gigantamax floating in the air as it fights. His body armour is reinforced, so Pokémon attacks on the ground have little or no effect. The energy of the Gigantamax loosened the armor that covered the wings of Corviknight and transformed it into a pale bird that could fly on its own wings. The motion type used by the Gigantamax Corviknight changes to G-Max Wind Rage, removing any motion effects such as reflection, light shield, spikes and electrical stools that enemies may have.

The recently discovered Pokémon of the Galar region…


Category : Pokemon cream

Type: Fée

The height: 1′

Weight: 1.1 pounds.

Capacity: A veil of softness

Alkremi can make whipped cream, which becomes richer the happier Alkremi feels. Desserts made with this cream are always delicious, which is why many confectioners want to have Alcremie as a partner. When he is attacked by an opponent, Alcremie throws a scented cream to distract or temporarily blind him, giving him time to escape.

Gigantamax Alcremia

Type: Fée

The height: 98′5″+

Weight! Weight! Weight! Weight! Weight! Weight! Weight! Weight! Weight! Weight! Weight! Weight! Weight! Unknown

Capacity: A veil of softness

The cream that flows out of the body hardens when struck – the harder the stroke, the stronger it is, giving Alcremie impressive resistance to physical attack. Moreover, the huge bay window ornament on Alcremie’s body is as hard as diamonds, and it is said that most attacks can’t even leave a scratch. Alcremie will fire calorie rockets around her to attack her opponents. Every Pokémon that touches this cream is filled with energy and euphoria, but at the same time it falls into a state of total confusion. The Faerie-style moves used by the Gigantamax Alcramy turn into the final G-Max, which heals all the Pokémon on Alcramy’s side and damages the opponent.


Category : Pokemon Puppy

Type: Electricity

The height: 1′

Weight: 29.8 pounds.

Capacity: Catching a sphere

Yampers are attracted to things that move fast. It can hunt people, Pokémon, or even vehicles. He has an organ in his body that generates electricity, which is activated when Yamper goes for a walk. The Yamper cannot store the electricity it produces, which is why it is often driven around with electric sparks. Yamper’s ability to get a ball is a new skill that comes into play when a coach throws a Pokéball at a wild Pokémon but doesn’t catch it. If Yamper doesn’t have an item in his hand, he gets the first Pokéball that doesn’t catch a Pokémon, no matter what type of Pokéball he catches.


Category : Coal Pokemon

Type: Rocks

The height: 1′

Weight! Weight! Weight! Weight! Weight! Weight! Weight! Weight! Weight! Weight! Weight! Weight! Weight! Twenty-six and a half pounds.

Capacity: Steam motor / thermal insulation

Rolycoly’s red eye can illuminate dark areas, while he uses a piece of coal attached to his body like a wheel to move around in coal mines and caves. It can move quietly, even in rough terrain. Until a hundred years ago, every house in the Galar region had a rolicoly. Families used the charcoal that fell from their bodies to cook and heat their homes. Rolycoly’s Steam Engine Power is a new feature that boosts speed when hit by Fire or Water movement during battle.


Category : Pokémon alloy

Type: Steel/Dragon

The height: 5′11″

Weight: 88.2 pounds.

Capacity: Light metal / heavy metal

The Duraludon live in caves and mountainous areas. Their two arms have a slightly different shape and they use them to grind the surfaces of the cooking stones. The body is made of incredibly strong metal, yet is surprisingly light, allowing Duraludon to move fairly quickly despite its appearance. However, the housing is susceptible to corrosion and is known to rust easily. Because they share their habitat with the Tyrannos, these two Pokémon are often seen as fighters in the mountains of the Galar region.

Regional Pokemon League of Galar

In the Galar region, where Pokémon battles are a major attraction, the Regional Pokémon League holds tournaments to determine the next Pokémon Champion. In this tournament the players have to compete against other players and against the best gymnasts of the region.

The Gym Challenge is a real celebration of the Battle of Pokémon. The goal of the participating coaches is to collect all eight gymnastics badges, and only those Pokémon coaches selected by certain people, for example. B. Gymnastics officers may participate, subject to approval. During the gymnastics competition, each challenger wears a special uniform for the occasion. Coaches can choose a combination of three songs on their own shirts.

Once a year, a series of Pokémon battles known as the Champions Cup are held in the Galar region. The Champions Cup will decide who can challenge the defending champion. The Champions Cup tournament is open to exemplary coaches from all over the region who have successfully taken up the challenge in the gym. The battles for the Champions Cup are broadcast on television in the Galar region and watched by all spectators.

Inhabitants of the Galar region


Leon is the strongest coach in the Galar region, and he won the championship in his very first college event – without losing a single fight. To this day, his winning streak remains unbroken and his talent for fighting Pokémon is unparalleled. Supported by his partner Charizard in his countless victories, he is known to compete on the battlefield, no matter who he encounters. His fighting style has won the hearts of the people of Galar.

President Rose

Rose is president of the Galar Pokémon League and president of a large business conglomerate. He made the Pokémon Galar League famous by organising gymnastics battles with the Dynamax phenomenon. President Rose was also the first to support Leon in the gymnastics competition.


Oleana is President Rose’s secretary and is known for her composure and balance. She is also Rose’s Vice President and is primarily responsible for the day-to-day operations of the company.


The bee is a child prodigy of Karate Galar and perpetuates ancient traditions and techniques. Known for her resistance and for not showing her emotions, Bee is also an expert in the battle against the Pokémon. Her fighting style remains very precise, even when cornered.


Allister is a talented Pokémon Spirit-type coach who took on the role of Spirit-type coach at an early age. He is very shy and scared and always hides his face with a mask when other people are present. Allister rarely shows itself in public and apparently spends most of its time near ruins or in cemeteries.

Some cities in the Galar region have different Gyms depending on whether you play Pokémon Sword or Pokémon Shield. In Pokémon Sword, they fight Bea, and in Pokémon Shield, they can test their skills in a battle with Allister.

Bonus for the double suit

As a special bonus when you purchase the Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield Double Pack, Trainers receive two codes (one per game) that reward them with special items called Dynamax Crystals. Using Dynamax crystals in the Wild Zone, trainers can battle Larvitar Dynamax and Pokémon Dynamax-Jungmo-o in special Max Raid battles that normally take place later in the game. Larvitar won’t appear in Pokémon Sword and Jangmo-o won’t appear in Pokémon Shield during the normal game, but players will be able to catch them in both versions with these Dynamax crystals. (1) (2)

Early Bird Bonus for the downloadable version

If the coach downloads the downloadable version of the games from the Nintendo Online Shop before January 15, 2020, he can receive a code that can be exchanged for twelve Quick Balls. Quick Balls are special Pokéballs that are more likely to catch Pokémon if used early in battle. (3)

Distribution period code: 15 November 2019, paragraph 15. January 2020. Code
is valid up to 30. Valid until November 2020.

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