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Error. Movie name and no specified.image via IllFonic / Gun MediaMany people love horror movies, but sometimes for different reasons. Personally, I like old horror movies not because they are scary, but because they are cheap and hilarious. Just as being one person in a horror game is an intense feeling for many people, being the source of that intense feeling is equally fun for many. That’s why the horror genre and asymmetrical multiplayer games go together like cheese and crackers. Dead By Daylight is one of the first games in this genre, but if you want to know more, here are some similar games.

Games like Death in the Daylight

Here are four games like Dead by Daylight if you want to try similar games.

Friday 13: The Game

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Based on the classic horror movie franchise, the hapless counselors of the camp must find a way to escape from the summer camp in the middle of the night while being pursued by the infamous Jason Vorhees. The Player Advisor must collect items to escape and hide, while Player Jason can use a variety of supernatural skills to track them down. Due to some legal issues, this game will no longer receive updates, but it is quite fun with friends and alone.

Dark Deception: Monsters and Mortals

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If you haven’t played the original Dark Deception, it’s a bit like Pac-Man, in which you try to collect shards in a large maze while being chased by all sorts of horrible monsters. It turns out that this premise is very well suited to multiplayer. In this game, a team of players tries to collect all the shards, while one player tries to track them down in various horrors. If that’s not your thing, there’s also the usual multiplayer mode where everyone is a monster and fights over shards.

Secret Neighbor

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There’s a lot to be said about the development and eventual release of Hello Neighbor, and there are certainly those more eloquent than I. But while the main game was a bit disappointing, this multiplayer version is much more effective. A team of youngsters must break into the neighbor’s house, find their keys and unlock their secret basement. The problem is that one of these kids is a neighbor in disguise, who wants to scare the kids away so the others won’t interfere. Think of us with a faster pace and a bigger mustache.

Left 4 Dead 2

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It may be over a decade old, but the classics never really die, especially when they’re zombies. If you’ve missed Left 4 Dead and its survivor against mutant zombies in multiplayer mode all these years, now’s a good time to get into it. Not only does this game still have the usual player base, but there is a thriving modding community always looking for new and interesting ways to customize the game. Or replace all the cannons with balloon animals. Of course, if this game is too old for you, just wait until Back 4 Blood, a brand new game with the same basic idea from the original developers of Left 4 Dead, comes out in June.

Frequently asked questions

Who is the least murderer in broad daylight?

Will she never see the light of day 2?

The release date for Dead by Daylight Volume II is January 22, so you can dive into some new goodies today.

Does V’s personality look like he died in daylight?

Moreover, Dead by Daylight and Identity V are very similar. Players can jump over window sills, knock over pallets, and help other players get out of the traps in which the assassin has caught them. Identity V is very similar to Dead by Daylight.

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