Predator Hunting Grounds Update 2.14 Patch Notes Today on February 17 New Features Added

Illfonic clicked on Predator Hunt Update 2.14. We have all the patch notes for this update. The 2.14 Predator Hunting Grounds update comes with a lot of extra content and features because it’s a big update. Please refer to the official change log.

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Illfonic has released a big update for Predator Hunting Grounds, and this update brings a lot to the game. Along with the update, a paid CSD was also released. The free update added custom private matches, new predator masks, and fixed some issues and bugs.

Below is the full changelog and official release notes for Predator Hunting Grounds version 2.14, please take a look.

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General corrections

  • Bug fixing: Was the host always selected as Predator in private matches when everyone selected a team?
  • Added an option to disable the in-game HUD from various options.
  • Fixed: Exploitation in distribution.
  • The number of CEW bodies has been reduced.

Free upgrade

  • Custom private matches are now available.
  • The B34S-T missile is now available at level 24.
  • New Predator masks are now available.

CSD payable

  • A new game, Valkyrie of Prey, has been added.
  • You have access to the Hunter’s newest weapon, the Norse Hammer.

Predator Hunt – Update 2.14 Release Notes: Fire brigade

General Information

  • Fixed: The question where the members of Fireteam Veritanium have not discovered.
  • Fixed: When you’re on a bike, you shift to a gear that’s no longer being used.
  • Fixed:  The problem was that sometimes a player couldn’t run with a knife if they had an empty primary and secondary weapon.
  • Fixed: One wonders where the profit goes if it is not used.
  • Fixed: A problem in which the specialisation of managers sometimes leads to members of fire brigades not coming out of hibernation properly.
  • Fixed: The question of where to deploy the O.W.L.F. will arise everywhere if it is quickly claimed by the Hunter.


  • General Information
    • All Predator armor will be raised.
    • Fixed: An issue where ADS activation does not take precedence over melee attacks.
    • Fixed: The question of where the Hunter sometimes loses when a player claims during a sprint.
    • Fixed: The question of where the skin patterns were placed for the Hunter parent concerned only the head.
    • Fixed: The question of where the samurai should be equipped with the mask of azure results in the deformations not being applied.
    • Fixed: The problem is that the vanadium shadow is not properly applied to the immortal’s mask.
  • Weapons
    • An axe: Add a bleed effect to the alternate attack.
    • Combics: Fixed: Asking where to launch the Combistics while crouching leads to two Combistics.
    • A clean weapon: Fixed: The problem with a Network Gun can prevent a member of a fire team from getting out of their own network if they are online at the time of reinforcement.
  • Gearbox
    • Bear trap: Fixed: The question of where the bear trap is does not disappear after disarming it if the bear trap takes the player down.
  • Benefits
    • Trapper: Fixed: The question of where the Bonus Catcher is first applied to a Fireteam player.

This was Update 2.14 on hunting predators.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know in the Comments section and we will try to answer them.

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I hope you enjoy our approach to Update 2.14 Predator Hunting Grounds today, the 17th. New features were added in February.


frequently asked questions

What is the new update for areas where predators are hunted?

Predator hunting: The Grounds 2.11 update adds a new class of DLC in beast mode. Predator: Hunting Grounds has a new update available for PlayStation 4 and PC, bringing even more new content to the movie-based multiplayer game.

Will there be more maps about hunting predators?

The long-awaited Predator update: Hunting Grounds is here, with a new map, a new game type, and lots of cosmetics and bug fixes, but not everyone is happy. As the title of the game suggests, Predator should be present for the most part in the main gameplay.

Are there any bots in the predator enclosures?

jpg. Developing a competent AI for offline robots takes time and resources, of course, but it also ensures the longevity of the game by not requiring a constant online community of other players. At this time, Hunting Grounds does not include bot support for the Predator or the team of four Navy firefighters.

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