Football Manager 2021 Update 21.2.2 Patch Notes Out (Jan 07)

The patches for Football Manager 2021 update 21.2.2 have been released and we have all the details. Sports Interactive and Sega developers today, 07. A major update of the game will be released in January 2020.

Football Manager 2021 Update 21.2.2 is now available for download on various platforms, including PC. There is no information about the availability of the update on the consoles.

Football Manager 2021 Update 21.2.2 Patchnotes

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Sports Interactive and Sega have released an important update for Football Manager 2021. With this update the Football Manager has been updated to version 21.2.2 and this patch is now only available for PC download. Football Manager 2021 Update 21.2.2 will be available for download on other platforms such as Xbox.

After the release of the update, the developers provided the official patch notes for the last update and we have all the patch notes, so let’s continue with the patch notes without further ado.

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Manager Football received an important update today, 07. January 2020. The patch is currently available for download on Steam, we do not know the Xbox or other platforms. This is a major game update that solves various problems in the game, such as B. Some changes have also been made to the game questions, the games and the rulesets, as well as other stability issues and technical problems.

The download size for update 21.2.2 Football Manager 2021 is not yet known, but we will soon update the download size for each platform here, so come back soon.

Now let’s move on to the main topic, the patch for the 21.2.2 update.

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Football Manager 2021 Update 21.2.2 Patchnotes

Playability corrections

  • When transferring other teams, the players involved do not remain in the senior team.

So this is the only change in gameplay.

Stability and technical corrections

  • Improved scaling on high-resolution displays.
  • A problem has occurred when the resolution change is not displayed correctly.

Thus, only these stability and technical corrections have been made.

Competition and Valuation Group

  • A retroactive correction to the Israeli team numbers has been removed with this update.
  • A retroactive problem was reported for multiple home and away games against the same English Premiership team.
  • There was a serious problem when some foreign users were confused with naturalized players in China.
  • There is a huge improvement in logic and AI to register a foreign player in China.
  • There was a problem where players were unaware that they had already miscalculated the total load.

So these are some of the small and big issues included in the Competition and Rules group in the 21.2.2 update of 2021 of Football Manager.

Some corrections have also been made for Football Manager Touch Specific, here are the corrections.

Opening the transmission window solved the problems related to the accident. And while importing exported FM teams into Soccer Manager, the click for fresh mode now works perfectly.

Moreover, this patch does not contain any bug fixes. The scope of the update will be updated shortly in this article.

This was update 21.2.2 of the Patch Notes of Football Manager 2021.

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We hope you enjoy our approach to the Football Manager 2021 Patch Notes 21.2.2 update.


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